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  1. Dude! That's a pretty sweet little build! I was checking out the basic shape of it, and never even noticed the ball joints; they're pretty well integrated. Anyway, I didn't realize it transformed until I read the bit of text above the ship pic and scrolled down for bot mode. I can envision a swarm of these as utility bots maintaining a big ship or station, buzzing here and there (well not actually buzzing- there's no sound in space, silly). Man, I'm honored for the shout out, and humbled by the sentiment; I guess we never realize the influence we can have on others, and I'm glad mine was a positive one which resulted in a cool transforming mech. Not many folks do the transforming thing, even amongst some of the heavy hitter builders who attend big conventions or end up on shows like LEGO Masters. We're a rare breed within the community, and I hope this is the first of many more variable mecha that you grace us with. Leg godt, Danth.
  2. True, the movie's set about the second year of his donning the cape and cowl, so he's still working on the persona of batman. But, you'd think a billionaire with all the resources at his disposal, as well as his polymath like skillset, could come up with something more stylish. but then again, Pattinson's Batman looks like he's going to be straightforward and brutal, and a tricked out muscle car works to that end- nothing too flashy, just an aggressive looking car with a lot of gallop. He should have had a tank. 😄
  3. Likewise; Blue Thunder was more realistic in its depiction of then current state of the art technology. I'm not sure about whisper mode, but there have been strides in prop design that vastly reduce rotor noise. The concept of Blue Thunder was excellent, and I absolutely loved the look of it, as well as the spec-ops nature of it as depicted in the film. I watched the series, too, but as I recall, it was cheesier than the film, although I liked the cast. Dana Carvey will forever be remembered for his SNL work and his portrayal of Garth in Wayne's World, not to mention his stand up comedy, but I've always held a soft spot for his portrayal of Clinton Wonderlove AKA JAFO, whose nickname is also an acronym which contains that most glorious of profanities around which they had to do some wordsmithing. I used to have debates with a fellow student concerning the virtues of BT over Airwolf when I was in middle school. With time having passed, there's certainly much more to love, IMHO, about Airwolf as a whole, haunting soundtrack notwithstanding, than BT, which is nearly forgotten. Stringfellow Hawke, which is probably the coolest tv character name ever, was played to a tee by Jan Michael Vincent, whose personal demons likely added to the edginess of the character. The chemistry between him and Dom felt real, and just made it that much more enjoyable. as to the chopper itself; it's undeniably gorgeous; hat's off to Bell for producing such a beautiful machine. However, its capabilities were exaggerated well beyond reality (where did they store all those missiles, which shot machine gun style from the same tubes? Dissymmetry of lift prevents high velocities well below supersonic, and even if the rotor was placed into autorotation, there's not enough lift generating surface on the Bell 222 to sustain flight without its main rotor. Where'd they hide the chaff and flare dispensers? TV bulletproof- all those hits and never a mark on her.😉). BT's depiction of its flight characteristics and onboard tech was far more plausible, but Airwolf looked and sounded better, even as she flew into the realm of tv fantasy.
  4. It's too plain for my liking; there's nothing delineating this as a Batmobile; it could just as well be a car from Fast and Furious. Granted, I'm glad they didn't go to Schumacher extremes; he went just a little overboard with all the neon and flashy lights. 🤮 I wish there was more to the Pattinson-mobile, aesthetically, than just a black muscle car with good ground clearance. Kinda boring as Batmobiles go, and the Batmobile is always going to be a star in its own right in a Batman production, be it animated or live action. I believe modern expectations are that any new Batmobile design is going to bring something new and unique to what has really become a genre unto itself. This one is unique, but misses the mark for me. Maybe I'll change my mind after seeing the film, but right now, with toys and such already becoming available, it lacks that impact and appeal I was hoping for.
