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  1. After a bit of a hiatus I'm finally back to getting some of these customs and restorations completed. I'm working on my 1/72 Yamato VF-11C custom, I tracked down a Hasegawa VE-11 kit, so I can use the Fast-packs & proper gunpod for this plus its decals. Some of the white paint bled through the tape, so I have some touching up to do. My 1/48 Max VF-1A has really yellowed despite being in the box all these years. I'm going to strip it of all its stickers, disassemble it, mask it off, primer and give it a full repaint. Then finish it off with water slide decals. Is the backpack section for the 1/48's still available from shapeways? I need to replace that part too!
  2. This is going to be insane when completed. Until then I'll just hang back and enjoy the WIP pics!
  3. Since GoT, Walking Dead were always a Sunday night thing, and now with The Last of Us I'll wait until Sunday. Four episodes in & I have really been enjoying this series, Last of Us is proving that if you actually try that you can properly adapt an existing IP into a quality show. It's not a shot for shot remake of the game but when you do seeing something straight from the game, it's a high quality moment! Looking forward to episode 5, I do hope it's a longer episode than last weeks and nothing is rushed. Side note: My only concern (if it ever happens) will be if they decide to continue the series with the majority if not all of Part II, you can't change my mind on Abby... there's is zero to like or have any empathy for her. Craig Mazin & Neil Druckmann would have to do some serious rewrites.
  4. I know not everyone's an SNL fan but I thought some of you would get a kick out of this!
  5. For my first purchase with Hobby-Genki I'm going to give them a solid review. I received my process info on Thursday morning, then a tracking number Friday morning and here she is, nicely packaged and zippo issues! I also give them credit in that the DHL I initially payed for was apparently waaaaaay more expensive (which I had anticipated), so instead of charging me extra they simply sent it FedEx Express and it got here ultra fast!! I might... I might actually get one more of these, it looks really good in person!!
  6. AFAIK it's just on SyFy, the other half of season 3 should be back pretty soon. Probably one of the better shows made in recent years, I recommend it! @Thom Much like myself, give it a few episodes and soon you'll be like "Ok, I've come this far, gotta see what happens next!"
  7. This is one of those show's that should be absolute garbage and dumb as hell, as well as canceled after one season... at least for me I've found it entertaining and I'm looking forward to this new season. Essentially it's the rich vs. the poor on the islands of the Carolina's, blackmail, revenge, murder and apparently the ultimate treasure hunt. The main cast are teens but so far it hasn't become 90210 in the worst ways possible.
  8. Nice!! Even if you don't display all of these, post a pic of the boxes!! @Corrinald Nice! I just got my shipping info too!!
  9. Anyone hear from Hobby-Genki yet with the Angelbird?
  10. Agreed, this is how you do a video game adaptation. I must admit, I was kind of hoping to see things play out like in the game but what we got for episode 3 was great, much like a Sarah we get actually get to know Bill, as where in the game he's just a cranky survivalist who has little affection for Joel or really anyone. One more thing to add is that if you were like me at the beginning about Bella Ramsey (Ellie) being a bad choice... scratch that, she's a doing a fantastic job and Pedro was definitely the right choice! Nick Offerman as Bill... nailed it!!
  11. Let me know when Sentinel decides (If ever) to build the original Ride Armors, you know, the ones we grew up with as kids and perhaps someday their Tread.
  12. Haven't seen one before but I'll do you one better by suggesting somebody design an all new VF-1D conversion kit for the Yamato 1/48's.
  13. I'm still on board for a Cannon Fodder or two.
  14. Besides the original film this is parts 2 & 3 remastered on Blu-ray by DISCOTEK, I haven't had a chance to watch these yet but the first movies sound & picture quality was top tier, I'm hoping these are just as good. Eventually Project A-ko 4 (Final) should be available. I've purchased all three from Rightstuf Anime, a solid store to order from. If you're new to A-ko, grab a copy here: https://www.rightstufanime.com/Project-A-ko-Blu-ray On a different title I want to get GUNBUSTER on Blu-ray but I'll wait for the OVA's to be released vs. the current movie version.
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