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Found 15 results

  1. Tochiro

    Macross 30

    New game project coming in 2013. Macross 30. Name is tentative. No details on game type or platform. Apparently Minmay is in it and the other characters 'meet' her somehow. All dialogue has already been recorded. UPDATE: ANN has the games tentative logo graphic: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interest/2012-09-21/namco-bandai-games-to-release-macross-30-in-2013
  2. Figured I'd relaunch our videogame discussion topic with the news that I've finally platinum'd Gundam Extreme Vs. Is anyone else still playing? There's some epic hilarity to be had playing through ranked online. Also, I'm not sure how much longer it'll be up (may expire at midnight), but Motorstorm RC for the Vita is/was a free full game download today.
  3. Most up-to-date version of (still in-progress) translation guide HERE. Photo-Translations of the game's menu screens are HERE. I've gone ahead and set up a web-version of the guide, which should be easier to access (and navigate) than the GoogleDocs version. Here's the table of contents (just click on the links to access). TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION Game Information Controls Gameplay Tips MENU TRANSLATIONS My Ship Menu Town Menu In-Game Menu CHARACTERS & STORY Story Premise Characters Plot Summary (Spoilers!) SKILLS Auto-Skills Support Skills FIELD MAPS Yuria Archipelago Sierra Desert Madis Glacier STORY QUESTS Chapter 1: Planet Ouroboros Chapter 2: Harsh Cry of the Ancients' Servants Chapter 3: Fold Out Chapter 4: The Desert Land Chapter 5: Desperate Rescue Chapter 6: First Live Chapter 7: Havamal Madness Chapter 8: Sharon's Revenge Chapter 9: Voices Across the Galaxy HUNTER GUILD QUESTS Daoren (Yuria Archipelago) Vrlitwhal City (Yuria Archipelago) Yue (Yuria Archipelago) Leopold City (Yuria Archipelago) Bowen (Yuria Archipelago) Cleef Town (Sierra Desert) Moriconehill (Sierra Desert) Ramad (Sierra Desert) Raghbar (Sierra Desert) Jurgen (Sierra Desert) Urthr (Madis Glacier) Verthandi (Madis Glacier) Skuld (Madis Glacier) ITEMS & SHOPS Consumable Items Special Equipment Delivery Quest Items Blueprints Yuria Archipelago Shops Sierra Desert Shops Madis Glacier Shops SECRETS & EXTRAS New Game Plus Races Slate Locations List Trophy List Custom Music DLC Aircraft MISCELLANY Frequently Asked Questions Update Log Credits & Acknowledgments If you need to contact me directly email is usually the fastest way (mwulf.0079@gmail.com). However, if you're looking for basic advice/answers, you're probably better off posting your question here in this thread, so that other people can answer! (I'm not always the fastest option, ya' know?). --- Original Post:
  4. Are there any Macross/Ace English translations, ongoing I really want to see these games in English.
  5. Haven't seen a topic about this one yet, but it looks like Bungie is beginning the advance marketing for its new game titled Destiny. The game is a FPS, but looks like a lot more with a much broader, more interactive game environment and social network considerations. A new look at the game has been released: http://www.giantbomb.com/videos/bungie-talks-about-destiny/2300-7056/ This looks like a great new project. It feels like a lot of the creativity from this studio is once again at the forefront for Destiny. They may just have more to them than Halo, which would be a nice surprise. Anyone else interested?
  6. They're being coy, but there is little doubt What's that behind the "title"? Enhancement shows the way...
  7. I got the game yesterday, it is the normal edition because of my budget and I don't need the extra contents in the LE. I am experienced with the PSP Macross Ace Frontier series, I didn't play the Trial Frontier and Last Frontier two games. Actually, the controls in this game has not much difference from the PSP series. I can still adapt to the PS3 configurations. So here is my first playthrough: 2nd Lt. Leon Sakaki, a mercenary Valkyrie pilot from S.M.S. Sepheela HQ. He's working on an assignment to turn in the YF-25 Prophecy to S.M.S. Ouroburos HQ. When he arrived the orbit, some unknown hostile Ghost UCAVs attacked him. The Ghosts are easy targets, just use missiles to take them down. After all the Ghosts were splashed, a deep blue YF-29 come to challenge Leon. It is definitely Leon's nemesis - Rod Baltmer. This enemy has a good evasion ability, and invincibility. Though you hit him, his HP gauge won't bulge a bit. Rod managed to damage Leon's Valk, but he spare Leon's life. The Valk lost control and fall down to the planet. (Intro movie, opening song: Planet Cradle by Haruka Chisuga) Leon had a nightmare, it is the unpleasant memory during he was in NUN Spacy duty. He suddenly wake up, and see a Zentradi girl stands right next to him. Meet Aisha Blanchette, the chief director of S.M.S. Ouroburos HQ. Aisha rescued Leon and recovered the Prophecy Valk. She persuaded him to run some errands in return the favor of