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  1. Man that sucks. At least if you only plan to display in battroid, you don't need the swing bar to be connected. For gerwalk and fighter, I think it is required to keep it nice and tight. Hope you can get a replacement. Last time I had a faulty DX VF-1J (original release) from Amiami (faulty wing flap), and they replaced it, even though they were completely sold out. I hope Okini will help you out.
  2. And this SKU is still hanging around at close to SRP, so isn't difficult to still pick up. I ended up caving recently and now I have all 4 GP units from the RS/RD line. I'm bummed that Powered GM and Guncannon 2 were TWE, so no chance to get those for acceptable price now. I'm tempted to try to pick up GM Custom and GM Type C, but that just leads down a dangerous rabbit hole. 😅 Dream would be GFFMC/MB, but I'd also be pretty happy with MRD/MRS version.
  3. eggy99

    Macross figures

    I'm disappointed that Bandai killed off the Walkure S.H.Figuarts line after Freyja and Mikumo. They teased the rest of Walkure, and then nothing, which is probably due to the poor sales of Freyja and Mikumo. We did get a full set of Walkure Kuju figures though, which I think the special LAST prize was Mirage in Walkure idol costume, and some members here were able to obtain the full set. They looked OK for that quality level of figure. Bandai also released Figuarts Zero of Freyja, Mikumo and Mirage I think, and those also didn't sell well... shelf warmers to this day on HLJ (maybe they're been cleared finally in the recent sales this year). I remember Ranka and Sheryl got soooo many figures from many manufacturers. Walkure just didn't take off the same way Ranka and Sheryl did. I'm hoping for some new premium Macross Frontier and Delta figures with the release of the new movie.
  4. eggy99