  5. Got my version of the System Tumbler today- been waiting while its been in Fed Ex limbo for the past few days, but well worth the wait. I have the first edition of the UCS Tumbler, and while that's a cool set, I'm more of a System scale guy, i.e. everything scaled to minifigs, and the previous Tumbler sets at that scale left somewhat to be desired. It's taken 16 years, but LEGO has finally delivered a respectable minifig scaled model that depicts the iconic Tumbler with a fair bit of accuracy. This Tumbler is also a 2 seater, taking advantage of the base plate that forms the chassis of the 8 stud wide Speed Champion vehicles, a welcome change from the old 6 wide cars, IMHO., as well as the previous two single seater System Tumblers. Just for a memory jog, these are the previous releases Both the Tumbler and The Bat leave somewhat to be desired from an accuracy POV, but I have to admit that little Tumbler was fun to build and play with. As toys both succeeded in being fun representations, albeit with a bat-load of liberties taken. And this is the new hotness:😍 Of course, LEGO loves its shooters, but I'm happy to say that they're built in fairly discreetly on the front wheel mounts, and if you remove the gold studs used as ammo, they're barely noticeable, looking more like mechanical bits than guns. However, being LEGO, it's a a fairly easy mod to remove them if they hurt one's sensibilities. The build was innovative for how the various angles were achieved, and there were were even some parts in the set that I've never seen before in person (the modified plate with an angled panel attached sitting in front of the rear tires. I knew that part existed, but this is my first hands on. It was perfect for this application). Anyway, if you can't tell, I'm extremely happy with this set. It took a long time, but I feel that the designers really delivered, not an easy feat at this scale. And because I'm greedy, and love the Nolan Batman films, I'm hoping The Bat will get a similar treatment after the rather lackluster first attempt. A new camo Tumbler modified with retractable rocket launcher from DKR would be nice, too, while I'm making wishes. It would be a glorious thing if the new Bat set also came with a HEMMT with a bomb for Batman to carry out to sea. I love the HEMMT, and this as good an excuse as any for LEGO to give us an approximation- their no modern warfare policy would preclude an exact representation, but if they came close, that'd be fine by me. As for the figs in this set, Batman is a decent representation of Bale's suit, with both sides of the torso being printed. Arm and leg printing would have been nice, though, to really raise the fig above standard and impart some further armor detail. He comes with a second head to represent his creepy look to a fear gas infected Crane- pretty neat addition. His cape is of the soft material and unlike the starched fabric capes, only has a single neck hole. While the cockpit of this set is fairly spacious compared to many other superhero sets, it can still be a little challenging to get Batman to sit without some finagling, and the soft cape helps. The villain in this set is Dr. Jonathan Crane, better known by his nom d' guerre, Scarecrow. While they did an arguably good job of depicting his mask via printing, both front and back of the minifig head, it feels off to me somehow. I'm not sure how they could improve it short of making a specialized molded head, but it does the job. Since the bad guys in the first two Dark Knight Trilogy films didn't really have vehicles, per se, there's really nothing for the Tumbler to go up against set-wise, and by the mid-second and third films, Batman was driving the Batpod around, having crashed the Tumbler in TDK. There's a little bit of a void there so far as playability, but nonetheless, I love me some Batmobiles, and this new Tumbler is most welcome. I hope LEGO's not done revisiting the DKT.
  6. Brian Goldner, Hasbro CEO, Dies at 58 (msn.com) Sad news. While I may have taken the odd pot shot at Mr. Goldner over the years when expressing dissatisfaction with this or that in the world of Transformers, Hasbro prospered under his leadership, and that ultimately benefitted me and every other fan who still collects official TF toys. His passing leaves a huge void, and I can only hope that his replacement bears the same business acumen and passion for playthings that Mr. Goldner brought to bear. He died too young, and my heart goes out to his family, friends, and all the folks at Hasbro that knew him and relied on his leadership. RIP Brian, and thanks.
  7. As do I. Still the best MP scaled set of Constructicons, IMHO. As to that particular version, I'm generally indifferent to cell shaded paint jobs, but when they're done well, you can't help but think, "Wow!". I didn't realize how much mileage TW got out of their Constructor set; even in Communist China, the spirit of capitalism is alive and well.
