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  1. For what one regular Arcadia VF-0D goes for these days as well the 0S, I can have 3 of these HMR's, one for each mode. And if I'm nuts enough, a 4th for just in case. 😆
  2. On the plus a side, a post from Graham & Shawn in the same thread... not too shabby a day. A TV Kakizaki 1A would be nice but I'm still team Cannon Fodder VF-1A. (TV & DYRL)
  3. Possibly for some that own the Arcadia VF-0's these HMR's kind of feel a down grade in both weight & details. Personally for me, I like the HMR series in general because it offers me the chance to have a squadron of those harder to find & often very expensive Valks, I simply can not afford multiple VF-4's, VF-0's and currently the ONLY quality VF-2SS. If a Macross Plus & Frontier line occur, I'll continue with this line because you know... multiple VF-11B's!!! As for the VF-1 Valkyrie, this is where the HMR line & I part ways, I have all that I need from Yamato & Arcadia in 1/60 & 1/48 plus a few DX versions. In the end I am looking forward to my VF-0D and fingers crossed for more Mac Zero toys to come, especially some SV-51's!
  4. Well, on the bright side these appear to have white landing gear so that's an improvement. I look forward to seeing your 0D's all detailed up! I sold my Arcadia 0D a few years ago, so this HMR will partially make up for that, especially if I get two more. 😎
  5. Cool, mine just showed up too! 😎 Did you get or two of these?
  6. Anyone get a payment request from AmiAmi yet?
  7. I don't think it's a Harmony Gold & Tatsunoko situation as much as it is getting around the Sentinel Genesis Breakers designs. However, let's say for just a moment that Sentinel did give HG/MoShow/Toynami the thumbs up to use their designs, if that's what they came up with... I mean why even bother then.
  8. Dear MoShow, HG/Toynami... was this to much to ask for? Seriously, can we just get a complete set of 80's Anime accurate Ride-Armors in 1/12 or 1/10. I get what Sentinel is doing with their line but that "Thing" is no Ride-Armor/Cyclone, it's a kit-bash gone terribly wrong.
  9. Nice score, that's a good price. I'm tempted to grab a third VF-0S from Mandarake but I need to save some $$$ for the VF-0D HMR's plus some much needed Art supplies.
  10. Just arrived Via Mandarake's Nayuta store. $92.00 shipped with DHL was hard to pass up.
  11. Looks like Toynami is at it again with Mospeada toys... they seem to be taking notes from Sentinel. Pics from TOYARK at SDCC.
  12. I'll be doing that shortly, I also filed for a refund as well.
  13. This is why Gfriend are the Queens of K-pop (disbanded or not), they did this whole routine blind folded and nailed it!!
  14. I finally own one of these, after many years with my old V.1 this V.2 VT-1 is simply amazing. The look, the feel & that beautiful tinted canopy...
  15. Anytime, they're a quality replacement part and pretty easy to swap out & install. I've used these many times for my Valks.
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