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  1. Looks amazing Captain!! However, I spy with my little eye something equally cool in the background.
  2. I may have to break down and get one of these, that Max & Miria DYRL display... I need that!
  3. Hey @Saburo Good to see you again, the clarity of your pics are top notch! Either you edited out the display stand or your VF-25 can actually hover.
  4. Honestly, I'm not sure if they're still in actual production anymore. As for 1/72 scale, I kind of miss that scale for these Fighters. This thing dwarfs my 1/60 Yamato VF-0S!
  5. The skills & talent I am seeing here is impressive, looking good everyone!!! I got this beast in yesterday, so far a relatively easy build, the cockpit has the most parts. I'm going to order the White metal landing gear & a decal sheet for this kit. The kit overall is of good quality, so far, every test fits correctly. My biggest issue so far are the decals, they are not even remotely correct for what was used during the ATF project, no Northrop/McDonnell/Douglas, ATF or even YF-23 decals... plus NO Pilot, so for the price tag that's a bummer. The plus side is the kit actually has some heft to it and she measures just over 17 inches long.
  6. This Little Lady just arrived! It's going to be a fun project; the kit is 1/48 scale and the main fuselage (Nose cone to engine exhaust) measure's almost 16 inches. Either I haven't built a 1/48 scale kit in a long time, or this Fighter is big!
  7. Yep, just shy of 13 inches tall. Definitely an Alpha only release, a Beta would be massive. I would imagine this is going to be rather expensive.
  8. I love the extended main guns & correct colors, makes all the difference! We really need one of these in 1/3000... Bandai or Arcadia, I'm on board.
  9. Isa, Yoon & J from STAYC having some fun & not missing a beat!
  10. I just realized I phrased that the wrong way... as you said, Same kit but with the armor.
  11. If it's a whole new kit that includes the Armor, I'll be glad I waited.
  12. Awesome, The Outfield is such an underrated band, so many good songs. I'm always amazed they were never more popular than they were.
  13. Shouldn't #6 actually be #1 on your list of cons?
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