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  1. Peach John is a well know underwater brand there ,so they do offer many anime theme sets. Their price is pretty normal and fair too , nothing like the overcharged Bandai outfits/gears .
  2. whenever I see their gear it always look pretty pricey. The price does not match with the items for me. I mean when I see a Bandai toy, I see a premium item , I want it, I need it. But when I see a $150 Bandai gundam Wallet.. hmmmm yeah....... dont really want it or need it. I do like some of their military style jackets but for the price I might as well get real military jackets. I don't have much fat .
  3. you might have shelter in place a bit too long. the pandemic started at the end of 2019 /beginning of 2020. It was release 1 year after the pandemic stated The VF-4 didn't came out until the beginning of 2021.. so maybe around 1 year.
  4. For P-Bandai Japan , it seems to be Geo locked for Japan only . So you will need to use a VPN and connect to a Japan server . if you don’t have VPN , you can try this one call Tunnelbear . They have a free account that should have Japan servers but it’s limited to 500MB a month ,which should be more than enough to check out P-Bandai Japan. What is the difference between a free and paid TunnelBear account? All TunnelBear plans, free and paid, have the same performance levels. Our free TunnelBear accounts allow you to have access to 500MB of data per month. This data resets on the monthly anniversary of your account creation. Unused data does not carry over. Free accounts are best used to determine whether TunnelBear will work for your needs. https://help.tunnelbear.com/hc/en-us/categories/360000504852-Accounts I already have a different VPN subscription so I won’t be testing tunnelbear out , but since they offer Japan servers , I don’t see why it won’t work . So if you need to check out P-Bandai Japan and do not have a VPN then you should try tunnelbear and let others know the results. Hope this works for you
  5. https://mykombini.com/en/may-2022/24618-dx-chogokin-macross-delta-vf-31ax-kairos-plus-hayate-immelmann-super-parts-set-bandai-limited-1000166339.html 9290 yen
  6. Someone got a reply from nin-nin-games. .. Looks like Nin-Nin-Games is not sure why its redirecting Nippon-Yasan to their site either.
  7. Air parcel could be register airmail or even UPS. so you should email them to double check.
  8. release date was 12-25-21, It is currently the week just after Christmas. Some business will be either still be closed for the holiday or short staffed. DHL will be short staffed , so if they use any logistic packaging service from them, it might still be close until January. Luna park stores staff is probably also off for the Holidays too. In short, don't expect anything shipping out until January. Anything that shipped out near Christmas is more of an exception than the norm.
  9. lol. yeah. . but I think its still a favorite for people that can use it to bypass custom fees.
  10. https://okini.land/en/26528-dx-chogokin-vf-31ax-kairos-plus-hayate-immelmann-use-bandai-spirits.html?SubmitCurrency=1&id_currency=5 DX Chogokin VF-31AX Kairos-Plus (Hayate Immelmann Use) ¥ 30,890
  11. not the going rate but some good rates. , price can be higher or lower depends on their shipping account and or shipping boxes used. HLJ
  12. was trying to edit but it posted again.
  13. they reroute you to that page if your ip is not showing japan most of the time. ,, you can clear your cookies and or try it gain with a different browser and then click on that circle thing again.. if it still does not work , then you will need to use a VPN and change location from USA. .. you can also try scrolling down and clicking "view premium bandai in japan" Also the if you sent that link to your Friend in Japan , they will be able to see it just fine. you can also sent that link to your proxy to help you place the order too. https://p-bandai.jp/item/item-1000166339
  14. P-Bandai items are sold on the P-Bandai website. If you want to order something from the P-Bandai in japan then you will need to request a Proxy to preorder it for you because it for Japan only. Payments are upfront. They will charge a flat fee or some will charge by percentage. you can do a search on google " japan proxy" and a bunch will come up.. just find one that looks good and works for you.. some store will post the preorder on their site too. but they also get their order from the p-bandai website just like everyone else.. they are just selling the preorders that they plan to order or have already ordered. Some of them are Anime-export, Biginjap, mykombini, okiniland, cdjpapan ,luna park, nin-nin-games, etc. Payments are upfront for P-Bandai preorders at almost all proxy and stores.
  15. Yeah. looking like a good start yup, and normally Metal Build and Soul of Chogokin items on Amazon takes forever to get sold out. (of course they over sold many times too)
  16. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09M6R8RH8 $220 on AMAZON.com . Get 5% back ($11.00 in rewards) on the amount charged to your Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card
  17. Well at least from the video there’s no way a MB transam OO would fit together with the saint seiya gemini in that small shipping box 😄 .
  18. HLJ does not do estimate but you can add in the SV-51 Ivanov that is currently instock and you will be able to see the shipping rate when you select "ship now" instead of "private warehouse"
  19. Tamashii Web Exclusives is the product P-Bandai is the webstore that sells them. They have some official stores for some of the countries. Each store decides on what they want to carry over from the main Japan store. example. P-Bandai japan have a item that is for Lottery only. P-Bandai in Hong Kong can not do any lottery preorders due to their law., so if they do decides to sell a item it will just be very limited and preorders the same as other items. The main one is P-Bandai Japan. that is the one that you should be get all of the Tamashii Web Exclusives as long as you live in Japan. (or use a proxy) They have items that are event exclusives (you have to show up to the event to pickup your preorder ) They have Lottery items that you preorder and they will contact the group if you are the winner. Both of those will need special proxy to preorder for you. Think of it this way. TWE is a Apple product , Iphone, ipad, imac , etc P-Bandai is the Apple store. TWE is a Amazon Fire device, Firestick, FireTV , echo. etc P-Bandai is the Amazon site and different country might officers different sales
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