  8. Beautiful set for sure. Now we need the RMS Carpathia, one of the heroes of this tragic maritime story.
  9. Good review of Thunderbolt, Mike. Blitzwing is my favorite of the triple changers (Astrotrain is a very close second), primarily due to his very complimentary , and very cool, alt modes. That said, his tank turret is an albatross that virtually every Blitzwing toy has to deal with, and it makes me wish I could jump back in time and change the original design to better incorporate it into the jet mode somehow. Even with today's engineering and tech advantages, that turret continues to be so much luggage under the jet on most Blitzwing toys. Digressing a little, I hope Fans Toys arrive at a favorable solution for integrating the turret on their version. Turret aside, MFT did a commendable job at legends scale. It favors the G1 toy, especially in tank mode, and I think their jet mode improves on the G1 toy's double wing anomaly. Not a bad thing. FWiW, I think the jet thrusters sticking out of the tank's backside are pretty cool too. I'm trying to chill on the legends stuff, and I passed on all these guys, but I can appreciate what MFT have accomplished with these toys. Good stuff!
  10. It's funny b/c it's true! But yeah, 13 year old me knew nothing about cars, and never questioned any of the alts, except Mirage, who I knew wasn't a streetcar by any stretch. Like most kids in the 80s, my BS tolerance was pretty high, or stuff like A-Team, Knight Rider, Airwolf, Transformers, GI Joe, M.A.S.K., etc ad nauseum wouldn't have achieved the staying power they have. I wish Hasbro would bring back M.A.S.K.- the premise was cool, the toys awesome, and it'd be great to see it revived. These absolutely reek of Bay, especially the Decepticon vehicles. Not instilling me with confidence. Thus far, no reveals of the beast characters, either, AFAIK. At this point, however, my interest has waned off scale low. I think Bumblebee will be the exception to the rule in TF live action movies.
  11. Finally, the first baby steps towards getting Macross merch in the West! I guess these are showing at NY ComiCon, so that's a good indication, hopefully, of more to come. I also filled out Bandai's survey. I'm glad I've seen all the major series, as I was able to check off their entire list. Anyway, I'm hoping maybe the YF-21 will make an appearance at Toy fair in February. Tthat would be awesome, and hopefully usher in the end of midnight madness.
  12. @mikeszekelyI'm back home today, and discovered that my copy of Kingdom Slag is due to be delivered. Pretty excited to get him in hand. I was also able to PO Terrorsaur on Amazon, so while I won't be needing your extra copy. I'm extremely grateful for the offer and opportunity.
  13. No, I'm at a convention in Seattle, and can't remember my Amazon password to save my life, so I just figured I'd pass on him. But if you're getting an extra, I'll take it off your hands. Thanks, Mike.
  14. Crap, I missed the Pulse offering yesterday; I was on the road heading to Seattle. Another example of why exclusives suck, and suck the joy out of this hobby. I'm a little surprised, for some inexplicable reason, that they repurposed Airrazor into Terrorsaur. I imagined a new mold, but we're talking Hasbro here, and my own surprise surprises me. ☺️ Doesn't look half bad; honestly, it's the best he's ever looked, looking back at the sparse Terrorsaur toys of yore.
  15. I feel the same towards most of the Japanese Transformers. Stuff like Ginrai and Star Saber feels more like Super Robot than Transformers to me, and I'm not really a big Super Robot fan. I watched a little of the Unicron Trilogy, enough to know it held no appeal for me whatsoever, and the toys didn't really grab me either, although I admit I did buy a few of them, including the Fire Engine Prime. But unlike the vast majority of my TF collection, those UT toys never held any lasting affinity for me, and they've long been boxed up and forgotten in storage. Regarding the animation/literature, it always seemed to me that the Japanese definitely went their own direction with the franchise apart from the G1 toon we were watching in the West, and from what little I've seen, I'm not missing out on anything.😄
  16. Agree. While the heft feels good in the hand, as I said, it takes its toll over time, and is something that should be used judiciously, as in armatures and such to which chunks of bot need to swing into place, and where plastic would tend to weaken, bend, or break over time, or with repeated manipulation.
