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  1. https://surethingtoys.com/products/bandai-metal-build-gundam-seed-justice-gundam?_pos=1&_sid=1da123916&_ss=r $299, free shipping
  2. so you requested for them to ship it. , .A-E will pack it and then you will see a new invoice for the shipping cost. Base on A-E listed weight , the estimate is EMS 9400 yen DHL (probably around 7500 yen ?) Surface(BOAT) 3450 yen
  3. There's many like that over at the port in Oakland too,. .. , my last shipment landed on an east coast port. The VF-1D, I just can not wait but most of my other orders are now by Boat unless the price is close enough to each other. It does take much longer but then I've also been very busy lately so I guess it worked out. .. and save some extra for future .....................valk purchases
  4. DX Chogokin Macross - VF-1J Armored Valkyrie Combo set Item Weight: 2480 gram Shipping Weight: 3030 gram
  5. Armored parts shipped out too. but its by slow BOAT..... so eta 2-3 months
  6. The video review that you see now are of the standalone GBP armored that people suited up on their previous purchased VF-1j. That twe stand-alone GBP was released last week . There’s no review of the combo yet .
  7. From anime-export the item is about 1170 grams. And their lightly packaged shipped weight is 1550 grams.
  8. That is a fair total price for it. The release date is September 25, You can also try to see if you can still get it near release date from the usual Shops like HLJ, AMIAMI, Anime-export, etc.
  9. quick reminder, the 1st batch sold out very quickly,, so if your preorder is for or Bumped the 2nd batch then the release date is in October.
  10. This mofo sold out very quickly. I was having some internet issue and was pretty busy lately so was only able to go in and out.. scored 1 from HLJ. I
  11. A Dx chogokin 1/48 is around 1380 grams . A super parts set is around 680 grams so let’s say the GBP armor is just a little less then weight of 2 super part sets . Say around 1000 grams so the weight of the valk + Gbp combo set will mostly be around 2380 grams before packaging materials and shipping box . Those will be around 700 grams . So total shipped weight should be around 3080 grams. Now for the size , base on the photos it looks to be just a bit thinner that the size of 2 Dx chogokin box sandwich together. The shipping should be similar to shipping 2 Dx chogokins . (edited the number number, my brain was not working well in the middle of the night) of course this will also depends on where you place your preorder. HLJ , Amiami, Hobbysearch, anime-export do have discount shipping so it should not be too much . I just shipped out my items from HLJ this week , 1 METAL BUILD ,1 Soul of Chogokin ,1 Riobot Mospedia Lota Shipping to USA DHL around 7800 FEDEX around 8800
  12. Back then I only used on my Yamato’s at the time and did not notice the rubber tip effecting anything. But Yamato doesn’t have much paint and tampos so I would not know how it will effect the Bandai stuff. Since the Bandai stuff comes with their own stands I just used that. I got a Swiss Army knife because of MacGyver. 🙂 . Have duct tapes at home for whenever I might need it . and have tons of paper clips from staples from price fillers . .
  13. lol. I just donated a whole bunch of them out early this year.. . .,. but since you are just using it for a base it can be anything.. just drill a hole in it. I did it will some cup coaster before and even drill a hole in my old harddrive when I was messing around. But if you have some extra acrylic lying around it would be best. The tri-pod I used before were from Daiso.. .. its about $1.50 each and each of the leg is retraceable so if you mount it upside down it will be like a flight pose stand that have extendable legs https://www.daisojapan.com/p-31580-camera-tripod-3-assort-12pks.aspx
  14. not sure about TWE items. but N-Y did shipped out my preorder of the METAL BUILD GUNDAM DYNAMES REPAIR III and Soul of Chogokin - GX-71 Beast King GoLion.
  15. The official release date for the 1st batch is September 17, 2021 No set date for the 2nd batch in October yet..
  16. The first batch sold out very fast so its very lightly that its will be from the 2nd batch
  17. yup. I love that Perfect Grade look. Any Mecha that can do this pose is a automatically WIN in my book.
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