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  1. Well NUNS having too much at its plate at the moment is the reason it chose peace with Windermere in the last movie rather than bombing it to the stone age. Windermere is in the middle of a Fold Fault region. I imagine Windermere did not sign the Mutual Defense Treaty they were complaining about. Why should NUNS be obligated to save them?
  2. AI and cybernetics are still a thing. El in Macross Musiculture is an android called a Cyberoid. Various characters like Jan Neumann and Aisha Blanchet have implants. The law seems to lean on possibly sapient military AI should be shackled. At least self aware AI should not have military hardware like Bio-Neural chips. Frontier Fleet is one of the extreme cases where cybernetic implants are banned.
  3. From what I heard at least the Macross Delta Zettai Live plot is important to that short.
  4. I must say Xaos or rather Lady M must have extensive financial resource and influence to recruit characters we've known. Somehow Aisha Blanchett was poached from SMS. Elma Hoiley who had a singing career is a biologist working for Xaos.
  5. Just wait I am having a bit of technical difficulty putting them inside spoilers.
  6. Conrad Pi had translated the Macross Delta: Zettai Live movie pamphlet. (Via Google Translate). Source: Macross Fan Central
  7. General Galaxy is pretty much the Anaheim Electronics of Macross. AE in UC timeline of Gundam sells to both sides of the conflict. Take the convoluted origin of the Zentradi Variable Glaug and Neo Glaug. It is said the Neo Glaug was developed from the Variable Glaug but it is also rumored the Neo Glaug was leaked to the Zentradi that made the Variable Glaug. General Galaxy manufactured the Neo Glaug. Meanwhile the Quaedluun-Alma used by Fasces is another General Galaxy product was designed by the guys who made the Zentradi Feios Valkyrie. Engineers who defected to Rogue Zentradi. Manfred Brando CEO of Critical Path Corporation and and Loschier of Loschier Company are black marketers that happen to sell General Galaxy gear. Manfred has links with Macross Galaxy as he was an AI after his death. Guld Works a General Galaxy subsidiary in Macross Galaxy had the YF-27 Shaher tested in combat unmarked with a cyborg teen girl during Macross the Ride. Sv Works a subsidiary of General Galaxy at first had the stated goal to create Slayer Valkyries. VFs designed to kill VFs. As it's founder was the designer of the Sv-51. They made the Sv-154 and Sv-262 which Windermere uses. . General Galaxy sold Sv Works to Dian Cecht which is owned by Epsilon Foundation.
  8. It makes sense that military applications of Human cloning is forbidden. The NUN has similar law with military AI like Sharon Apple is forbidden. Early during colonization period Lost Zentradi use child Meltrandi clones to pilot Variable Glaugs. Basically if it is Sapient don't make it for war. Which reminds me Colonel Barton making a Evil Series is likely illegal as well.
  9. It gets worse it can also brainwash people. This is why Fasces became pirate group that hijack ships and kidnap people. However the threat is still out there with Angers 672 missing along with that Protodevlin Factory Satellite still at play. She just needs a Sophia Spiritia Fold Receptor or a Protodevlin to activate it fully. This was the Factory Satellite that made the Supervision Army gear back in the day. What is disturbing Mirage described her first fight as a NUNS pilot involved stopping some Anti-UN group that tried to hijack an Island. At this point NUNS is tired of brainwashing a-holes that they are likely willing to use MDE.
  10. Gramia is not an Earth supremacist but a Windermearean supremacist. Gramia volunteer because he was young, ambitous, and Lactence machinations are a threat to the independence of Windermere. Yeah he didn't really grow up throwing a hissy fit when the NUNG said no on making Windermere an exception to restrictions for the mining and distribution of Fold Quartz. Messer was supposed to transfer to Sephira Xaos branch before he died. Sephira was one of planets the Ravens had a mission on. In 2060 Sephira was attacked by rogue Zentradi. Coincidentally in the Black Wings manga Delta prequel at 2060 just before the Independence War the Aerial Knights were deployed against a Zentradi incursion away from Windermere. Keith's complaint was the Aerial Knights should only protect Windermere viewing the Mutual Defense Treaty with NUNS as unfair to them. One of the "Unequal Treaties" Roid was talking about. Sephira system may be relatively close to the Brisingr Globular Cluster but far from Windermere as the cluster is 800 light-years across from Ragna to Windermere. Thing is violating the whole Conservation of Mass that the Protoculture do with the Bird Human was based on Vajra. It kinda explains the Reactive Armor adaptation the Vajra did to be immune to Reaction Bombs.
