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  1. I didn't hence I used "dubbed" in my first sentence and the following sentence was "I wonder".
  2. It seems the Sv-303 was originally dubbed the YF-33. Which makes me wonder if the Sv series has YF designations submitted to NUNS.
  3. All the ships beside the large battleship were designed by the Varauta colony. Note designed. The Protodevlin had a unique Factory Satellite hidden away which was used to build the fleet to a number of 501 ships. If we go by Al Shahal and Ragna on screen their fleets are in the dozens with Al Shahal having 48 ships in orbit and Ragna having 29 ships in orbit. Fasces the Zentradi chapter of the Earth Supremacist faction Lanctence took control of the Protodevlin Legacy Factory Satellite. In Macross the Ride novelization Varauta VFs were among Fasces forces. While Varauta VF's are modified reverse engineered VF's by the Protodevlin for Spiritia collection it seems they were also manufactured on said Factory Satellite. The Supervsion Army was originally the force guarding the Scientifically Advanced Planet where the Evil Series Zentradi were created. The Evil being the bodies the Protodevlin took over. They were brainwashed and associated facilities taken over. The Protodevlin took over the Research fleet investigating their prison and then took over the Megaroad 13 colony. Chelsea Scarlett was .resident of that fleet. The Protodevlin experimented on her. Discovering she has the same Spritia wavelength as they do. Thus able to activate Protodevlin Legacy Factory Satellite like they can. She was rescued by a Special Forces.team ďurng Operation Stargazer. Edit: Also fleets I've Macross Galaxy like to have escorts different from typical Emigration fleet. The Epsilon Foundation is selling warships different from what NUNS typically uses.
  4. As far as we know the Neo Glaug bis is basically a manned Neo Glaug. The prototype Neo Glaug was unmanned. The Neo Glaug omits the Battroid present I the Variable Glaug. My take on it is simplified for mass production and ease of maintenance. The Variable Glaug was designed for child Meltrandi to pilot. While the full potential of the Neo Glaug would need a Meltran to pilot it , it allows Zentrans to do so too. Known pilots of the Neo Glaug is Temjin during the novel version of his revolt in the 33rd Marines and Naresuan as a Fasces craft. The Neo Glaug bis aka VBP-1 Neo Glaug is a craft used by full sized Zentradi NUNS. There is also the VA-110 Neo Glaug which is a Miclone pilot version. .
  5. We only know it as a Battlesuit. Nousjadeul-Ger versions if we go by Macross 7 Encore having both versions of the Queadluun-Rau both possibly exist in a setting. There is a variety of Battle Suit types that turns out has been around during the Stellar Republic. The Queadluun-Quilqua and Queadluun-Alma are such examples but the ones we do see are customized. Emilia's Queadluun-Quilqua has lights and a smoke machine installed. Anger's Queadluun-Alma has elements from the Feios Valkyrie and the Protodevlin barrier. The Battlesuit also is a Stellar Republic Era craft we just don't know what is it's Zentradi name.
  6. DanCreator made a VF-1S Valkyrie with cardboard. Any other Macross art craft like this you've seen? Besides with Legos.
  7. Well DYRL Laplamiz isn't even a biological being but a holographic computer. Macross being Metafiction I can see the Protoculture actually have the technology for Artificial Intelligence. Terrans has been playing with that as seen with Sharon Apple, Manfred, and Cyberoids like El.
  8. Thus still came from the episode Satan's Dolls where Exsedol lays down who the Protoculture were and the origins of the Zentradi. Warships designs are not organic Zentradi aesthetics. We never seen Meltrandi with these ships either. Given how long the the Zentradi has been chasing the Supervision Army around and the loss of Factory Satellites producing a particular armament either broken by age or outright destroyed in sabotage entire manufacturing lines are lost.
  9. We know at least the manufacturers of the Regult, Glaug and Nupetiet-Vergnitzs took their inspiration from "Nature". The Regult and Glaug were based on the forms of the Vajra. While the Nupetiet-Vergnitzs was based on the form of Galactic Whales. Both are naturally Fold capable species.
  10. The Meltrandi are not the Supervision Army. Do note the Protoculture are not only made up of differing factions that use Zentradi as proxies in their wars but the Factory Satelllites has different manufacturers running them. The Supervision Army itself were originally the force guarding the Scientifically Advanced Planet where the Evil Series were made. And it turns out the Protodevlin also stole from the Protoculture that run the place a Factory Satellite that did not need robot ships to gather resources as it produces matter from Energy.
  11. I don't think either the ARMD or Oberths were designed to have Fold Drives at the time. the SDF-2 certainly but it is still under construction on the Moon. The SDFN class had recycled Zentradi parts such as weapons. The point of stealing the Factory Satelites was to increase their industrial capacity. To get the ball rolling for the Mankind Seeding Plan.
  12. We've seen the YF-24 Evolution design tweeked in several ways already. Màcross Galaxy has the YF-27 Shaher which is closer to the original silhouette and the MP VF-27 that has four engines. Macross Frontier went with VF-25 and the four engined YF-29. Macross Galaxy stoke the idea of four engines from the proposed YF-29 as the data was leaked to them. Aisha Blanchet made the YF-30 which is close to the YF-24 Evolution silhouette as well. The VF-31 was derived from it. On screen we have seen all derivatives. The actual VF-24 not yet.
  13. One has to note that was the same time the Zauber Flute, communication system that uses Fold Quartz retroactively, was introduced. Said to increase communication speeds ten times. Though the tech was modified for the Sound Jamming System. I can see why Grammia joined Vindirance as his planet has a precious resource that is important to Lactence's agenda.
  14. Given it is mentioned in passing in several media I think the Laramis system, particularly planet Sephira, serves analogous to Anchorage, Alaska being a transit hub. First mentioned in Macross VF-X2 there are two missions on it. In Macross Frontier side story manga featuring Isamu Dyson he made a stop there before going to Eden as ordered. Rion Sakaki of SMS Sephira branch delivered the YF-24 to the planet Ouroboros. When his condition got worse Messer was supposed to transfer the Xaos branch in the Laramis system. But a short time later he folded back to save both Walkure and Delta squad.
  15. Considering several mentions and illustrations of expansion. Orion Spiral Arm that is given. Come Macross 7 several fleets courses lead them to the core region of the Galaxy. Macross Frontier explicitly said they are on the Saggitarius Carina Spra Arm. Though still corewards. The setting of Macross Delta has it around the rim more specifically in illustration the a Globular Cluster at the end of the Saggitarius Carina Spiral Arm. Thus it becomes clear. Some fleets are not randomly exploring they are going for old Protoculture territory where there is high chance for a habitable A class planet.
  16. While launch dates are evident we don't know the exact dates of construction and commissioning of New Macross Classes. Macross Musiculture has Macross 29 celebrate its 30th anniversary. The year is 2062 it would make it 2032 when it began. Thing is they don't just sent ships. It has citizens, an autonomous government, military, corporations, and the fleet is somehow sponsored for the voyage. For Frontier it was Richard Bilrer transport mogul. For Galaxy General Galaxy a megacorp.
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