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  1. Awesome builds & projects everyone! Since having some free time from everything else I finally had a chance to work on my 1/48 VF Cavaliers project. Two things I noticed, this dark blue is quite difficult to photograph and masking off the legs for where the light bluish-gray is was trickier than I had anticipated but overall it turned out pretty darn good. (How to disassemble a VF-1 leg & everything else is 2nd nature now). Just waiting for some Tamiya semi gloss black, red & the other gray to arrive and then it's on to decals & clear coat.
  2. Watched it tonight... I enjoyed it. Straight forward, to the point action movie.
  3. The VF-0 Reactive Armor kit, I'd still like to get one or two of these as well. 👍 I remember when the Minmay Guard kits came out and I kept hoping for Yamato or Arcadia... now Bandai to make one but yeah, that's probably not going to happen.
  4. Is this is a first for a 1/72 kit? Pretty sure I've never seen one before. At 4,000 yen you could build a small Army of these, I'll be getting a few of these!
  5. Typical, I use Adblocker Plus so I couldn't read the whole article. I was just checking online and it looks like Top Gun 2 is delayed until May 2022.
  6. Ummmm... does that mean will never see the movie or was Cruise smart enough to leave a spare in a secure vault?
  7. I'd love to see it happen one of these days but buckle up for that price tag.
  8. Finally got to see this one tonight, add it to your watch list.
  9. Kurtwood Smith was terrifying in Robocop, though that scene with ED-209 & the executive who gets blown away is still beyond disturbing to me... still hard to watch though Alex Murphy getting shot just might be just as bad. As for that 70's show, I remember reading long ago that when the cast met up for the first time some of the teen cast were like "Oh sh-t, it's Clarence Boddicker!"
  10. Just think of the lucky SOB who has possession of these prototypes, I seriously doubt they were tossed.
  11. RIP Ed Asner. Carl & Ellie reunited.
  12. Best movie ever? 4 Stars? Oscar worthy? Not sure about that, however I thoroughly enjoyed this one and was pleasantly surprised.
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