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  1. Finished season 2 last night, Really like the Sci-Fi aspect of it. The whole "Disney-esque" attitude where no one is COMPLETEY evil and can make ammends for themselves....meh....
  2. So......we're going to go with the GOONIES route with this one....where children save the world???.....mmmmmmmm......ok.........
  3. Why cant we kill two birds with one stone and let Quentin Tarantino's Star Trek be the fourth one.....no matter how dark or absurd it gets...
  4. Anyone know any info on this???
  5. a couple of years ago, the studio IMAGI was going to release a 3D animated version of GATCHAMAN. but it was slated to be released after their 3D animated version of ASTRO BOY. unfortunately, the movie tanked and bankrupted the studio, and the GATCHAMAN movie was scrapped.
  6. I was listening to the interview when he was on the Howard Stern Show, and YES it is a complete bullshit move on Disney's part. They have the friggin movie playing in just about EVERY movie theater in the WORLD, they could've let ONE theater play another film. besides, the Arclight has SEVERAL theaters, Disney just wanted Star Wars to be played on the 70mm one. here's the audio, listen for yourself http://www.slashfilm.com/quentin-tarantino-calls-disney-extortionists-over-star-wars-move/?utm_source=fark&utm_medium=website&utm_content=link
  7. I would be A LOT more in favor of this, if it was geared more towards it's original R rating that it had at first. Maybe put it on HBO or NETFLIX so that it can happen! http://io9.com/5892200/somewhere-there-exists-an-r-rated-version-of-galaxy-quest
  8. I always thought the Assault chopper from Souther Cross was a nice design that deserved a toy or something...
  9. I'm a new comer to the Blu-ray game. Can anyone here recommend where to get the blu-ray version/s of DYRL? I intend for this movie to be one of the first in my collection! Thanks in advance to anyone suggesting websites.
  10. YES!!! thank you, I'm glad someone else spotted that. I love that a lot of this stuff gets made, but A LOT of 3D animators forget something as simple as motion blur. The strobbing you get from lack of it makes the film look very odd. Other than that this thing looks pretty good!!!!
  11. For those of you that live on the west coast, you can still see the Black Widow II at the Western Museum of Flight in Torrance, CA.!!! I went with my buddy, they have a few aircraft looking at, but the prize joy there is the YF-23... http://www.wmof.com/yf23a.htm
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