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  1. That's why you buy 2! šŸ˜‚
  2. Best to use the following threads for 1J GBP. This thread is dedicated to DX 1D chatter. šŸ˜‰
  3. Appreciate the feedback from everyone. I did consider either using my Tenso account or my Rakuten Global Express account to forward the package to me. I'm weary of using Tenso now, as they now charge tax for shipments to Australia so whatever the declared value of the item is (for insurance purposes) will be added on as 10% extra in fees + they also charge 10% on top of shipping rates to Australia. I can't recall if Rakuten are passing on the AU tax. I believe they are supposed to, but the last package I sent from there, additional tax was not added to my shipment out - I think they are only offering Sea mail either way, so my friend could book sea mail himself for the standard shipping rate... yay... it would arrive either around the same time or after my 2nd VF-1S Roy and VF-1J GBP arrive DHL from HLJ in October - šŸ˜† 3 valks in October. That would be a blast, but seeing all the 1D pics here, I'm itching to get it in my hands - even though I would probably not have time to play or swoosh it around (same fate as my 1st VF-1S Roy which is sitting here waiting for inspection and subsequent swooshing... It has been sitting like that since end of March)šŸ˜­
  4. My VF-1D is currently with my friend in Japan, but now we're trying to figure out how to ship it to Australia without paying an arm and leg. We looked into quotes for DHL, but they're coming up as Ā„22K, which doesn't match up to what people are getting charged by proxies and e-retailers. EMS is still not open for AU shipments according to JP post website. 1 option I found was Yamato's Kuroneko courier service, which looks to be cheaper than the calculated EMS rate, and less than the average DHL rate I've seen. Question: How are people shipping out via DHL for under Ā„6k?
  5. They are trustworthy according to many customers testimonies here on MWF. their site lists EMS on the page linked, but people here have been mentioning that their DX VF-1D orders have been shipped DHL probably due to EMS being more expensive or not available.
  6. I'd much prefer a standard all plastic figure from their standard line over the deluxe figure with fabric. I will admit that the face sculpt is an improvement over the current Rick Hunter figure.
  7. Hikaru was voted #1 fave Macross Saga character in Japan right? So far there are 4 Hikaru SKUs. 4 out of the 7... I'm betting it will be Hikaru again. DYRL VF-1A Hikaru. šŸ˜‚ Wishful thinking: re-release of the TWE DYRL Super/Strike pack to go with it. Then it will be TV VF-1S Hikaru with bundled Supers. Hikaru will be 66% of the DX VF-1 range! 6 of 9 releases!!! šŸ˜†
  8. Why did they paint the blue visor / glasses on the Hikaru pilot figure? He never had those while piloting VT-102. Sloppy Bandai again. šŸ˜¢ just repaint the pilot's face to be 1 colour to remove the glasses I suppose. šŸ™„ Pilot inclusion wishlist: Hikaru civilian with helmet (no glasses) Hikaru civilian with yellow goggles Hikaru civilian no helmet with Minmay wearing helmet on his lap Minmay seated Bandai would have charged Ā„5,000 more. šŸ˜† We are all so picky. šŸ˜›
  9. What was the shipping method/provider?
  10. I'm still disappointed Bandai did not include 2 civilian Hikaru pilot figures. 1 with this helmet and 1 with the flight goggles he wore in episode 1 so we could display both the 1D and fan racer with pilots in the cockpit. šŸ˜­ Need custom pilot figures from shapeways now. 1 civilian goggles Hikaru, and 1 seated Minmay.
  11. Release day! Iā€™m eagerly awaiting all the reviews from Japanese collectors who are able to get their hands on it first. Mine will be going to my friend in Japan, which he estimated he will receive by 26th July.
  12. If anyone is interested, still no EMS from HLJ to Australia. Rate for shipping a DX VF-1
  13. Anyone try to remove the canopy to chop and change between toys? I want to try and swap the 1J Hikaru canopy to my 1S, so it can be a 1S Hikaru and be canon with the Super Packs. It looks impossible to remove it when looking at it in fighter mode. I still have not fully transformed my 1st 1S Roy to test it out. šŸ˜“ And HLJ listing is now sold out.
  14. Nice! I snagged a 2nd one that I wanted so I can display 1 with Super packs and 1 without. Now I will be annoyed if Bandai announce DX VF-1S TV Hikaru with bundled Super Pack. šŸ˜©
  15. I'm not fond of the MB Strike mold and material usage (too much exposed diecast for me), but I think the IWSP would have been a better pack to release with the Strike Rouge. Hell, it'll probably be another TWE striker pack they release some time down the line.
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