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  1. I can now say I that have a TV VF-1S w/fast packs in 1/48 scale & now in 1/60. Just need to find a Hikaru pilot figure for it to be officially completed.
  2. Same here, I lucked out on a 1/48 TV set of Fast Packs for about $110.00 shipped. It's why I like Mandarake, their listings are up front & quite honest.
  3. I've been wanting a set of these for a while now & for $88.00 shipped via DHL from Mandarake, I feel I did pretty good. P.S. For those of you still wondering if Mandarake is a legit vendor... Yes, yes they are and their packing is far better than most other shops.
  4. Nice! You now officially have the most complete collection of SDF-1's. Is she staying in the box or coming out for display?
  5. Is it me or does the pilot for the Angel Bird seem to be more of an appropriate size? Meaning, this pilot doesn't look like tiny like the Hikaru & Max TV figures.
  6. You need to break them out and admire them.
  7. 5 Angel Birds... Nice! Will these be on display or stay safely in the boxes? I normally don't do TWE orders, yet I just ordered one from Genki, if you ordered from their store then must be pretty legit.
  8. She's a bit over the top on Tampo yet one big reason & really one only that I'm getting this VF, is simply because I'm tired of NOT getting that particular or oddball Valk at Pre Order price, only to finally want it and have to pay 4x the asking price a year later. Yamato's Low Vis VF-1S, VF-11C, VF-X, Angel Birds and Virgin Road all come to mind.
  9. I'm in for one, that's a good price!
  10. According to one of the videos I watched this morning, eventually this KF-21 will have internal weapons bays like the Raptor. I give the S. Korean aircraft team credit by saying it out loud that this is NOT a stealth aircraft, it just looks like one... yet maybe one day it could be as tech progresses. I guess this would be like a modern day P-51, from the drafting boards to a flyable prototype in record time. I'll be keeping an eye on this project.
  11. If this is old news my apologies, yet this is the first I'm hearing of this new Fighter.
  12. RIP Paul Sorvino. Thank you for one of the most memorable scenes from any movie ever made.
  13. Anyone else hearing some Star Wars music? As well and at least to my ear some Gunbuster.
  14. Wow, HG & Toynami being a bit a more crooked than normal. (Not unless they're working with Sentinel) I'm not thrilled with the Sentinel/Genesis Breakers designs all that much but what ever the hell that is looks bad, like really bad.
  15. $120.00 for an 11C... man those were the times.
  16. Definitely a Macross fan made this!
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