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  1. Or they could just make a Macross sequel that doesn't suck like Delta did.
  2. Imagine a game like "Gundam Battle Operation 2" but with valks instead.
  3. Would be great if they made a turn based strategy gatcha game for mobile devices.
  4. I'm not sure if it would generate the necessary profit. IMO, They should just jump 100% into the Idol and Isekai bandwagon. They need to create a new macross where an otaku (that browses the macrossworld forum) died by getting hit by a truck, then he went to the macross universe. Then it needs some cute Idols for the harem. I could see some success here.
  5. Still, I'm not going to buy anything with a HG sticker on it.
  6. Sorry if I offended you, it was just me ranting.
  7. I wouldn't be so sure for the hardcore fans. It is a lost cause. They could have figured out decades ago that HG will never deliver anything like SDF-1 by using their own creative team, since they didn't create any of the shows.
  8. akt_m

    Macross figures

    Yandere Minmay, cool!
  9. Do you guys think Kawamori will do a new Macross completely different from anything before? Or do you guys think Kawamori will go after where the money is right now and make a much more profitable Macross? Wouldn't be bad if he made an spin-off Isekai Macross series. It could be on the universe but the story would not be part of the canon. Or even a more Idol focused Macross, I'm sure he could copy the formula of pure idol animes with nothing but cute girls doing stuff. He could hire Yuhei Murota to design the characters so it will bring even more people on the boat.
  10. Or they could have made Minori Suzuki sing Voices and Junna Information High. Would anyone complain?
  11. I also don't think sony will make a movie out of it. Sony only bought a name. They can't use any macross designs. All sony has is a lame name "ROBOTECH". If they are going to create everything from nothing, why even bother to call it robotech? Why do all the work just to add value to someone else trademark. Also a small poll: https://www.strawpoll.me/18286869
  12. IMO what BigWest should do is to rebrand the macross franchise as a whole, if they could create a good sequel with a new title without "macross" on it, then the rest of the macross could then be released worldwide under this new title. I have the impression what HG really wants is to profit anything from the macross sequels without doing anything.
  13. Anyone who gives money to Harmony Gold and buy any Robotech merch should be considered a traitor.
  14. akt_m

    Macross figures

    Nendoroid Survey. http://special.goodsmile.info/nendoroid_survey/en/ Now it is the time to request a Minmay, Hikaru or Misa nendoroid.
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