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  1. Nice! More custom Valks to look forward too, Max's 29 ought to be an impressive sight. You can tell from those slots on the legs/intakes there's a good chance for the Reactive Armor (Ghost & weapons should follow as well).
  2. So far I'm two episodes in and I'm trying my best to keep any interest with this one. I was looking forward to this but so far it's really weak on dialogue, characters feel wooden, the use of modern music doesn't fit & apparently in 1899 all Ocean liners were the same design as the Titanic. Hoping it gets better and it all comes together, 6 episodes to go.
  3. So does that mean a Max VF-1S could potentially follow?
  4. I don't think I ever seen anyone give the Cavaliers a PF treatment, when ever this happens I'll look forward to it. On the bright side, you don't have to paint the landing gear white. Also, if you choose not to keep your 2nd HM-R VF-0S, let me know.
  5. From the TWICE concert in Oakland, CA. The girls decided to cut loose with this song. Sana
  6. The fact that the VF-0D is a now a possibility, anything can happen. If they do decide to make an SV-51, the boosters better be included and not be some lame TWE offer. Any day now we'll probably see a Ghost/weapons exclusive for the VF-0's.
  7. (Prepares to be yelled at) Overall it looks good, very well detailed especially if you wanted to panel line it. My only real gripe with it this is the length of the main guns, needs to be longer IMO, just like the old 80's versions the guns need to be extended. Otherwise looks good, I can't imagine what this will cost though... pending it's actually produced.
  8. Impressive haul. Are you going to keep your Cavaliers VF-1A as is or will it get the PF treatment?
  9. I am one of the few on this forum who rarely if ever orders two Valks or in this case two Destroid's at one time. I've only ever owned the old Matchbox toys, so now that I have this Arcadia version in hand & I'm definitely impressed by its design & detail (minus the lack of Tampo) so if they release anymore Destroids I'm all on board.
  10. Got mine in this evening. I took one out to inspect and from what I am seeing & feeling, this is a very snug and secure toy. Zero floppiness with mine, despite no Tampo markings it's still a very impressive Tomahawk (The pilot & crew are nicely painted) and I would easily get a Phalanx & Spartan should they be made!
  11. Today is a good day! Round of applause to AmiAmi for the packing & DHL not damaging the box.
  12. RIP to the crew & passengers on board the B-17 Texas Rangers & the P-63.
  13. I'm not sure if Lestat is super accurate to the books however the actor gives 100% to his character.
  14. For someone who never read the books and hasn't seen the Tom Cruise/Brad Pitt movie in ever, the series has been really good so far, acting is Top notch IMO. The actor who played Grey Worm in GoT is Louis & he is really good in the role, the actor for Lestat... nails it! Check it out when you get a chance.
  15. Someone on YouTube mentioned that (as well it was bad) but this film has a lot of the original cast, so I guess that makes this the official part 2.
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