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  1. Was their Mactoss book any good if you don't play tabletop RPGs? I liked the Palladium books for their line art etc, but never played the game.
  2. Amazing work as always, Ted! Thanks so much for what you contribute here!
  3. Congrats Ted and Boobytrap, those are lookinh amazing! Out of curiosity, does it bug anyone rlse that the blue and green sensors on the bioroid domes look like googly-eyes? I can barely ever unsee it, so I was thinking of coloring them a darker shade of their base colors...
  4. Macross Advanced Figure Series Rick Hunter 1/12 Scale Figure is up for pre-order 0on BBTS for $99.99. link
  5. Tober

    Macross figures

    It's $899 Hong Kong Dollars, which is about $116 USD.
  6. Looks like the release date for Jeanne/Dana is now December 2021.
  7. I'm passing until I see Houquet/Rook.
  8. Sure did, thanks! Are you getting one? I've been looking forward to Roy's arrival for a while now. Jeanne/Dana looks good too.
  9. Thanks sh9000. Two weeks from the 11th is about now tho. Just going to have to hang in there...
  10. Awesome! HLJ have it up for perorder but it's already on 'order stop'. https://www.hlj.com/master-file-98-formula-av-ingram-sof6076
  11. Great news, thanks!! Would you consider developing the so-called light blue 'Bioroid Scout' concurrently? The two mostly share the same arms and legs (shoulders, knees and toes are different). I think that would round out all of the Bioroids seen in the anime. There were two other variants that were unseen. I'd obviously be down for one of each.
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