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    Soul is in Italy. Body in South Africa. Mind on another planet.

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  1. LOL, it's just a picture of a little piece of plastic. No one is going to die from it.
  2. I want to get it, but I'm scared the blue paint will chip/scratch off through transformations.
  3. Is it possible to scan and upload the instructions with the transformation?
  4. Never got the A due to the quality problems, and when the re-issue came about, it was sold out within a blink. So I'm tempted by this, depending on the early reviews.
  5. More than the blue, the white looks a bit too bright. In the anime the white looked a bit tinted, or broken... The white will also prevent me from buying as I also have a fear of the dreaded yellowing of white plastic.
  6. I'm finally creeping out of my Macross dark ages. Haven't been here in years. Can someone please recap if this VF-0D is worth the price, and what are the quality issues I should be aware of? Mighty thanks!!!
  7. Well, I always said when the VF-0D comes out, I'll be done with Macross... Only one I've been waiting for...
  8. Omegablue

    Macross 30

    Mighty thanks for the reply. Guess I'll wait for assured answer when someone here has the game.
  9. Omegablue

    Macross 30

    Haven't been on the net for 3 months and totally missed this. Okay, just one question. I know this will obviously only be released in Japan, but read it's region free, so will the layout have English text and subtitles?
  10. Figma could have given extras of those bracelets.
  11. Been waiting as well. The only Deunan in my collection is the Hot Toys 1/20 snap kit. Beautiful, wonderful, detailed... but it's like 8cm tall. Wish HT would make a 8inch version from that.
  12. Those weekly things run globally, and never stop publication if a call order is taken. I know, been following the Ferrari collection. Now at issue 81, but I only collect the F1 cars, so it's just 12 I've brought. The McLaren F1 model to the size of that Bond car, finished in the UK, and recently started in South Africa and Australia. But I will say this, it's not worth the final price considering die-cast 1/18 versions can be purchased at $100 to $200.
  13. http://futaba.anacel.com/figure/src/1353334016116.jpg
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