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  1. I don't think so. Naresuan upon obtaining the location of the Protodevlin Legacy disappeared. With his team SVF-473 Etoile Filan was basically wiped out with Hakuna Aoba a survivor that rescued Chelsea Scarlet as a child. Next thing we know is that he is playing space pirate using Protodevlin brainwashing tech to subvert ship crews. While Operation Stargazer was meant to wipe out the Protodevlin Etoile Filan's mission was infiltration and espionage. This suggest to me at least this is something Max did not sign on but orders came from Earth. And it turns out Naresuan is an Earth supremacist. This suggest to me as early as the late 2040's lines are already being made the Earth supremacists and Pro-decentralization faction. Which exploded in open conflict in 2050 to 2051.
  2. Typically 20 to 50 Factory Satellites per fleet. Ranging from a diameter of 5 km to 500 km. What the UNG did was rob the 118th Main Fleet remnants of these assets. However there are millions of Factory Satellites out there.
  3. From my perspective the NUN encourages the formation of nations to spread culture. Like Macross 7 is Florida with the Space War 1 retirees and their descendants. Macross 11 are English speakers. Macross Frontier has its diversity. So why not a all Zentradi fleet aligned with the NUNG? Al Shahal is an Arab culture planet. An Arab planet with Zentradi... It won't be just the Cat People that Windermere have problems with.
  4. Well in the opening of Macross M3 we see a Meltran gunship in the background as a Variable Glaug flies by. Chlore's fleet was attached to the 118th Main Fleet but did not participate in the attack on Earth. So there could be several sources.
  5. We saw in VF-X2 Criitical Path deploy their Drone submarines. The Daedalus and Prometheus had submarine functions which allowed them to be air tight enough to be modified as a replacement for the ARMDs in SDF Macross. The Macross VFX 3D CGI demo had a sub carrier.
  6. https://www.theouterhaven.net/2022/07/nozomi-entertainment-announces-gundam-macross-licenses-at-anime-expo/ Nozomi has licensed Macross 7, Macross Frontier and Macross Delta.
  7. The Mardook fleet is what 2,000 or 3000 ships? Hence the confidence of UN Spacy given their fleet and Macross Cannons. That is overconfidence though. Sylvie was trying to warn the brass not to be too reliant on the Minmay Defense as there is no guarantee it will always work.
  8. Dengeki Hobby article on it says Plan Fire was a rival to the YF-24 Plan in the Macross 7 Fleet. Thanks to Sketchley for the translation. The VF-19A from Macross was based on the VF-19C and VF-19P data. The complaint about it is that Shinsei is using cutting edge tech in a Race as a test bed for their product. Again thanks to Sketchley for the translation. Ignoring Master File which isn't meant to be considered main canon. Macross 7 can either go for the VF-19 or VF-25. Though I see the VF-19 as far more economical due to the Fold Quartz issue. What is an export banned is the particular model of VF-19A fielded by Earth.
  9. I'm not so sure Macross 7 switched to the VF-171. In Macross Dynamite 7 we saw a Teal VF-17 flyby. Diamond Force switched to the VF-22S. This is 2047. In 2046 117th Research Fleet was fielding VF-171. The VF-17 in Macross 7 was considered Gen 3.5 VF. I can see under the hood improvements make it on par with a VF-171.
  10. Interesting enough the Feios looks like a Battlesuit but can only be piloted by a Miclone. The Queadluun-Alma has a partial transformation similar to the Feios. From what we know of the Queadluun-Alma is that it is a Stellar Republic Era battlesuit but was customized to be like the Feios.
  11. Visually at least SMS has several Quarter class while Xaos has several Elysion types. NUNS we see has Battle Class. This is the same visual logic with not seeing much Zentradi ships as not confuse the audience. Though it would not surprise me if NUNS does have those two classes as part of their forces.