  17. Speaking of too much die cast, FT's Swoop's lower legs are die cast and deceptively heavy for the size of the figure. I'm not sure if that's to blame,, although I think the weight is a contributor, my copy nearly faceplanted out of my Detolf last week when I opened the door to place a fig inside. Swoop's right up in front of the rest of the Dino's directly behind the door, so when I opened it, he went with it, something that's never happened before. Upon examination, one of the double hinges had become floppy due to a completely stripped screw which I couldn't remove regardless of what I tried. It would just spin in either direction without coming out. I tried a magnet to no effect, and I broke the tip of a fine tipped set of tweezers trying to get some purchase on it. Finally, I gave yup trying on the screw and resorted to putting an ample amount of Gorilla Glue, which hardens to a rubbery consistency, on the joint. Thus far, that seems to be working, as he's standing tall for now. I haven't handled him since I applied the glue (I keep forgetting), so one of these days I'm going to have to monkey with it and make sure everything still moves and he can transform ok. But yeah, anyone who's handled any of FT's Dinobots knows they love their die-cast. It feels great to the hand, but sometimes it comes at the cost of joints weakening under the weight. I used to be one of those who decried Takara's cessation of using it in the MP line, but ultimately, I think the toys hold up better with everything plastic. Rubber tires, or a synthetic equivalent, would be nice though.
  18. So just got back from seeing The Movie. Spoiler: Prime Dies! Honestly, it was kind of a sad turnout; the showtime was 7PM, whereas Sunday's showtime was a more kid and work friendly noon, so I assume the majority of folks who wanted to see it in the theater went then. Tonight only about 8 peeps showed up, myself included, and the douchebag in front of me who continually kept looking at his phone got up and left about half way through and never returned. Not sure I'd want to pay $16 and change to see a film and then walk out, but I certainly didn't miss that bright phone screen flashing me every five minutes. Anyway, I was hoping for a little camaraderie amongst Transfans, but everyone kept to themselves. I went alone, as my wife wasn't into it, and she still hadn't come home from work when I left anyway, so I didn't even have anyone to bounce lines off of, or help answer all the trivia questions that played before the movie started. Ah well, I finally got to see it on the big screen, and it was an enjoyable experience. I appreciate the Jolt review. Initially, I was interested in getting this guy, but after reading through Mike's review, and having watched one or two vid reviews, I think I have a better figure in my DotM Jolt, even if he isn't blue. I have to say, I'm not at all crazy about the overlong hip kibble; it reminds me of the abhorrent belly plates on the YF-21, which is the only part of that Valk, besides the extraordinary overuse of animation magic, that I dislike. Those hip panels give off a similar vibe that I know would bug me in hand. I appreciate that it's blue, and bears a greater resemblance to the CG art than does the DotM, but the DotM version utilizes more of the car parts in the robot mode, has a more complex transformation , and is unhindered by hip and arm kibble. In short, IMHO, it's a more interesting toy that does any number of things better than its modern counterpart. To that end, I think I'll save my ducats, and spend it on a fig that interests me more. Til All are One!😊
  19. I wish I had a friend here that was into it. Alas, I'm going to see it alone on Tuesday. There were only four seats reserved, so I had a decent pick, although it's being shown in one of the smaller screening rooms, and with the recliners, there's probably only enough room for forty or so people, and with Covid, they're requesting folks sit a couple seats apart, so the seating will be even sparser. But, I'm just glad I'm finally going to get to see it on the big screen. I didn't get to see it in the theater as a kid, so this will probably be my only opportunity. C'mon man, they can't even get it right now, so an Arcee in the 80s would have been unmentionably bad. I'm hoping the rumored '86 Studio Series Arcee will be a completely new mold that actually transforms, and not a repaint of the disappointingly lackluster Kingdom figure. At least the Thrilling 30 figure could transform into her car instead of making like Solid Snake and his cardboard box. I still think T30 Arcee, the first G1 version ever made by HasTak, is a really good representation, even if 2/3 of her car mode end up on her back- still better than Kingdom's entire car.
