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  1. Man its been a bit, kinda fell off Macross for a while. Will look through my old computer (hopefully it still boots) for all the maya files I made. Anybody know if they updated the node behavior in the Remastered edition cuz that was a pain in the ass trying to make any transformable unit work. -update It looks like I have the zentrandi and meltrandi game files still saved on one of my backup drives, you guys have a file repository?
  2. So based on inflation, one would have to convert the F-35 price to an estimated 2020 levels, using http://oregonstate.edu/cla/polisci/sites/default/files/faculty-research/sahr/inflation-conversion/pdf/cv2010.pdf, normalized to 2010. which yields 72.65 for the AF buy, 80.45 for the Navy Buy, 75.77 for all. Using the same methods the 2012 F-18 (a reduced lot due to the Gs) would be 65.67, that's still quite a price difference(1.10 for the AF buy,1.22 for the Navy, and 1.15 for all)
  3. I am not up to snuff on finance and accounting lingo, can someone explain the difference between BY and TY. Using TY, I get 81.7 mil(60 Jets) for 2020 (pg 35 Total Flyaway) for the AF and 91.9(40 jets) for the navy(pg 41 Total Flyaway). when you add those total costs together and divide by 100 you get the 85 mil number. In comparison I took 2012 TY F-18 cost(pg 18 Total Flyaway) and divided by 28 and got 68.8 which I believe does not include the G models cost or numbers. While not the 1.5 number (1.33 compared to the Navy buy and 1.18 to AF and 1.23 for total), its still hard to say they are the same price. This is also assuming they actually go to FRP by then. I personally don't believe the hype of the opposition but have heard it as used as a justification to keep funding the F-35.
  4. Assuming all goes perfectly and there is no new testing issues or budget issues(cutbacks on airframes). LM has not shown a great track record with cost or schedule on this program. 85 mil is the quoted airframe price with none of the GFE parts (e.g engine). It is still about 1.5x the price of the upgraded SH in the best case, both with all the GFE parts. All the fancy gizmos (EODS, Helmet) have yet to demonstrate that they fully work as intended. As for the opponents, the same skepticism can be applied to them too, but if you take their capabilities at face value, the F-35 will be slaughtered also.
  5. Additional issue with the F-35 is that it is trying to replace most of TACAir and is stupidly expensive. The Pentagon is so invested in the idea of "5th Gen", really just a marketing term, that they are forgoing all other options to make the F-35 work. If it fails to pan out there is no fall back option.
  6. Sorry for being so reclusive, job has been taking a lot out of me. That and fell down a rabbit hole with DCS flight sims. The main issue that was keeping me from releasing the UNS ships is the transformation system. I could never get anything to transform and shoot right. I have to agree with Cdr Fokker and Chthonic the HW2 engine is pretty lacking in what you can do with it. I had to code new file structure to keep track of what was transformed and turn on and off guns so they shot from the right places. The targeting logic was problematic also.
  7. Anywhere you can stick a 480 Gal Tank, you can stick this pod. We joke at work with 5 pods, you can load 24 120s and 2 9Xs on the SH
  8. I meant when the game doesn't let you hurt the enemy untill after a story event finishes...ie
  9. Even in hard mode, a solely damage upgraded gunpod kills everything very fast, especially in the yf21 and vf22, dual gun pods . Once you get the double tap square to reload down, you can rip through entire formations before they even get into missile range. The only parts I had trouble was when they swarmed you with ace pilots or when the story decides to give the enemy temporary invincibility.
  10. How does one revive a wingman? Hikaru decided to block some missles to the face while trying save Minmay...
  11. shadow3393

    Macross 30

    I am assuming we are all putting the show codes here, so my concert code is....
  12. shadow3393

    Macross 30

    Sounds good to me, I was planning to give mine up, but probably won't be able to send mine until i get back from my trip for work. Is there a time limit to the code?
  13. The sv-51 fast pack is the lvl3 vanquish silver prize, I just got it, I can say vanquish races are not my thing...I have no idea how one gets gold..I barely made silver hitting each marker dead on and boosting for like 90% of the race.
  14. So for the hunter quests, It looks like it wants me to get an items, but I have no Idea where and what I should be getting....
  15. its the text in the valk picture when you are in the selection screen, a bold border will show up around the text when you have selected the option.
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