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  1. No the GBP will come with a Bandai Grey Gundam marker rebranded as a Macross marker for collectors to colour their white goggles into grey goggles.
  2. That 1D is even more glorious than I had imagined. It’s beautiful. Also grey goggles 1J. Noice. For me 1D is a must have. Grey goggles 1J GBP will be a nice to have if I can afford it (or more likely actually able to secure a PO at all )
  3. Quite a few of us here were also not able to secure a Roy during PO week, but we're all hopeful for stock availability during release week, and historically speaking people were successful with scoring a 1S Hikaru on release week. Fingers crossed.
  4. I don’t have enough valks for it to be a problem for me, so i prefer to keep them on or off appropriate for the mode its in. I do agree that it can be annoying to have all the intake covers in 1 zip lock bag, as I found it hard to match up the correct cover for each valk when i had more valks. Convenient if you had the Arcadia clear stand with the storage built in.
  5. just to remind everyone that this thread is dedicated to DX VF-1 releases, so it is most appreciated if we can keep on topic.
  6. I completely forgot Freedom concept 2 was releasing this month, and only realised when I got the HLJ notification. I thought it would have been closer to end of August. It’s now sitting in my private warehouse until 2021 since Aussie shipping is too expensive right now. In hind sight I should have cancelled the PO because I’ll probably be able to get it faster through my work. Oh well... hopefully I can score a DX Roy on release and have them both sit in PW until the pandemic is over and affordable shipping returns to ship them together.
  7. Yep as much as i enjoying reading about inheritance of Macross collections (i have little kids and wonder the same), lets keep on topic and discuss strictly DX VF-1 please. would love to see a separate thread on collection inheritance. Here’s an on topic subject that has been annoying me recently. Why did Bandai design 1 side of the DX box upside down... its consistent with 1J and 1A Max...
  8. I think this is a misconception. The DX VF-1 line is not a scaled up HMR VF-1. There are vastly different mechanisms in between them. It more accurate to say the DX VF-1 line is a scaled up Yamarcadia 1/60 VF-1, with mechanical and aesthetic changes (better and worse). I believe it was mentioned a long time ago that the DX was in fact designed by T-REX, who also designed the Yamato 1/60 VF-1, which explains why they are very similar. Did T-REX decide on all the changes or was the Bamco? Or a combination of both making iterative design changes.
  9. I just noticed DYRL Max is 001 in that pic. That is Max right, and not some on screen artistic colour variation of Hikaru? I can't remember DYRL much at all, but the blue and glasses suggest to me that it's Max.
  10. It was covered in an interview i believe. They stated they wanted to go 1/48 because the VF-1 is much smaller than subsequent variable fighters, and they wanted them to still look impressive when placed next to the other 1/60ish variable fighters they’ve previously released.
  11. I feel like the green knees would look out of place when in fighter mode. Anyone care to Pshop that to confirm?
  12. They already teased HMR of those. I wouldn’t be interested. It’s all about OG for me.
  13. It will be a TWE TV 1S Hikaru with Supers just to piss off everyone who has POed TWE Super to go with their TV 1S Fockers, which is completely non canon...
  14. Yep... It was hard to remove from cart, but definitely would be so upset if having it cart caused me to miss out again on release week etc.
  15. I removed the Order Stop Roy from my HLJ cart after seeing this comment, so I don't get stuck at checkout next time if/when it ever comes back in stock.
  16. Praying for 2nd stock. I just have no luck.
  17. dang.... I was busy with some work orders and totally missed this! *CRY*
  18. Thanks! FOMO got one! J/K
  19. Ben Kakizaki... LOL!!!!
  20. I'm just going to wait for release week now, as people have stated it was easy enough to pick up a 1S Hikaru last year after scalpers dropped their $0 commitment POs after no bites. Have to resist temptation of paying more out of fear.
  21. My Kombini up, but inflated! https://mykombini.com/en/november-2020/19204-dx-chogokin-first-press-limited-edition-vf-1s-valkyrie-roy-focker-special-the-super-dimension-fortress-macross-bandai-spirits-4573102605023.html
  22. Ordered Super pack from CDJ!
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