  12. Thing is Darwent is the capital of Windermere and right under it is the Sigur Berrentz. There would have still been civilian casualties. Wright Immelman flew away from Darwent. Out his control the MDE fell in Carlyle instead. Which near a NUNS base. He probably thought it was overkill. The Aerial Knights was actually loosing the war at the time. However Brisingr Alliance NUNS brass is afraid of what an immature leader like Grammia would do with Protoculture weapons. Diplomacy certainly failed this guy. He thought declaring war on the NUN who could help his planet's economy will get his way in allowing him to sell Fole Quartz. When the whole point of the treaty restrictions was to prevent a proliferation of Fold Quartz based weaponry to unwanted parties. Case in point. When Megaroad 04 discovered Windermere it wasn't exactly united. Due to their short lifespan all Grammia knew was Windermere united under his family's rule. He may be king on his planet but not to the rest of the galaxy. He took the wrong lesson in the 2nd Unifination which he participated in his youth. War won't get what the wants. Vindirance was an alliance of frontier planets against the tyrannical rule of Lactence. He didn't win that war on his own. He was just one pilot. NUNS didn't trust him as leader as he was immature ignoring the rules based order of the Galaxy n the NUN.
  13. Yeah about that the advancement of the Protoculture itself is ridiculous as it took more than 500 years to go from STL to an Intergalactic polity that had crazy WMD. Their decline to extinction is far longer than they were at their prime. It took two centuries to go from STL to FTL speeds. A century at STL speed to create Zentradi. Protoculture history PC 2400s Protoculture's first space colonization begins (with the use of sub-light-velocity spaceships). [PC 2600s] PC 2500s The mass production of giant biological weapons for proxy warfare, "Zentradi," is begun. The "Zentradi" contribute greatly to the expansion of the Protoculture's sphere of influence.[PC 2600s] PC 2700s Protoculture's second space colonization begins (by super-light-velocity spaceships using fold navigation). PC 2800s Unification of Stellar Republic by Protoculture. PC 2860 Within the excessively overexpanding Stellar Republic, internal rifts begin forming. The internal rifts eventually develop into large-scale conflicts that split the Stellar Republic into two. PC 2865 Development on powerful biological weapons based on the Zentradi, "Evil Series," begins. [Note: "Evil" pronounced as "Eh-vil."] Evil is the abbreviation of the Protoculture term for "advanced (Zentradi) all-enivron biological weapon." Trial production takes place on a scientifically advanced planet (the first planet of the star system later known as Varauta), but because of unresolvable problems with the weapons' power exceeding the fighting capability requirements, trial production is halted. PC 2868 On the [aforementioned] scientifically advanced planet, the existence of a sub-universe is confirmed. According to survey results, this sub-universe is abound with super high levels of extra-dimensional energy, and this energy is discovered to have the potential for application.The trial production of super dimension energy gates which can supply energy from the sub-universe is begun, and genetically engineered biological super dimension organs are developed. These biological super dimension organs are extremely compact, and they are expected to supply enormous amounts of energy. Because of power problems, the trial production begins implementing the technology from the terminated "Evil Series." No problems are uncovered in simulations. The internal conflicts within the Stellar Republic revives the development of the "Evil Series." PC 2870 A Protoculture survey ship stops temporarily on "Earth." By genetically reconstructing the native life, it plots the emergence of a sub-Protoculture adapted to the planetary environment, "Humankind," to prepare for future colonization. During its return to its home planet, the survey ship is destroyed by military ships opposed to the Stellar Republic. Records of Earth and Humankind are eventually lost. [PC 2900] PC 2871 On the [aforementioned] scientifically advanced planet, trial production of the "Evil Series" for final tests is begun. Seven Evil Series weapons of seven types including a highly mobile, humanoid "Sivil" for search-and-destroy functions and a super-scale, high-powered "Glavil" for fleet warfare are completed. The Evil Series tests are begun, but at the same time biological super dimension organs overload and extradimensional energy is released. The Evil Series' bodies are occupied by the spiritual energy life form from the sub-universe and thus creating, from the massive fighting capability of the Evil Series and the enormous potential of the spiritial energy, beings with extraordinary fighting ability and a coveting for life energy, "Spiritia." They covet Spiritia in order to