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  1. I as I was before and always am for event movies, have to drive 70 miles to see it but will gladly do that trip for something important to me such as this.
  2. I actually kinda want it in July cause I don't have a car that can travel to the theater I'd see it at until then lol. I can find a way probably.
  3. They say June but Fathom still has nothing. That is either a mistake or concerning.
  4. Yeah the arms and the wing tabs mainly. The arms required getting the bicep panel set just right and it can be annoying. The wings required actually filing the tabs down a bit to fit. On the whole not terrible, and they are fixable, but the issue is no customer should have to deal with it at all. I'm more relaxed than others on it but I get the issue.
  5. I'm not really the especially impatient honestly. I just want to keep LP accountable cause they didn't move on Hayate for me until I actually bugged them lol. That's why I think they need to be poked, cause they do have some issues as has been stated. If I wanted it sooner, I wouldn't have gone with them, I'd have braved the madness and likely done HLJ or something. I'm willing to wait a bit.
  6. I posted about it last page. I poked them last week (they tend to work faster when you bug them I find) and they said it should be shipping after Golden Week which should have just finished. We'll see if they hold to that. I certainly will keep on them.
  7. I poked Luna Park (it worked before lol) and they told me it would be shipping after Golden Week. Admittedly they didn't say when after, but it's something.
  8. Good write up there @no3Ljm. I think at this point I'm more interested in ordering US just to support having the option, I didn't get the 25, but I do want to get Max's 29. I can live with waiting a bit I think, and the upcharge is not nothing but I think I can eat it for the purpose of being able to get it Domestic.
  9. The wait is fine for me.. I can balance out purchases better lol. Also I still need a new shelf.
  10. I only have the YF-29B so I'm not collecting 29s for sure.. don't even have one with supers.. but also Max is my favorite. This is best of both worlds. I don't really want to play the PO madness game anymore but this one looks like it has domestic options anyway so I'm more than happy to see how that goes.
  11. That's not too bad, I can wait a few days after the 28th to see where Max shows.
  12. How long did it take for the WW-25 to show up on US sites after the Japanese preorder?
  13. While I know LP was really late for a lot of people, they were timely for me on Hayate.. but I did also pester them right around release date to see if they were gonna ship so that may have helped lol.
  14. We actually don't know. Far as it seems (I haven't seen the movie yet) Milia is not in Absolute Live alongside Max and Exsedol, so no reason existed to have a VF for her.
  15. Ya know, I've been thinking on this and... Max being in Xaos just reeks of "Oh you dragged him into your mess? What did you have on him? Were you threatening to tell people Mirage wasn't good enough? Did you kidnap someone?" Then I realized... NUNS, even before the reorg.. was just giving Max new VFs anyway when he asked cause,.. well.. it's Max! How do we know he didn't get the 29 from them (we don't know when he retired from Battle 7..) and just take it with him? Milia kept her SW1 VF-1J after all... Though with their fame, skill, and apparently an entire flight school... Max might just be rich and funded it himself. Maybe he is keeping his branch of Xaos afloat lol.
  16. I have the Percival but... I want this more cause Max is my favorite. Also supers. The fact it's easier to get is a sign clearly lol. Might consider selling the 29B or something though. We'll see.
  17. I guess the beauty is there will be time to shop around and pick a place since there is no preorder hard date... it's almost unreal.
  18. I wasn't following how many places you could get the last MMW figure so I'm not sure what all the options will be but I'm happy to see there will be more. I might not have considered this otherwise. I really still shouldn't but.. it's Max...
  19. I just rewatched these movies lol. Obviously I'm still gonna go see them in theaters. They're amazing. Gotta keep the support going! Maybe a US Blu-ray release might happen from this too!
  20. They have what here in the states? Cause I ain't seen that. Cursory glance doesn't show anything. I assume you mean SDF but last I checked the was on Amazon Prime. Netflix Japan does indeed have the latter two though. No English subs of course.
  21. Mainly cause "rogue fleets" are a cosmic existential threat to galactic civilization, not a sometimes bothersome bully who lives nearby. Also it turned out Battroid was useful for fighting other things. If it worked why not keep using it.
  22. It likely wouldn't be wrong to say that the Zentradi rank and file are more like specialty Marines than an Army. At least in the traditional notion of those branches (vs how they've kinda morphed in the modern day) they are for very specific use case scenarios such as boarding actions and the like. Otherwise they operate things on the ship. When they have to take to land... they use mechs obviously.
  23. There are a lot of ways to structure solid fuel grains to change the burn profile and alter the burn rate and time of burn actually. This is of course a common trick in solid rockets and hybrids have the additional benefit of throttling the liquid oxidizer to affect this as well so the fuel grain doesn't have to be shaped, and a cylinder is an efficient form... But no reason you can't have both lol. As for what they might make it.. I'd assume an endurance profile is better, cylindrical structures actually increase the burn rate as it goes along, but again you can throttle the oxidizer so.. when thinking about it, we can remember UN Spacy seems to love pragmatism and they mass produce these on big scales. It's probably just a cylinder grain. As for the oxidizer just running through the center, that's why they make sure the igniter fires as they meet. There are always some losses likely but it's a pretty optimizable system given enough testing. Hybrids are very mechanically simple.
  24. Oh yeah, I'm no longer surprised. I knew a lot of this already, after all.. it's kinda my thing. What I didn't expect was a quasi-futuristic story with fancy alien-derived technology to have something so simple alongside it. It was more that I was surprised than I was disbelieving at the time. In analysis, it really is ideal. The only reason hybrid motors are not very commercially used today is the advantages of either side have become ingrained in the production system. Solids are easy boosters to do, and liquids offer the precision needed for more things, and especially since we're in an era of reusable rocketry now.. it's less wasteful. That said for the intent and use of the FAST packs.. hybrids absolutely fit the bill.
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