    Macross figures

    The price listed on MyFigCollection is the Ichiiban Kuji lottery ticket price. Typically there will be -70-80 ticket per Kuji kit, and within that kit you have a 6/80 chance to get an A prize (a nice figure for example) if you are pulling a ticket from a fresh kit. The more people that buy tickets and don't pull an A prize, the higher your chances of pulling an a prize. If you play Kuji in Japan or at an Event/Convention then you can strategically buy all the remaining tickets, if there aren't many left in the kit, and there are still a decent number of A prizes left. There is also the LAST prize for purchasing the final ticket, which gets you the a pretty good prize too (usually a variant of 1 of the A prizes). In the past when there were lots of Macross Frontier Kuji, and the Ranka and Sheryl figures would be going for around ¥6K-10K, depending on how popular they were. Some retailers were buying whole kits and instead of selling the tickets, they were breaking down the kits and selling all the parts separately. I'm not sure if retailers are doing this anything as Bandai Spirits might have cracked down on that. Quality of A prize figures is slightly better than UFO catcher prize figures, and as they are harder to come by, they command a higher price by resellers. So you won't see these sold by Amiami (unless 2nd hand), so best bet is Manda, Jungle or Yahoo Auctions via Buyee.
  5. Finally had a good long inspection of my VF-1S Focker and tried on the TV Super packs, and wow it's so gorgeous. I'm looking forward to when I can get another detolf to display my DX VF-1 series. Only 1 issue on my VF-1S, which was the left thigh have a very loose swivel, but it was still pretty stable in all modes when standing, but wouldn't be able to hold the left leg in an airborne pose. Since I have a 2nd VF-1S Focker on the way, this 1st one will be relegated to fighter mode, where I don't have to worry tight swivel, and hopefully the 2nd one has tight thigh swivels, but it probably won't be an issue either as I think I won't be putting it in an airborne pose anyway. Now it and the TV Super Pack is back in the box. 😅
  6. We all know that Bandai have a penchant for Hikaru, and based on 2 straight Hikaru releases I’m going to speculate it will be more Hikaru 😂 VF-1S TV Hikaru with Super Pack bundle TWE VF-1A DYRL Hikaru VF-1J TV Trainer with Hikaru pilot TWE VT-1 with Hikaru and Minmay pilot 😅
  7. I’m still waiting for surface mail shipping confirmation from HLJ, but it was bundled with lots of stuff. Worse are the strikes around AU shipping ports so that’s going to put a big backlog on surface mail imports… I bet I don’t see my package until after NY.
  8. MRS Hazel looks ace! I’ll be enquiring with the AU distributor if it will be offered here since there is no P Bandai in AU. Cross fingers it’ll be offered.
  9. Got charged by HLJ too. DHL shipping to AU 7k+ for DHL, and then combined with the DX 1S in my PW it’s over 12K… (and some other little items that added another 1k) Seriously considering surface for my whole PW which is only 5-6k. I don’t even have space to display my DXs right now so no rush to have more DXs except to have new toys to play with to help offset the continual Covid lockdowns and working from home since March 2020… EDIT: couldn’t bring myself to spend so much for DHL shipping. Placed the order for surface shipping. Now the long wait for a box full of goodies.
  10. MB Justice should be coming up at western retailers soon. I received the latest Tamashii Nations offers from the distributor in AU.
  11. I'm sure this item will be available via Bluefin, so no need to panic. It should be easily available from BBTS once the western orders are solicited to retailers.
  12. I'm not sure how their sales work, as they might be dynamically priced based on how many sold when the promo started (example: maybe it was 25% off right at the start, but a few people purchased, and the price updated), but some of the current sale pricing is a joke.
  13. Oh yeah I forgot that HM-R wasn’t just Macross exclusive. Seems Bandai are focusing more on their other mecha series in that line. But wow… no Macross HM-R since Feb 2020…
  14. What was the last HM-R released & showcased? Do we fear that the line has been retired by Bandai? They’re still pumping out RS/RD line and pretty consistent with DX VF line. For all the HM-R they teased last time it’s been awfully quiet.
  15. 😭 Orange is my fave colour. I have a love / hate relationship with Destiny Gundam. I love the design, but I dislike Shinn Asuka as a character. TM Revolution / Heine is a minor redemption for the unit. 😆 I think I ummed and aahh about getting MB Destiny Gundam Heine custom so many times when it was available 2nd hard for close to SRP, but never pulled the trigger. I'm still holding out for a GFFMC/MB GP01 Zepharantes (will be wishing forever), but Bandai doesn't have enough love for 0083. I'd probably be satisfied with a Metal Robot GP01. I recently caved and purchased RD GP01, and currently in the process of purchasing RD GP01FB.... 😅 Other wishlist MB: Gundam [G] EZ8 Actually speaking of RD, it's so frustrating they released the Powered GM as a TWE... It's my fave GM from 0083. In fact probably my fave GM from all UC Gundam. Yeah it's the orange that does it for me 😂🟠🟠🟠🟠🟠🟠 GFFMC Powered GM would be amazing, but that will never happen. Might have to settle for a MG Powered GM gunpla kit - EDIT: OHHH.... MG Powered GM gunpla kit was also TWE. - Can't win. 😢
  16. There is always the possibility that McShow were able to get the molds from MoShow to release under their own name, that is assuming Bandai did not confiscate everything in the raids.
  17. Strangely enough, MoShow stopped using the name MoShow because they got busted by Bandai and released their Buster 1/72 under the name PoisonToys. I would assume they’d not risk using the MoShow name again, unless they’re doing it for brand recognition.
  18. Wish I had purchased the Launcher and Sword packs previously. Hope they re-release those too or a Perfect Strike pack instead. The MoShow 1/72 Strike is the best Metal Build type Gundam toy in my collection. I probably would not get another one, as it’s so big. 😅 MoShow Freedom or Aegis. That would be amazing!
  19. I’m also in the same boat. The original SFX from Macross is what is nostalgic about Robotech. The new SFX that Harmony Gold used when they remixed takes away a great deal of the nostalgia. I can confirm the new Robotech release on the Funimation streaming platform does not have the original mix so it I was most likely restored from the remix film source. I’d need to watch a bit more to confirm if the additional scenes are included in ep 1. There could be a chance the stereo on Funimation streaming is just a down mix of the surround.
  20. The crispness of the lines, shading etc - It feels like you're looking at a papercraft VF-1. It's exquisite.
  21. Props to both @sh9000 and @jvmacross. I thoroughly enjoy these DX artwork composites. Next challenge: Also replace the VF-1S Roy lurking in the background. 😂
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