continue existing as extra-dimensional beings in this universe. They begin invading the surrounding planets and systems using spaceships and weapons of people from the scientifically advanced planet that they brainwashed. (They later become known as the Supervision Army). Three months later, the internal conflicts of the Protoculture Stellar Republic are halted as efforts are devoted against the extradimensional energy beings occupying the Evil Series, dubbed "Protodeviln." However, over 30% of the Stellar Republic and several hundred systems are under Protodeviln control and the Spiritia-deprived people number several hundred billion. The Zentradi faction fight but, due to the prime directive "Do not interfere with Protoculture," are unable to fight effectively against the brainwashed Protoculture people under the control of the Protodeviln. PC 2872 Nine months after the emergence of Protodeviln, over 85% of life in the Protoculture is lost. Direct combat between the Protodeviln with their [army of] manipulated Protoculture people (Supervision Army) and the Zentradi. PC 2873 Approximately one year after the emergence of Protodeviln, their power begins to rapidly decline. "Protodeviln sealing operation." People (known as Anima Spiritia) who are significant in the war against the Protodeviln are determined to have influential powers over the Protodeviln. Protodeviln faction are completely sealed in special chambers through the efforts of Anima Spiritia. PC 2875 Protoculture population continues to decrease even through the Protodeviln are sealed. The network among each colonized planet disintegrates. Control of the Zentradi faction is lost and the reissuing of the prime directive "Do not interfere with Protoculture" becomes ineffective. PC 3000 Dissolution of Stellar Republic. Oppostion between the Supervision and Zentradi factions begins. PC 5000 In what still remains of the Stellar Republic, only a small number of separated colonized planets, colonization fleets, space colony clusters [bunches], and other populations at the edge of the galaxy are left. PC 25000 Near annihilation of Protoculture.
  14. Hence right after Project Supernova Shinsei Industry and General Galaxy worked together for a VF version of Inertia Vector Control System. What would be the Inertial Store Converter was initially bulky. Shinsei worked out the kinks making it smaller but mass production came down to cost. The most efficient ISC needed Fold Quartz. We have to note the VF-31A uses also the ISC but Fold Quartz is not listed as special equipment but Fold Carbon. The VF-31A probably use a higher grade Fold Carbon for its ISC that is far more available but it still has the same issues as the Queadluun series. Fielding them is still expensive. No wonder some polities are slow in adopting Fifth Generation VF.
  15. When you think about it the government has a convenient scapegoat In Marge Guldoa. The guy went crazy killing the producer before Sharon Apple went berserk and committed "suicide". Given how he looks and voiced by Sho Hayami I presume he is a Max clone.
  16. As far as we know what was kept secret was the YF-19 and YF-21 breaking through the defense grid that it was still secret in 2051. I don't think they can keep secret the whole mind control thing with Sharon Apple. After several incidences afterwards involving mind control I think most of NUN would consider it as a war crime.
  17. Thing is from the Protoculture first STL travel to their Prime that was some 400 to 500 years. Once the Protodevlin came into the picture it was nothing but a slow decline. They started out as separate colonies that united a central government. The Stellar Republic aka the Galactic Empire. They probably ran into difference in culture and ideas of governing that clashed with each other.
  18. In terms of changing the environment the only evidence we have of the Protoculture doing so is with their Ruins. The 4th Varauta Planet had something that halts entropy. Which made the planet cold. The Varauta research expedition turned it off and awakened the Protodevlin. According to Macross Delta Protoculture ruins extend all the way to the planet's mantle and core. We saw the Ruins of Planet Rax rise up that prior to it there is volcanic activity.
  19. According to Macross Chronicle the NUN does not have much influence with Remote Planets. Planets that are habitable but not fit for full colonization. Used for farming and mining. The colonists of these Planets oppose NUN interference. A hotbed for rebellion.
  20. Giant Zentradi on Earth was important in not only rebuilding society but the economy. For example Zentradi workers in Trad city was so important that Human civilians protested UN Forces taking equipment necessary for Miclone chambers. Tachyon Express started out a Queadluun delivery service. Replacement of those workers likely went to the development of the Destroid Work, Workroid, and Battroid Work.
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