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  1. Well, just saw the trailer. And despite the moe, I liked it. Now... the character designs look quite different than those from Frontier. I actually like more the animation and the designs. There seem to be way more characters than those in Frontier and the show is giving me a strong Gundam Reconguista in G vibe (I actually liked that show). Yes, the characters from the promotional images look super Code Geass but the character designs are actually interesting. And to see classic Zentradi mecha (somewhat modified) again was totally unexpected. I'm telling you, the show looks a lot like Gundam Reconguista (which had lots and lots of colorful and imaginative factions, mecha and characters). The new valks are great. I was wondering... do the SV in SV-262 stands for Sukhoi Variable? Does this mean that the kingdom is some sort of Anti-UN remnant?
  2. So far according to Kawamori's statements the new show seems to be a mix of Macross Plus and Frontier. There will be a focus on "one on one" VF fights and the action will take place mostly planetside in the planet form the logo... is probably called Delta and the emblem in the new blue and silver Valk must be its flag. Perhaps Isamu Dyson will return as a "Jeffrey Wilder type" character... (like Max did in Mac 7) and the plot will be related to the previous "Delta War" where Isamu fought? Regarding the unique transformation in the enemy Valk... The "liquid metal theories" reminded me that I already did a crazy fan Valk based on that some time ago, hehe...
  3. According to some news Kawamori declared that the antagonist Draken valk will have a unique and innovative transformation sequence unlike anything seen before in Macross... what could that mean?
  4. Found a clean version of the promotional "eyecatch" art. By eyecatch do they mean is going to be in the show? BTW... So in October 29 Kawamori will show new footage or even a trailer?
  5. If I remember correctly, after the Genocidas project was discarded Kawamori thought of the intermediate chicken-walker mode when they handed a loose VF-1 toy prototype to him during Macross post-production and the legs fell down. He remembered the Genocidas Gerwalk and put it in the VF-1 as a second mode. I'm confused. I always thought that the ones who wanted a comedy were the folks from WIZU, but Miyatake is saying that Studio Nue wanted a comedy? So it was the other way around or what?
  6. This is not a character, but here it goes anyway. Discovered by accident in the web a while ago...
  7. I don't consider this plagiarism since the segment borrowed from Starship Troopers is just a small cue that really enhances the whole song, but I am kinda disappointed. VF-Zero is my favorite track from the Macross Zero OST and always thought it was all original work...
  8. I bet this must have been posted before, but here it goes... Remember the music from this sequence? (Is track 3, VF-Zero) Well... check the music from the Starship Troopers Movie theme at 2:45... What the hell?
  9. I just realized this... since Macross Delta is set in 2067, 8 years after Frontier (2059), perhaps Delta is going to be released also 8 years after the exact Frontier release date? (April 2016?) That would be a very bold move...
  10. Dagova has uploaded some awesome Macross fan art in his Deviant Art page...
  11. Some awesome Frontier fan art by SS Cheong...
  12. Can somebody explain the reasons behind this reunion? I initially thought the first image was photoshopped, but after the second one I am not so sure anymore... The images are supposedly from Sri Lanka (Clarke's home) during 1984. Was Arthur C. Clarke a Macross fan?
  13. Sorry if this doesn't belong here, but here it goes. Mexico has developed a real life version of the good old Fan Racer...
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