  20. Just watched a vid detailing rumored leaks for next year: I was hoping that the next large throwback Creator set would be a Classic Space homage, much like the pirate ship of 2020, and this year's castle set, both of which are beautifully done, but apparently next year's big Creator set is going to be a Viking ship. Given that LEGO is a Danish company, with proud Viking ancestry, and the fact that they've only ever done one Viking theme in all these years (I still have the large Viking ship set from that line), it's cool for folks who missed out on that original line, and it celebrates Danish history, which is cool, even if the the Viking way of life probably contradicts LEGO's violence policy, at least theoretically. Alas, my hope for a small revival of CS via Creator is dashed for now. perhaps we'll get another big set in the second half of 2022 that's reminiscent of the old space themes. Fingers crossed. There is, however, rumored to be more City Space coming next summer in the form of three sets, including a moon rover, a lunar space station, and a lunar research station. I very much enjoyed the last spate of City Space sets, and should the rumors prove true, I'm looking forward to these lunar sets. In the absence of a dedicated space theme, City and Creator have become our refuge for original space themed sets, and I'll take whatever LEGO will give me. I've mentioned before that I'm glad LEGO has the Star Wars license; I've bought A LOT of Star Wars sets over the years, and I love them; but, growing up with Classic Space and continuing to collect their other original Space themes over the years (I wish vehemently I could go back in time and pick up any number of those old sets that I passed on), I miss the wonderful mix of creativity and play that LEGO brought to their own Space themes, as do so many other Space fans around the world. With their ever growing palette and advancements with techniques, it's maddening to think of what could be achieved in original space themes, but that potential goes undiscovered for whatever reason. As LEGO begins moving in different directions and picking up ever more IPs, I find my interest waning. If it keeps the company profitable, I'm happy, but they're making less stuff that interests me these days, which is ironic, as they continue to push more product every year and in many different directions. I applaud their attempts to appeal to an adult audience; we've been there all along (I have for sure), but it's nice to see acknowledgement of that consumer base in a pointed marketing strategy. I think they can do away with the all-black backgrounds on adult targeted sets, though- adults like nice graphics, too, especially on a set like The Daily Bugle, or a UCS Star Wars set. LEGO has some seriously talented artists working for them, and it'd be nice to see appropriate backgrounds framing these sets on the boxes rather than an all-black landscape. Just my $.02. Returning to my point, even with all the diversity that LEGO has been introducing, I've slowed down on my buying over the last few years, as LEGO's not making as much stuff that interests me within System, and though I don't really have the space for it, and it's saving me money, I kinda miss the thrill of having themes like Ultra Agents and Space, or sets like they made for the NInjago Movie (some of the best sets to ever come from LEGO IMHO- just incredible!).
  21. My VB-6 is the largest mech I've built thus far, and I was able to get the Exo-Force joints to work, although I've taken to putting small rubber bands within to help increase the torque. but on the larger scale, you're correct in that the ABS axles are too thin and either twist or break with the excessive torque loads. Technic gearing is a must, and I've seen some great examples of what you're talking about using worm geared assemblies to actuate the various points of articulation to slow, but good effect. Brian Cooper, AKA Klaupacius, is one such MOC designer who I hold in high esteem for his incredible large scaled anime inspired MOCs which require huge Technic frames to support the weight and torque loads. Going Big with Legos - Make: (makezine.com) I got to see this build in person, and even had a chance to take a close look at one of the legs as he was breaking it down to crate up and send to his boss who had commissioned it. His Gundam builds are no less impressive, and I had the privilege of seeing a number of them in person as well. I tried to find a good current site for his stuff without success. I'm sure he's still building and posting, somewhere. There's certainly a need for a family of larger ratcheted joints within LEGO's palette, and their strange reluctance to produce them is a huge head-scratcher for me. Too, their reluctance to match the current standard of articulation among action figures, and even the higher standard employed by one of their largest competitors, Mega Bloks, is both mindboggling and disappointing. They continue to add new elements in just about every other theme and category, but sadly, no love for joints, beyond the addition of the small Mixel ball joint system about five years ago. Even that system, incredibly useful as it is, begs for additional elements to enhance its usefulness, but thus far, nothing more. So sad and frustrating.
