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  1. Coming along nicely Capt'! Is there any recommendations for the onesie/jumpsuit brand to use? I'm finding red and blue easily enough, but the Lavender color for Yellow's figure might require buying a white one and dying it slightly...
  2. I wonder how many people will lose interest after reading that the fins have to be attached.
  3. Will R2KF be distributing this for Aussies? You can put me down for three sets at this stage. Thanks.
  4. So these are basically upscaled Sentinel figures, not upscaled Beagle figures, right? If this succeeds would you do a female version?
  5. Wow! No, I hadn't seen his work before. It looks like he hasn't made his 3D files public tho.
  6. Yep! They are messy but can produce some great results. Thanks! I'd need some really good reference for that tho...
  7. I (FINALLY!) received a new 3D printer to play with, so I pulled this Hellcat project out of digital mothballs. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out, even though there is some resin whitening. The main body is aprox 10cm long, so roughly 1/12 scale. There are no joints for it yet tho.
  8. Is it known how well the preorders are going? I'm actually far more interested in their version of Shark.
  9. I was in the 500, and I really don't care about a numbered card. A few friends missed out on the original preorder and it made me feel kinda guilty about it. So it's fine by me that the run was extended. Otherwise, it reminds me of a scene in South Park where Cartman is playing with a toy in front of Kyle, who also wants the toy. Cartman isn't so much enjoying playing with the toy as enjoying that he has it to play with and Kyle doesn't.
  10. MODEROID Type 98 Special Command Vehicle & Type 99 Special Labor Carrier is up for pre-order. HLJ
  11. Sorry to break up the 1/72 talk. But it looks like the 1/12 ACTION FIGURES SERIES - DANA STERLING WITH SC AMOUR has been pushed bect to December 2022.
  12. I'm down for two 'roids with sleds when the Return 2 Kit orders open. Thanks again for making this happen Captain!
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