  11. 1. Suzie wasn't mentioned in the Japanese wiki source read so I don't know. Syun is dead as he never defected to Vindirance. Got killed in a dogfight with Aegis. 2. Canonicaly the Hasegawa VF-19A is Aegis Fokker's unit. 3. Manfred is not the Old Man, Young Man, and Young Woman talking to Grace but he is part of the hivemind. When he was alive Manfred was researching a means of uploading his consciousness to a computer. The whole Galactic Parallel Thinking Network was Grace's idea which Galaxy co-opted. 4. The events are in the Macross F TV novelization by Kodachi Ukyo. He is the Macross literature expert that keeps lore consistent for Macross Frontier and Macross Delta. Cause as Shoji Kawamori does not remember everything. The final battle was on the Vajra homeworld. The events of Macross VF-X2 is referred to as the Second Unification War in-universe. Despite being not an anime it's impact is felt in the franchise. Macross the Ride has Fasces as a Lactence remnant and the planet Cachew in a state of civil war between Lactence aligned UN Spacy and local NUNS. Fasces has the Protodevlin Heritage factory satellite which can produce armaments like the Vajra do making their own bullets drawing energy from Subspace. Fasces leader Naresuan learned it's existence in a infiltration mission during Operation Stargazer. Would be SMS pilot Chelsea Scarlett as a child was experimented upon by the Protodevlin and became key to activating it having a similar Spiritia as them, Spiritia Sophia. Also as per the Macross Delta shorts and novelization Ernest Johnson and Gramia VI were at opposite sides of the Second Unification War. Ernest Johnson both worked for the Zentradi Anti-UN group Black Rainbow and the Earth Supremacist faction Lactence. Thus dubbed the King of a hundred battles and a hundred losses. Gramia VI volunteered as a pilot for Vindirance.
  12. Aegis now a Colonel in command of the VF-X Ravens aboard the Uruga class Gilliam Angreat under the Barnrose Agency helped Ozma and SMS investigate the conspiracy behind the Vajra. Aegis was Ozma's senior and was also mentored by Jeffrey Wilder. His squadron is made of the VF-19A, VF-19P and VF-22. Aegis Fokker was not the only VF-X2 character that returned but also Manfred Brando, CEO of Critical Path Corporation. Manfred sponsored the 117th Research Fleet. He is the one that saved and recruited Grace for the Galaxy conspiracy or Cyber Nobles. He is also why Ozma got kicked out of NUNS. Ozma punched him for mistreating Ranka. While Aegis did kill him in VF-X2 he survived as an AI copy with Galaxy. He fought Ozma in the final battle as a red VF-22 customized with the Sound Jamming System and ISC.
  13. Do we have an exact timeline for the distribution for the YF-24 Plan? From what we know in late 2057 the YF-24 had a demonstration battle and was approved for deployment after that. But the question is when did Shinsei Industry distribute the YF-24 plans? June of 2057 was the first flight of the YF-25. December of 2057 was the first flight of the YF-27 which was closer to the YF-24 airframe as the VF-27 took the four engine idea from leaks about the YF-29 which was unfinished. The YF-24 was initially worked on by Shinsei Industry and General Galaxy but was put on a hiatus for who knows how many years till the ISC was miniturized. As it sounds like Frontier and Galaxy were developing prototypes just as the YF-24 Evolution was undergoing testing.
  14. Know what with the Western market open maybe Shoji Kawamori can finally get his VF racing competition anime. I would not mind if Macross VF-X2 or Macross R were adapted for OVA streaming.
  15. Since Netflix in Japan does have both those series to stream I am expecting them to show up internationally with subs. *Does Happy Dance!*
  16. Since we are getting a double bill movie like the old days and Ranka looks older is the short film set in the same year as Macross Delta?
  17. Roid speculated it was an attempt to control Zentradi. The Protoculture lost its comm system infrastructure during the Protodevlin War. That major casualties meant the chain of command that Zentradi followed was broken. Which led to few fleets reinstating Do not mess with Protoculture protocol. However the whole Ruin system seems to be an experiment involving Windermereans as a hivemind. Do note the only reason the Windsinger and Starsinger songs work on other species was because Vajra introduced Fold Bacteria to humanoid species without killing them.
  18. The situation between the Protoculture and Humanity is different. The Protoculture at their height had a population of hundreds of billions. Zentradi which are their proxies were in the billions per Main Fleet and there were thousands of them. Millions of Factory Satellites pumping out war material. There are two known reasons for conflict. The Stellar Republic/Galactic Empire over extended itself to control it's territory. Cloning brought conflict. The Terrans are not even in the billions. Cloning has been largely stopped because of hereditary complications. Terrans do not rely on disposable proxies. While Fold Quartz monopolies are a concern new treaty restricted it's harvesting and sale. Decentralization prevents Earth from over extending itself while the Galaxy Treaty ensures those states out on the frontier has each other's back. While there are factions stewing in the background like Macross Galaxy, Lactence remnants like Fasces , and Windermere they are outnumbered and outgunned by the NUN. And there is no way these groups would unite with each other. Which is why these groups are turning to mind control as a trump card.
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