  22. I'm assuming your referring to parts 44224 and 44225, which were introduced in 2003 in the 4483 AT-AT and 4482 AT-TE sets to articulate the legs. I have referred to these joints as AT-AT joints ever since. They remain the largest and strongest of the ratcheting joints LEGO has made, and have appeared in a multitude of sets. However, there have been no improvements or additions made to the joint since its introduction. Something like this that can snap into 44225 and create a compact horizontal joint would make for better hip joints on large mecha. Likewise, that gear and its mate (99009,99010) engineered to be a ratcheting joint, would be enormously helpful for articulating large models, especially if they came in different torque values, or even a variable torque version. Being able to toggle the torque through several different values would be awesome. They have been using this turntable for large mecha, most notably IDEAS Voltron's shoulders, but it requires an external means of producing torque, usually a technic ball and socket joint, that necessitates a slightly bulky little build near the turntable to support said ball joint. If there was internal ratcheting, it would lend itself to more applications in smaller areas. It would be more efficient. The medium ratcheting joints, which I still call Exo-Force clicky joints, are useful, but rather limited in their torque, and they weaken over time if any weight is applied to them. Again, it would be great if they were improved to handle greater loads, or came in a variety of torque values depending on the application. Too, I have longed and hoped for an analog to this piece that would allow rotation in three axes. It would be one of the most useful parts they could introduce so far as improving their joint palette, but they've never done it and likely never will, goddamn them. Despite all the mecha sets they make, they seem to have little interest in increasing their ability to improve articulation or the means thereof, and it drives me absolutely crazy. It really stokes my anger when I see them make all these one-off parts for various themes that have very limited use, when an improved joint palette would pay dividends for decades and allow for improved models that require motion or articulation. In addition to the joints I've already mentioned, I've hoped for technic pins and axles with ratcheting capabilities when interfaced with specialized Technic bricks- ratcheting at that level would be stupendously helpful. Ratcheting Technic ball joints would also be wonderfully useful- so many apps. I drool at the possibilities if LEGO would just make this stuff.
  23. Oh no- the joy of an AT-AT, or any machine with legs, is the ability to move those legs from time to time to affect a different pose. TBH, I have the UCS Millennium Falcon, and it's still in its box unbuilt, as I've nowhere to build it or put it when it's finished. I'll have the same issue with a UCS AT-AT, although I have plans to build a shop in my backyard for storage and display, eventually. My disdain for poorly articulated toys goes back to 80s Transformers, and continues today with LEGO, and their odd reluctance to invest in improved joints that can handle greater loads for these larger models. Their IDEAs Voltron, and their Hulkbuster could have been far more enjoyable models had they been fully articulated. I've seen fan mods of both that accomplished it, but with their annual revenues in the billions of dollars, a very skilled workforce, and virtually any manufacturing technology within reach, why won't they make joints tailored to supporting large models so these things come fully articulated by original design? It is a constant source of vexation for me.
  24. Likewise. A UCS AT-AT has been number one on my Star Wars want list since they acquired the license in '99. If it is indeed coming, I'm trying to temper my expectations, as I doubt it'll have any articulation, except maybe a little head swing, since LEGO refuse to make joints capable of handling any amount of weight. They didn't give their Voltron or the UCS Hulkbuster leg articulation, so it's extremely unlikely that a large AT-AT will be anything more than a giant immobile statue. I'm already disappointed and it hasn't been announced yet.
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