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  1. Same here, I was going to listen to that new song this morning and then I realized you had it posted, though no longer with us John Lennon still gifts us with an amazing Beatles tune!
  2. @davidwhangchoi & @no3Ljm You all have excellent taste in music!!
  3. @Angesdad That custom 0D is looking good, I like the weathering. Keep the progress pics coming! As for me, this just arrived. For $113.00 shipped Via DHL from Mandarake, I figured why not & now I have two VF-0D's. As you can see, Mandarake takes packing seriously and my 0D box is spotless!
  4. RIP Matthew, thank you for so many years of entertainment & all the laughs.
  5. If all of the above is true, then that is messed up as I'd much rather get a reissue by Arcadia.
  6. As someone who was broke as hell during the Yamato 1/60 days and refuses to pay the really high 2nd market prices, I'll try and grab one of these. I love the YF-21 with a passion, while the Yamato 21 definitely looks better in Fighter mode all day long the DX Battroid looks ok to me. It will have to do until Arcadia tracks down its old molds for a reissue or builds an all new one... which will most likely never happen.
  7. Looks amazing Captain!! However, I spy with my little eye something equally cool in the background.
  8. I may have to break down and get one of these, that Max & Miria DYRL display... I need that!
  9. Hey @Saburo Good to see you again, the clarity of your pics are top notch! Either you edited out the display stand or your VF-25 can actually hover.
  10. Honestly, I'm not sure if they're still in actual production anymore. As for 1/72 scale, I kind of miss that scale for these Fighters. This thing dwarfs my 1/60 Yamato VF-0S!
  11. The skills & talent I am seeing here is impressive, looking good everyone!!! I got this beast in yesterday, so far a relatively easy build, the cockpit has the most parts. I'm going to order the White metal landing gear & a decal sheet for this kit. The kit overall is of good quality, so far, every test fits correctly. My biggest issue so far are the decals, they are not even remotely correct for what was used during the ATF project, no Northrop/McDonnell/Douglas, ATF or even YF-23 decals... plus NO Pilot, so for the price tag that's a bummer. The plus side is the kit actually has some heft to it and she measures just over 17 inches long.
  12. This Little Lady just arrived! It's going to be a fun project; the kit is 1/48 scale and the main fuselage (Nose cone to engine exhaust) measure's almost 16 inches. Either I haven't built a 1/48 scale kit in a long time, or this Fighter is big!
  13. Yep, just shy of 13 inches tall. Definitely an Alpha only release, a Beta would be massive. I would imagine this is going to be rather expensive.
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