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  1. Hahaha sorry I'm late upload my pic, it's final of sketch
  2. Protocultere idols look like Mikumo, especially their hair also Their physical appearance like humans
  3. Wow this is cool . Want to hear mikumo singing rock music Thank you, I will uploading the color version of them
  4. Beautiful cosplay of Basara, you can found here http://sp.cosp.jp/photo.aspx?n1=44197 First photo by Yura http://sp.cosp.jp/photo_info.aspx?id=11135551&m=44197#i Second photo (Basara and Sheryl) by Kaz http://sp.cosp.jp/photo_info.aspx?id=7393760&m=177806#i Really love their gallery 😃
  5. B..but Mikumo angry because her performance was replaced by Basara . So her hair move like sword. So Basara was shocked and frightened by her hair 😂
  6. Sartika3091

    My Fanart

    Fanart Macross by me :3
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