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  1. Nice! I saw your Macross HMR chessboard on a youtube video of the '21 MWCon...sounds like it was a fun day
  2. Not sure, it was tossed in with another genga I bought....I'll ID the scene at some point...
  3. D+ Day is coming.... Looks like they will be releasing a couple of movies I refused to pay "premium" for....lol And a Boba Fett Documentary....Under The Helmet: The Legacy Of Boba Fett Should be enough new content while we wait for The Book of Boba Fett....
  4. Just finished watching this.....I kept waiting for something interesting to happen (that I lost track of the time) and then it sort of abruptly ended.....I guess that happens in the sequel? It was not bad, just really slow and sort of boring...I really do not want to compare it to the 1984 Dune, as I really do not care for that movie either, but I can honestly say that I can actually remember more about that almost 40 year old movie than I do about the Dune I just watched...and I have watched the original Dune once...I guess it is just more "over the top" and weird and the new one just seems like standard sci-fi fare, nothing really spectacular....like I mentioned, perhaps they are holding out for the next one...a risk that probably would not have happened pre-covid and with the current film release options available to studios these days.... Anyway, I think if this movie had come out during pre-covid days, it would have been a complete flop....as it stands, the only way I could see a part 2 would be if ATT bankrolls it and makes it an HBO Max exclusive, a streaming service version of a loss leader...this strategy seems to have had some success for HBO Max with the JL Snyder Cut....so maybe they are looking to establish another exclusive streaming franchise...like all of the other streaming services seem to be doing these days...
  5. Looks like AE has mine ready to ship...will probably hold off until the Hayate Kairos is released in December.....I'm in no rush to get the VF-31J with new "hat"...
  6. Bandai VF-31AX Kairos Plus - Mirage Type coming March 2022 PO Night 11-2-2021 4PM JST (TBD) PO links and discussions go here.... https://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/topic/49032-macrossworlds-po-thread-upcomingcurrent-pos-dx-vf-31ax-kairos-plus-mirage-typepost-links-to-available-pos-and-keep-discussions-on-pos-here/page/31/?tab=comments#comment-1599538
  7. I like Dougram's 40th Anniversary being recognized by Bandai......another show is coming up on a 40th anniversary too.......hmmmm? Wonder if it is still not out of the realm of possibility to hope that Bandai may give some similar love with the Tomahawk and Phalanx for the 40th? Diorama Giftset of some kind...maybe some support vehicles thrown in? Hopefully the long wait will be worth it!
  8. More importantly...you need someone to put them on YJA and not Mercari...
  9. Well....too me, as primarily a SDFM TV fan....it comes second only to the SDFM TV press booklet....
  10. Wait....you did not mention the scale of the Yamato YF-19 being offered....the first version Yamato released was a 1/72...if that is the one being offered to you at 90 euros, then that is not a good friend...LOL
  11. Nope. October 3, 1982 was the premier of the first episode from SDFM. The film adaptation premiered in Japan on July 7, 1984. So the 40th Anniversary for DYRL? will be in 2024.
  12. Not sure about the decals, I believe there are but maybe someone else can recall the site for them...as for the shields...I think there is someone on eBay selling them...maybe someone here has purchased them and can speak of their quality
  13. Glad to hear things worked out in your favor... Now go get that GBP! Prices seems close to MSRP at the moment so no rush...but you never know
  14. SInce it will be the anniversary of the TV SERIES....I would hope for a 1/3000 scale TV SDF-1......don't care from who as long as it looks good and is of decent quality....
  15. Cool! So Paypal resolved the case in your favor and sent your full refund? Now we just need to wait for some unknown threshold to be met in terms of complaints (i.e. customers getting completely screwed over) several years from now for Paypal to actually wag their disapproving finger at NN....I guess it's the price that must get paid in order to receive Paypal's buyer protections...so use those protections wisely so you are not on the "completely screwed over" side of the Paypal game! One more thing....I hope you add NN here so others are aware of their BS.... https://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/topic/172-mw-blacklist/page/49/?tab=comments#comment-1589126
  16. courtesy of @DYRL VF-1S
  17. https://screenrant.com/dune-release-hbo-max-early-details/ HBO Max subscribers can start streaming it on October 21....at 5PM CST for me!
  18. That is a cool story! I assume it was the DYRL Hikaru VF-1A? One of the hardest things to find on the web are pics of Macross toys displayed on Japanese toy store shelves from the SDFM/DYRL era. The only pics I have been able to find are from trade shows. It's funny how you can find tons of vintage pics of US toy store aisles filled with Star Wars merch from the 70's....but no one in Japan thought of taking similar pics of Macross toys during it's early 80's run? I hope I am just not searching correctly...LOL. Again, great story on your intro to Macross collecting!
  19. Sketchley's comment was backing up the idea that the VF-X3 was not cobbled from Destroid parts....his quoted source makes no mention of Destroid parts.....you are trying to shoe-horn in the idea of "kitbashing" to align with your initial comments....my comment was just based on it just not visually appearing to have anything destroid related about it and that it was a "stretch" to see it as such....he agreed and posted the Kawamori comments The quote coming straight from Kawamori apparently says nothing about Destroid parts, thus supporting the idea that no Destroids parts or "kitbashing" was used in the design or creation of the VF-X3 in-setting or otherwise .....so I guess you are referencing obsolete information, perhaps creative liberties were taken by the makers of the game at the time it was released...even so, you would think a VF using "Destroid" parts would have some Destroid-like aesthetic, otherwise, why even bother mentioning it....again, looks more GBP Armor, than Destroid
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