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  1. That Tread is massive like the Toynami version and I approve of that! Crap, I guess I'll have to bite the bullet and find a Legioss to go with this new Tread. (My wallet will punch me for these!!) That RIde-Armor on the other hand is an immediate hard pass!!
  2. If anybody wants to buy one, they've got them: https://www.ebay.com/itm/256014490564?hash=item3b9ba71bc4:g:CyMAAOSwculjq2kR
  3. If only these were 1/12 scale...
  4. This is there Ebay store, very nice guys too: https://www.ebay.com/str/wiseguyshobbiesllc
  5. While I don't want this season to end so soon, I'd rather have 9 high quality episodes vs what The Walking dead did by taking 2-3 seasons to take out the bad guy, useless filler episodes, bad writing, etc. I'm not a major fan of the second games plot but who knows, maybe the production team will surprise us in a good way a second time.
  6. Only one more episode. It's been a hell of a ride so far and tonight was damn near perfection. Bella Ramsey was amazing tonight, last week too!
  7. @derex3592 GSI Creos 02... Is that the brand Airbrush you're using? I need a new one. I have lots of touch up to do but I'm making some progress on these VF-2SS Valks, these have the green stripe which I'm almost certain was called White Ox Squadron in the OVA. These are the Bandai 1/100 kits and I'm trying to keep the colors close to the HMR version. A panel wash & matte clear coat should darken things up just a wee bit. It's windy as sin outside, so just a few quickie indoor shots.
  8. Sweet! Time to stock up on some Mac Zero kits.
  9. The use of "Take on me" for the Merry Go round scene was brilliant.
  10. 1st release V.2 Yamato with the rainbow canopies.
  11. I truly hope the episodes 8 & 9 are a lot longer than just an hour. Episode 7 tonight was fantastic. I've seen Left Behind once on YouTube Via "theradbrad" and this episode felt pretty damn close to the game!
  12. I still have my US Renditions VHS copies of GUNBUSTER hiding somewhere in storage. Two episodes per tape plus the bonus classroom lessons. If anyone here grew up in The Valley and remembers Continental Comics on Balboa, that's where I'd go for Macross & Gundam kits. The owner or manager there was super cool and he personally recommended Gunbuster & Bubblegum Crisis to me.
  13. Preordered at Rightstuf! Can't wait to see this. Finger's crossed Project A-ko 4 Final is next.
  14. I guess I need to grab an HMR Roy VF-0S since this is getting released. We need a Shin & CF 0A next and yes, bring on the SV-51's!! If anyone has a spare VF-0S throw that sucker in the "For Sale" section.
  15. In last weeks episode, when Bella yells to Sam & Henry "Run!!, listen carefully and you can hear her accent. I'm going to be watching this in a few minutes... I've got my popcorn ready!
  16. Tonight should be a really a good episode. Besides finding Tommy, it looks like we'll be encountering David & his crew.
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