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  1. Denki-Gai is so wonderfully raunchy! The 2nd episode had me in tears. I have to admit, it toes the "creeper" line sometimes but not enough to turn me off of it. I saw a lot of disappointed posted for Aldnoah and I get your points. I still like it for what it is though and I dig continuation of the Inaho/Slaine rivalry. For me, Slaine is by far the most interesting character of the show.
  2. I found a bunch of anime on Hulu that I've never had the chance to finish so now my life has a chance to be complete. Namely, I get to finally finish Martian Successor Nadesico and RahXephon- the dub versions since that's how I started them. I could have finished them years ago if I watched the subs, but once I start a show one way, I have to finish it that way. That's my problem with the Evangelion rebuilds but, at this point, I'm close to just giving into the fansubs since I'm dying to see 3.33. I tried putting on the dub of Samurai Champloo recently and it was just weird...
  3. Gundam Build Fighters isn't as dumb as I thought it would be. It's way more fun than I expected. I'm taking a break from Eureka 7 before I dive into the 2nd season because the 1st season finale was a giant bag of "HUH?" Shirobako was another pleasant surprise for me, mostly because of the director. I'll probably be starting Denki-Gai soon. Still on the fence on picking up SAO II again- I made it about four episodes before I literally fell asleep.
  4. I've never been able to get into Gundam, but I've always thought the models were pretty rad. Now that I've started watching Build Fighter, I think I might jump into the Gundam custom model rabbit hole- starting with the Bear!!!
  5. I started Eureka 7 year ago and gave up after the 3rd episode due to annoyance and boredom. My friend implored me to revisit it and hang in there until about episode 8 before I drop it again. Let's just say, it got good.
  6. I saw this at Robo Toy Fest and came perilously close to pulling the trigger. Has anyone played yet? Is it fun (I mean once you get over the assembly/painting hump that seems to be the main gripe here)?
  7. I added both to my queue! I finally watched the final episode of Kill la Kill and also finished Devil is a Part Timer so I have room for new shows. I'm digging Terraformars, even though I get lost every now and then. But to be honest, episodes eight and nine were a yawn for me. I get character development and all but it felt almost like filler...
  8. I wouldn't consider it spam. Besides, spam is delicious!
  9. Sorry- I had to move servers and I just haven't had time to update/relaunch the comic but I will soon! Especially with all the buzz about Delta and the new Star Wars movie and shtuff!
  10. Thanks! To be honest, I was losing steam at the end- not because of the drawings, but it was just a really busy month and I was mentally drained.
  11. Either way, I'll give it a chance and I hope they write it well.
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