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  1. I would barely have believed it was possible for it to look that good! Congrats Capt'!
  2. Heya Capt. do you know if Return 2 Kit Form will be importing these to Australia? I might be interested in a few, but shipping... blah!
  3. MAAS Toys. I think someone did a runner with their funds... I asked Kitz Concept CS about their Dana 1/12 Figure:
  4. What happened? Are they even more sub-standard than the Hellcat?
  5. I was in the first 500 batch. My two orders arrived in Australia today. They included a few little bonus trinkets.
  6. Thanks. That basically means I will be waiting for the female edition.
  7. Looking good, Captain! Do you have any plans for creating a set for Yellow, or just his helmet?
  8. Looking get, Capt! When do you expect the project to be complete?
  9. Coming along nicely Capt'! Is there any recommendations for the onesie/jumpsuit brand to use? I'm finding red and blue easily enough, but the Lavender color for Yellow's figure might require buying a white one and dying it slightly...
  10. I wonder how many people will lose interest after reading that the fins have to be attached.
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