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Found 4 results

  1. A few pages of Macross Perfect Memory (pp. 299~232) are given over to the episode-by-episode summaries of the series when it was in the early planning stages. It should be well-known by now that the original plan was for 52 episodes, then down to 48, then to 39, and finally down to 26 (before getting expanded to 36 after the series had started). The 52, 48, and 39-episode synopses are included in the book. The first two are very, VERY brief. The 39-episode one is much fuller. A lot of the info here was referred to by Egan Loo in both the Macross Compendium and the AnimEigo liner notes, but I don't think the complete synopses have ever been translated. So here's the 52-episode version (and yes, Ep. 31 is indeed left blank in the original). I'll be adding the other two over the next week or so. And hey... gotta love that ten-episode run from 34 to 43... Shoji Kawamori's 52-Episode Macross Synopsis #1 The Main Cannon fires #2 The Barrier is opened #3 The Megaroad launches #4 Warp #5 Pluto / Construction on the city begins #6 Transformation --> Robot #7 The birth of "Megaroadians" / The robot enters battle #8 A team infiltrates the enemy ship / They learn about the size difference #9 The battle in Saturn's orbit / The train line opens #10 Asteroid Cracker(1) / Transformation --> Battleship / Transformation warning #11 Mars Base / Female Miclone spy infiltrates #12 Spy Missile #13 Atmospheric re-entry / Brake-Parachute(2) #14 Resupplying at the undersea city #15 Sinking. Transformation --> Robot / The Megaroad floods / Rescue #16 Ground battle. Devil machine No. 2 #17 The group of three Miclones infiltrates #18 The Battle of the Grand Canyon #19 Japan completely annihilated by the Sunriser(3) #20 Transformation --> Battleship / Leaving for outer space #21 Near Venus / The enemy completes its Battlesuits / Battle operation of the new transformable robots #22 The Captain is kidnapped #23 Transformation --> Robot. Tentative rescue operation / The enemy missile counterattack (the right arm is lost) #24 Search for a deputy Captain #25 Great defensive battle at the Sun #26 Rescue operation for the Captain #27 The operation fails / Wandering inside the enemy ship #28 The Captain's special attack #29 The Chinese girl becomes a singer / The people from the beginning growing apart #30 The enemy's new troops / The man who controls a 200m robot by himself #31 #32 Back to the earth / Resupplying from the earth's surface. Population increase / A feeling like Noah's Ark #33 The Sunriser activates / Certain death plate tectonics(4) #34 America is completely destroyed / The secret of the Supervisor #35 Husband and wife crisis (The Captain married couple) / The Panama Canal ruined #36 Fake kidnapping / Machu Picchu destroyed(5) / The heroine changes assignments #37 The Pyramids smashed #38 Macropolis destroyed #39 The Arc du Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower pulverized #40 England vaporized #41 The Caspian Sea evaporated #42 Everest collapses #43 Complete destruction of Earth / The heroine returns #44 The enemy's main fleet draws near / To space #45 The right-arm capture operation #46 The city region of destiny #47 Unrequited love. Devil machine No. 2 #48 The genius. Wedding ceremony #49 The Supervisor and the female captain get married #50 The genius falls #51 The civilian escape operation #52 The final city. To Earth (1) The anchor rockets from both of the Macross's arms smash into asteroids, and the fragments destroy the enemy ships. (2) The soften the shock of re-entering the atmosphere, the Macross deploys a parachute 10km in diameter. (3) A weapon which destroys everything surrounding the Macross, making no distinction between friend and foe. (4) As a result of the Macross's crash into the face of the planet, the earth's crust has to be defended against the enemy's attack. (5) The Mayan holy place, located in South America Shoji Kawamori's 48-Episode Macross Synopsis #1 And after 10 years, the Megaroad is activated #2 The Barrier is opened #3 The Megaroad launches / Aircraft carrier cruise #4 Warp. Warp engine vanishes #5 Pluto orbit / Construction on the city begins #6 The ramen restaurant comes to the bridge / The birth of "Megaroadians." Meeting with the heroine #7 Transformation --> Robot / Some houses get sucked outside #8 The robot enters battle / Rebuilding of the Megaroad City / Battroids become more energetic due to rewiring #9 Battle operation breaking into the enemy ship / They learn about the size difference / The woman gets rescued on Titan #10 The battle in Saturn's orbit / Asteroid Cracker #11 Transformation: Robot to Battleship / Transformation warning. To the Transformation Team. #12 Spy missile operation / The main characters visit the Chinese girl's home #13 The infiltration of the enemy's main fleet operation. A battroid in disguise / Harnessing the technology of the warp system equipment. #14 An escapee without a space suit blows up / The Miclone operation commences / Miss Megaroad #15 Atmospheric re-entry. Brake-Parachute / A detached part of the city lands in the water / Sinking. The inside of the Megaroad floods #16 The deep sea rescue operation / Transformation --> Robot #17 The Chinese girl becomes a singer / Resupplying at the undersea city / The female Miclone spy sneaks aboard #18 Megaroad battle athletic meet #19 Date in Chinatown / A small enemy force spends the night not fighting #20 Real ground battle. Devil machine No. 2 PART 1 / The group of three Miclones infiltrates #21 New recruits / New training #22 Christmas #23 New Year's Eve / The movie premiere #24 The new model robot is deployed #25 Japan completely annihilated by the Sunriser / Devil machine No. 2 PART 2. The secret of the Supervisor #26 The Captain is kidnapped / In the confusion, transformation --> Battleship #27 Rescue operation for the Captain fails / The enemy missile counterattack #28 Search for a deputy Captain / The enemy attack en masse #29 Rescue operation for the Captain / Use of the Jump Door #30 The rescue of the Captain fixes the enemy's stance #31 The Supervisor arrives #32 Valentine's Day operation / Transformation warning / The hero and heroine return #33 The Captain's special attack / The man who controls a 2000 ton robot by himself #34 Unrequited love. TV aboard ship is broadcast / The Chinese girl and her cousin make their relationship public #35 Earth, again / Resupplying from the earth's surface / The heroine changes assignments #36 The Sunriser is activated / Certain death plate tectonics restored #37 The Pyramids smashed #38 New York demolished #39 Battle to the death at the Grand Canyon #40 Complete destruction of Earth. Underground cave base / The heroine returns #41 Fake kidnapping #42 [it says "32" in the book, but I think that's a typo] The right-arm capture. The Captain, again / The Titan Tribe. A battroid in disguise #43 The battle in the city region of destiny #44 The genius's wedding of duty / Wedding space suits #45 The universe draws near / The Supervisor gets report of the main body of the army #46 The genius falls / Defensive battle at the Sun #47 The civilian escape operation #48 And after 10 years, humanity again / The final Sunriser inside the enemy ship
  2. I keep hearing the Mac II is not canon. I'd like to know why but first I'll state my position: I don't accept SK's non-involvement as justification for it's non-canon status. Dislike of characters plot etc. also doesn't disqualify it. The model number of Valkyries doesn't do it for me either. F-101s served in the air force long before F-16s. What exactly about Mac-II makes it "impossible" for the story to be part of the canon along with Mac+ and Mac7?
  3. Has anyone ever dived into the Zentradi past? Not just touch upon it, but create an entire universe of this race? A few years ago I read the sentinels books, but obviously it's not canon. So I guess my question is if there is any "official" background universe of the Zentradi.
  4. http://youtu.be/AYig9Wt7wIk Maybe I should lock this topic already for the bozos that can't leave politics out of it. But I'm pretty excited about this. It's like a Christmas gift to me from the director of Hurt Locker.
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