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    Hi-Metal R

    Thank you!! I'm looking forward to the VF-0D now and any other Mac Zero releases. While the VF-1's are an easy pass for me since I have the 1/60's & 1/48's, the HMR Line is fantastic for have having Valk's like the 0S, VF-4's and my favorite the VF-2SS. Mac Plus & Mac 7 VF-11's, VF-22's and Frontier are all welcomed too.
  2. Bite the bullet & grab the Blu-rays, the picture & sound quality are worth it. I have the DVD's too but the BR's are better. Just for the Artwork alone I want to get the Laser Discs someday.
  3. Just arrived from Mandarake Via DHL, $114.00 shipped seemed like a good deal to me, everything is in great shape & nothing missing despite being marked as 2nd hand, brand new as far as I'm concerned. Their packing was A++ Also, everyone needs some PROJECT A-KO in their lives, the Blu-ray is from Rightstuf.com
  4. Frack it, I just nabbed two of them, for that price they'll be great as custom projects!
  5. Nice score!! Second only to Macross, Project A-ko was my gateway drug into Anime and is still one of my favorites. I've watched the 1st movie and the video quality is really good with all of the original audio & sound effects intact & nicely cleaned up. I'm finally going to watch part 2 & 3 this weekend, can't wait for A-ko Final to arrive!!
  6. https://www.rightstufanime.com/Project-A-ko-4-Blu-ray I just realized A-ko 4 Final is available on Blu-ray.
  7. Nice!! I still have not taken my Angel Bird out for display yet. That stands does your AB & Fan racer justice!
  8. For those who want the old school 1/12 Ride Armor kits, Aoshima is doing another reissue & Ami Ami has them for PO. I Pre ordered x2 Stick & x2 Yellow. 😊🖖 https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail/?scode=TOY-RBT-4345-S002
  9. She was a true Legend. RIP Tina Turner.
  10. Someone on staff was definitely a Macross fan.
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