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  1. I saw this on YouTube earlier today, what a difference the proper gun sounds plus alarms/missile tone make for this scene.
  2. Since it's under the RT name, that Cyclone looks like a sagging/floppy mess. The Sentinel Ride Armors have a good blend of the TV series & updated designs. This on the other hand, is a swing and a miss!
  3. They look really cool. If only Bandai would do a reissue of their GX-34 Gunbuster I'd be super stoked!!
  4. Hi all, if there is already an existing Gunbuster thread I couldn't find it. Mods, if there is one, do your magic. While doing a random search on AmiAmi yesterday I saw these under in the Pre-order section, I was rather surprised to see new Gunbuster products for PO. If ever an Anime series has stuck with me all these years, it has been Gunbuster. Just seeing the Eltreum & Exelion was enough for me to order two sets! AmiAmi [Character & Hobby Shop] | Gunbuster Mechanic Selection Plastic Model(Pre-order) & AmiAmi [Character & Hobby Shop] | Gunbuster Soft Vinyl Kit Reproduction Edition(Pre-order)
  5. This is why your skills are so heavily admired & appreciated, too many of those kits of our childhood didn't age well what so ever. I'm going to try the Tamiya spray paint first, if I'm not feeling it I'll for sure give your color mix a try.
  6. I know, it's a bad habit of mine using RT branding when it comes to Mospeada. 😁
  7. Nice, looking forward to that full video review. One would hope Rook's Cyclone would be made as well.
  8. I'm filling in some gaps & lightly sanding those rough edges down, thankfully those rubber tires come off & on super easy, the one thing of ease on this kit. Does anyone here have a recommendation of what color to use for the Green? Is there a Tamiya or Mr. Hobby color that would come close in Spray can form? I also have some spare 1/12 motorcycle parts I can use for the handle bars/throttle & clutch.
  9. While searching this morning Ebay I came across this listing, 1/72 Gorse Garage Kit Wonder Festival 2023 Summer Those 1/72 Legioss model kits finally have some bad guys to shoot at now. Nori Motors 1/72 Gorse Garage Kit Wonder Festival 2023 Summer Wf2023S Mospeada | eBay @tekering I have that very EXO made ride armor & have yet to assemble or paint it both do to its size and the painting required, yours looks damn good, even finish & nice clean lines!
  10. In CM's defense, at the very least the wheels appear secured on the Swing-bar/shocks section with their toys, this Kit isn't even relying on Gravity for the forward section. I kept thinking there was a part missing that would hold it properly but nope, that's how they designed it.
  11. Frustration & aggravation is something I normally do not associate with model kits, then again after years of modern Bandai, Hasegawa, WAVE, Revell & Moebius BSG kits I've clearly been spoiled rotten before encountering this Ride Armor kit. While I appreciate Aoshima reissuing these, this kit was designed in the early 1980's & this Ride-Armor Desperately needs to be fully re-engineered & designed in how the parts lock or tab together not to mention transforming. (Bandai, WAVE, Hasegawa feel free to take a swing at it!) So with all that in mind I'm going to strictly keep this VR-052 in "Armo-Bike" and then build the other strictly in "Ride-Armor" mode, the idea of transforming this makes my blood pressure rise. Now minus my mini rant here, I do applaud this kit for offering the Saddle bags that actually open & close, the helmet & gun are nicely detailed, quality plastic and those rubber tires plus clear parts... nicely done. Maybe after this one is completed the next kit won't be so aggravating.
  12. Nice! That answers the question of whether or not a 1/60 pilot can fit in a 1/55. Your custom work is topnotch on these vintage Valk's.
  13. Since no one is going to make a 1/12 Ride Armor from the Mospeada TV series, I'll have to do it myself. This will be quite the customization project but worth it in the end. Finding spare time will be my greatest enemy! LOL AmiAmi had these restocked, so I took advantage of that.
  14. AmiAmi charged me 5165 yen or $35.59 for DHL shipping. It came in a big but very sturdy cardboard box & fully packed for safety.
  15. Since Arcadia seems to be revisiting Macross 7 I would highly encourage them to create a whole new VF-11B & 11C. (yeah, I know the 11B is Plus) @recon This, I'd be on board for a remake of the VF 19S/A Emerald Force & their VF17D/S. Standard & PF variants.
  16. I own a couple of these KO VF's & Fast Packs and while Yamato/Arcadia QC is much better, these aren't too shabby either... so yeah, sign me up a KO Jetfire!
  17. Yeah, my box was big too but not a dent or wrinkle anywhere. I must say in that my VF-0S locks together pretty good and feels secure but this VF-0D is Rock Solid in fighter mode! @Graham After putting my 0D into fighter mode, luckily I had no issues with tabs on the wings going into the legs.
  18. @Graham Good to know it's just the flash! Now I need to go to fighter mode and see if those tabs are ok. My VF-0D just arrived and it's definitely one shade of blue, not different tones, which is a good thing. As of this moment, bring on more of these Mac Zero HMR's Banda, I need some SV-51's to shoot at!! AmiAmi has become my new go to online shop, solid packing and as usual DHL handles the package with care.
  19. Mine arrives tomorrow, if I should happen to have that issue I'll let you know. Is that the lighting from your camera or does your 0D have two shades or blue?
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