saving his life. First, she gives you a VF-0D Phoenix (2-seater variant), the first Valk in the game. But you can only use it in Battroid mode. The quest is to retrieve 4 containers, return to the carrier when the job is done. When you on the field, you will see some golden yellow auras on the ground, these are the retrievable items like money, parts, crafting items, recovery items and ammo. And then Aisha fixed the VF-0D can be transformed into GERWALK mode. Same thing as the first job did, retrieve four containers again. However, a flight of Bandit VFs will show up and you have to fight them off. According to Aisha, those Bandits are goons of a "stupid" Bandit boss named "Ganeth". After the job is done, Aisha finally makes the VF-0D transform into fighter mode. Leon supposed to return to his home planet, but Aisha said the "Ouroburos Aurora" anomaly barred the planet to the outer space. It is suicidal to perform Fold Space jump. Therefore, Leon stays in Ouroburos HQ as temporary employee until the anomaly is gone. That's all I played yesterday.
  8. Looks pretty damn cool IMO. Didn't think the colony would still be there though....unless it was farther from the atmosphere processing plant than originally thought. Still gonna pick this up. Trailer looks fantastic. http://ingame.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2011/09/01/7544289-decades-later-aliens-gets-a-sequel-you-can-play Chris
  9. Looking pretty sweet! http://gematsu.com/2014/01/first-look-mobile-suit-gundam-side-story-missing-link
  10. So, any Ace Combat fans in here? I'm kinda torn on what I think of Ace Combat Legacy...I mean, I have enough hope to make a fantrailer for it, but, still...Strangereal meats RL? I dunno. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5TWl1nQtYo&feature=youtu.be <- Just in case anyone is interested in the trailer I made for it.
  11. The next installment to the franchise. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5IVOs5Pxh8&feature=plcp
  12. Joystiq.com Kojima gauging gamer interest in new Zone of the Enders by Randy Nelson { Apr 22nd 2009 at 9:30PM } PlayStation Six years after the release of the last console game in the series, Hideo Kojima is talking Zone of the Enders. Specifically, the Kojima Productions founder (and creator of a little series called Metal Gear) asks if gamers are really interested in a Zone of the Enders 3 during a new episode of MGS4's in-game "Integral" podcast. Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner -- the, well, second game in the series -- was directed by MGS4 co-writer and director, Shuyo Murata, and remains a fan favorite in addition to a critical success; we're surprised it's taken Kojima this long to broach the topic of a sequel. In closing out a discussion about the demand for a follow-up, Kojima and his podcasting partners ask gamers to email them if they'd be interested in seeing it happen. Kojima-san, about your mail server ... we're sorry about its imminent death under the weight of all those emails. Surely you can buy a new one with profits from ZOE 3?
  13. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, a standalone game chock full of 80's awesomeness. Starring Michael Biehn as "Sergeant Rex Power Colt" TAKE MY 15 BUCKS NOW! (Comes out April 29th for PS3, May 1st for PC and 360) Reveal Trailer First 15 minutes by IGN (SPOILERS! But totally awesome!)
  14. KOJIMA PROJEXT "NEXT" Joystiq.com: Kojima website updates with countdown and mysterious "5" 1up.com: Kojima Productions Teaser Site: Is That A "5"? IGN.com: MGS5 Announcement Coming This Week? The webpage source code reveals only these clues: "Hideo Kojima, MGS,METAL GEAR, NEXT, game, konami, kojima game, KJP, Kojima Production" Thunder and lightning? Is it Raiden? Is it all just a ruse? Might this end up being an entirely different IP? Stay tuned!
  15. I am surprised that this game has not been mentioned on this message board yet. In my humble opinion, Journey is an absolutely phenomenal game! The musical score is absolutely top-notch as well! Some of the pieces by Austin Wintory, along with the scenery in the game, invoke some emotions that I have very rarely felt in any other game. The game easily makes its way into my top-ten-favorite-games-of-all-time list, if not my top-five-favorite-games-of-all-time list. From thatgamecompany: I have read some complaints that the game is too short and that it isn't worth the $15 price tag. I have a couple friends who feel the same way about the game, but love the score. I, however, honestly believe the experience alone is worth the price. On Metacritic, Journey has a metascore of 92 (out of 100), based on 71 critic reviews. The game is said to be the "the fastest-selling game ever released in the SCEA region on the PlayStation Network." Furthermore, for those interested who do not already know, the official soundtrack has been released on the PSN and on iTunes. Has anyone else played this game? Any thoughts, opinions?
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