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  1. Scratched a transformable version of VF-1 J. I used a line of packing string for folding mechanism. It's been cut in pieces and put on the arms, legs, wings, etc as joints.
  2. I chose 1/700 for SDF-1, that's a ship model scale. Descriptions are below. http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=39528&hl= 1/700のSDF-1。艦船モデルのスケール。
  3. Thank you MechTech and Convectuoso! I want many fighters on Prometheus. Here these are for now.
  4. I built VF-1 J Maximilian Jenus special out of F-14 Tomcat. And full scratch built Roy Focker special battroid. I managed to make smaller size than F-14 by shorten the body.
  5. I bought 3D printed destroids (Defender, Phalanx and Tomahawk). Painted these and put on SDF-1.
  6. Bolt san, arigatou gozaimasu! Thank you for your comment! I have to put it in the SDF-1 and build the details on the leg. Maybe I need texture like Star Destroyer in Star Wars. Gathering junk parts.
  7. After long research and experiment term, I made the suburb in SDF-1. Thanks to the advices from all of you, I tried a papermodel with photo textures. I used open licensed suburb photo data and edited as textures. Seems to be Nyan Nyan Chinese restaurant. In the park there are two, one is going to be a singer and the other is going to be a soldier.
  8. The realistically detailed booster and the launcher, metallic texture, I love them!
  9. Thank you for your notification, MethTech. Oh the darkness, I should make up hanger lighting gimmick. I wanna build Daedalus attack sequence.
  10. Thank you spanner 76! Today I sanded a building and thought I may buy etched parts for battleship's exterior. I tried another things, destroids. Monster might be large enough to 3D print, but I went on a traditional way, it's fun to use japanese tooth cleaners for the cannons. They might hit their heads on the ceiling because it's 3cm high, that is 21m.
  11. I visited a fab lab to use 3D printer again and printed some buildings. These are a half size of the previous shot. They suit for the city layout, but rather small comparing with valks. Considering how to make surface details. Sanding, painting... and some printed photos would help to make some textures and advertising displays. The whole city is below. Going to use 1/700 etched figures, they might hit their heads at the building's entrance though.
  12. Your technique overcomes the Chinese tech to write letters on a rice! Just Wow!
  13. Boxorama, oh a nice idea! I wanna keep watching the progress.
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