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  1. Drifand Dal would be rad. Makes sense we'd see the 3rd Orgroid before any other mecha. The Takatoku 1/60 Orguss II Mass Production is one of my favorite toys of all time. Super happy to see a new release, especially since the 1/40 was never made.
  2. replicant2019

    Hi-Metal R

    pre-orders on Max closed. according to my notes here's what's next: miria super valk mass prod super valk elint super o spartan defender tomahawk phalanx VF-IA (TV ver) Regult (small missile type) Regult (Heavy Missile Type) U.N. Spacy (launcher arm) (?/201?) Macross (ACT Trident (clear blue ver. w/ U.N. Space kite) (?/201?) Zentraedi (capital ship hull) (?/201?) Zen mech 1 Zen mech 2 Zen mech 3 breetai ?
  3. I just need Eyevan DT-2 "Bromry" (Takara Dougram 1/144 Collection Series - 08) to complete my Takara 1/144 set. http://toyboxdx.com/datafiles/data/dougram/dougram.html
  4. btw, copies are not hard to find. the demand has not exceeded 50 copies.
  5. printed at home on an inkjet printer. time consuming and I also have to fold and staple each zine. yet another reason why I limit the print run to 50.
  6. wider distribution was not a goal for this zine and neither was profit or digital distribution. it's a fan pub, not a real magazine or book. I wanted a copy that I could save along with other printed books in my collection and to share with other fans. the demand has been right around 40-50 copies for each issue I print (pretty standard for most zines, and even self published comics like Eastman and Laird's pre-TMNT Gobbledygook books).
  7. Issue 1 focus was street art and illustration. The idea is to change the topic with each issue. I have no plans to do another Macross zine. I might post a digital version later. For now it's print only. The original idea behind the zine was to curate and archive some of the cool art I was seeing on Instagram - I don't expect these social networks to last forever but a printed copy can be read decades from now.
  8. I love the idea. In fact, I just published the second issue of my ongoing science fiction "2019 fanzine and it's all about Macross. I published this myself and I can tell you it is a lot of work. http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=41064
  9. Last week I published the second issue of my 2019 zine. The focus of issue 2 is Macross inspired fan art. I have a about 20 copies left from a total print run of 50. http://roboticsclub.bigcartel.com/product/no-filter-zine-issue-2-clash-of-the-bionoids
  10. 1/60 would be nice. There's a few Orguss mechs that were never made by Takatoku... Kulforn, Logwood, Legua...
  11. Verified that my 1/60s do indeed have pilots. I never noticed them sitting in the mecha. Most of the other Orguss toys have their pilots separate in the tray. If I see an extra gun I'll let you know.
  12. Well dang it. Maybe I'm missing some pilots. I'll have to go back and check now. Was the pilot in the mecha or in the tray? Did you find the Orguss II brown you were looking for? Funny, I often reference your site when I have questions pertaining to my Orguss obsession. I recently completed my 1/60 collection. The Orguss II brown was the last piece I needed (and most difficult to track down).
  13. Hey Marcoss25, I have an extra Orguss Orgroid II - Olson Special I can part with. The robot is in excellent condition and I also have the styrofoam insert and part of the box. I don't think any of the 1/60 Orgroids included a pilot. I have four 1/60 Orgoids: Orguss Orgroid, Orgroid II - Standard Type and an Olson Special MIB (plus the one I mentioned above) - none have pilots. I could be wrong. It's too bad that you're mising the cockpit bubble. That one piece will be very difficult to find. The Olson Special and Standard Type being the rarest of the 1/60s from what I can tell.
  14. I am looking for a 1/6300 scale SDF-1 for parts (I have one already nearly complete in box). I just need one of the shoulder pieces that fire off.
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