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  1. Metal Structure Sazabi The offer from my supplier came in and it's AUD $3,292.99, You can expect US retailers to start listing it soon.
  2. I’m quite happy to see MoShow become a legitimate toy manufacturer. Their ProGeniTor Effect mecha designs really do have great visual flair. They kind of have a Tekkaman vibe like they are armoured suits, as opposed to massive Gundam sized mecha. Looking forward to see the next release. If MoShow licensed designs from other series they all be knock out releases. Imagine a battroid only MoShow VF-1. Give Bandai and their battroid only 1/35 VF-1J a run for their money. 😄
  3. It does look that way. They seem to be working on their Progenitor Effect series and producing more of their original mecha designs from it. With an affiliation with GSC we could begin to see their character designs materialise into premium figures, figma, nendoroid, and pop up parade. it’s also now up on HLJ. https://www.hlj.com/progenitor-effect-mct-j02-kai-no-tora-shingen-takeda-alloy-action-figure-mow67000
  4. They are official back from hiatus. https://www.moshowtoys.com/
  5. Good Smile Company have now officially revealed it https://www.instagram.com/p/CWKPdkYvQk2/?utm_medium=copy_link the 1st MOSHOW product officially distributed via a reputable distributor. obviously it won’t be a Mechawarrior (Gundam), but it’s their high quality Metal Build-esque line of robot toys.
  6. Some VERY interesting MOSHOW news coming 1PM JST today. I cannot share anything else until embargo lifts at 1PM JST.
  7. They probably can’t be bothered setting up all the systems and paperwork required with submitting the quarterly and yearly tax reports for ATO. Strangely Amazon US will ship a majority of items to AU.
  8. Unless you're shipping to Australia, in which case Amazon JP no longer ship to Australia thanks to our government requesting foreign online stores to collect GST and report back to AU Tax Office about all sales to Australia so the ATO can collect that tax. Amazon JP don't want to deal with that rubbish so Aussie collectors are unable to buy from Amazon JP easily - you can still buy, but the items must be shipped to a shipping forwarder or a friend in Japan - No Amazon discounts that can be taken advantage of in majority of cases. 😢
  9. Slim chance for such an old movie. I don’t know if Funimation own the rights for it in AU.
  10. In the beginning I had laid out the DX VF-1s that I planned to collect, but I know once Bandai show off the 1J Max and Milia promo pics desire will kick in and they’ll be added to the want list. I can imagine promo shots from Bandai like this:
  11. Yep my friend in Japan helped me get the DX 1D, and it cost about $100 AUD to get here via Yamato Neko courier (which use UPS - arrived in 6 days), as we decided to pack the Bandai shipper in another box to protect it, but the extra size and padding added pushed it over the weight threshold we were aiming for and doubled the shipping. 😅 My friend felt bad about it and offered to pay 1/2, but I told him no way I'd let him do that for me, as he was doing me a big favour already. Next time I have to ask my friend to get me a TWE we'll try to repack it better, or ship it to my Rakuten private warehouse and ship it out from there.
  12. Man that sucks. At least if you only plan to display in battroid, you don't need the swing bar to be connected. For gerwalk and fighter, I think it is required to keep it nice and tight. Hope you can get a replacement. Last time I had a faulty DX VF-1J (original release) from Amiami (faulty wing flap), and they replaced it, even though they were completely sold out. I hope Okini will help you out.
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