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  1. $600 ....ish for 1/48 Super Strike Packs.... http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Yamato-Macross-Series-1-48-VF-1-Valkyrie-corresponding-Super-Pack-Parts-SetTrans-/181272224370?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2a34aaa272&_uhb=1
  2. bump as i am in need of this part as well....anyone did a 3d print on this part?
  3. drooling over those magnificent work of art.....
  4. it would be interesting if Arcadia could re tool this Queadluum figure to this new era of valkyries....
  5. this is interesting....is this confirmed???
  6. mojacko

    Lego Anyone?

    great lego work guys....very impressive!!!
  7. yeah i've got good results using lacquer...but it really smells awful and its really harmful to your lungs if your spraying in a non ventilated area plus if your not wearing a proper mask to protect you. wow your spraying in the kitchen?? even thou acrylics are non toxic as to what they claim...be sure to open all your windows to ventilate the circulation of air.
  8. amazing work dude....dedication and time spent....amazing
  9. great work....what paint did you use? does paint chip when you try transforming it??? thanks!!!
  10. 1/55 are classic....its really fun to play and a must to have for macross collection....kudos
  11. great work....love the execution....and color!!!
  12. you guys are so lucky......here in Canada i payed around 15%-17% of the total cost the last time i purchased from Japan.....the item cost was about $200 and i payed $34 bucks extra....sigh!!!
  13. hi guys, we'd like to invite all shutter bugs to come and join ToyPhotogrpahy-Unbound @ facebook....we would love to see your valks in action...outdoor or indoor anything goes as long as your taking them pix out of their box.... please join in......https://www.facebook.com/groups/591136664249891/ thanks a lot moja out
  14. what..... no more left overs???
  15. VF-1J (MIB) Make Me An Offer??? got to put your best price boss....
  16. mojacko

    Vf-0 vs SV-51

    Any idea how much does a loose VF0S cost these days?
  17. future floor polish is acrylic base, if your using testors than its ok. lacquer for base then acrylic for the color then sealed with a future.....
  18. are VF 1/60 V2 figures with the 30th macross anniversary sticker exactly the same as those without the stickers?
  19. i would suggest the same thing rather than putting UV in every detolf.....
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