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  1. Yeah, we watched it last night. The way it's filmed, cinematography, uniforms, helmets & weapons were spot on. The music score did not impress me, irritating actually. If you've ever watched the 2004 film "A very long engagement", I was hoping for that in terms of nightmarish battle scenes (that movie will haunt you), this new film overall is good but it lacks in character development... you never really get attached to anyone. Best way to describe this movie IMO is that the Director/Producers didn't want to make a borderline shot for shot remake of the last two films & made many changes to the source material. Instead of another remake of AQOTWF, making a WWI film from the view point of the Germans say in 1915-1916 would have been a much better choice.
  2. So umm... that's a Ride armor huh?
  3. You'd think by now it's just a standard feature with these Valkyries.
  4. I hope this is good, nice to see the F8F Bearcat getting some love & screen time!
  5. Thank you, I think I'll order one. Tenjin is definitely one of the best Macross artist's out there!
  6. @MechTech Thanks buddy, when I lived in the Los Angeles area (San Fernando Valley) I had Smith Bros. Hobby Center as my instant go to shop, man I I miss that place. If you needed it they had it. As for those color swatches, I am starting to think the Tamiya "Coral Blue" might work out. After a wash in some Flory's that might even darken it a bit too. Time to place an order!!
  7. Hi all, sorry for the 20 questions about spray paint colors yet the closest Hobby Shop near me that carries Tamiya is like a 2 hour drive, so ordering online is my easiest option. Between the old 1/100 Bandai kit and what they used for their HM-R VF-2SS, is there any spray paint shade that comes close to the Super Armor Pack color? (Or something in between). I thought about using an Olive Drab but wanted to try this first. Thank you.
  8. Thanks @Thom, long ago I used to have some of those Gundam toys, those might actually work.
  9. I masked off all of the black sections and gave it a good coat of Tamiya Primer, I might do one more. Next will be some actual white Tamiya spray paint. I need to find some decals & fixed pose hands... (Suggestions on hands that might scale with this?) Will be nice to have a VF-11C with the other 11's I have.
  10. When you're desperate for a Kakizaki figure... oof!
  11. A YF-21 would have been a no brainer for my wallet not to mention that despite its non-popularity, a parts forming YF-21 would solve a lot of those Anime Magic transformation issues. This 29 & the YF-19 are a solid pass for me. Also @Shawn, I'm all on board with that M3 license!
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