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  1. If it's a whole new kit that includes the Armor, I'll be glad I waited.
  2. Awesome, The Outfield is such an underrated band, so many good songs. I'm always amazed they were never more popular than they were.
  3. Shouldn't #6 actually be #1 on your list of cons?
  4. Thanks @Chas, I went with the Tamiya Grey-green and up close it looks good, I like it. I figure when the decals are on & then a wash plus clear coat it'll look spot on. Now I just need to settle on a color for Yellow's Ride Armor.
  5. Thanks @MechTech, yep, she's not a very forgiving kit. I'm definitely going to do next time (What you're almost always supposed to do) which is pre-paint everything first, then assemble with most likely some touch painting to do. If you were going to paint Yellow's Ride Armor... what color/shade of Paint would you use, I'm assuming it's purple & not a dark blue. Suggestions welcome.
  6. So many great builds & customs, looking good everyone!! Here is my update with the Aoshima Ride Armor kit. Still a pain in the butt to assemble but once that part is done, painting is a bit easier. I'll just have to do a lot of masking on the parts. Once this baby has the decals on & a Flory's wash she should be looking really good in the end. I've learned quite a few things with this first attempt so that (fingers crossed) Yellow's Ride Armor should go much smoother.
  7. That's one impressive collection of customs, love it!! One of these days you need to finish that 1/48 VT-1... it would be the Ultimate one of a kind as I don't think anyone else has ever attempted it. Your 1/55 customization skills are next level!
  8. Hi all, I've never actually built a Hasegawa Battroid kit before, can the wings swing out with missiles attached like the pic attached or will some model magic from a Fighter mode kit be involved?
  9. Thank you, good sir. I like this Gunbuster but I have to admit, I'd love to see Bandai do a re-issue or a whole new mold of its GX-34 with improved joints & better plastic. Every time I'm tempted to get one of off Mandarake, there's always pics of the plastic cracking or getting ready too.
  10. @Duke Togo Then this is our GUNBUSTER thread for now. @no3Ljm That CCS Gunbuster... when & where can you find that one?
  11. Were these ever fully completed? (Painted, decals, etc.)
  12. When originality is not an option.
  13. I saw this on YouTube earlier today, what a difference the proper gun sounds plus alarms/missile tone make for this scene.
  14. Since it's under the RT name, that Cyclone looks like a sagging/floppy mess. The Sentinel Ride Armors have a good blend of the TV series & updated designs. This on the other hand, is a swing and a miss!
  15. They look really cool. If only Bandai would do a reissue of their GX-34 Gunbuster I'd be super stoked!!
  16. Hi all, if there is already an existing Gunbuster thread I couldn't find it. Mods, if there is one, do your magic. While doing a random search on AmiAmi yesterday I saw these under in the Pre-order section, I was rather surprised to see new Gunbuster products for PO. If ever an Anime series has stuck with me all these years, it has been Gunbuster. Just seeing the Eltreum & Exelion was enough for me to order two sets! AmiAmi [Character & Hobby Shop] | Gunbuster Mechanic Selection Plastic Model(Pre-order) & AmiAmi [Character & Hobby Shop] | Gunbuster Soft Vinyl Kit Reproduction Edition(Pre-order)
  17. This is why your skills are so heavily admired & appreciated, too many of those kits of our childhood didn't age well what so ever. I'm going to try the Tamiya spray paint first, if I'm not feeling it I'll for sure give your color mix a try.
  18. I know, it's a bad habit of mine using RT branding when it comes to Mospeada. 😁
  19. Nice, looking forward to that full video review. One would hope Rook's Cyclone would be made as well.
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