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  1. vf1x

    Hi-Metal R

    Finally, a metal Regult toy! I've been waiting since 1983 for this to happen!
  2. vf1x

    YetiStand Alpha.

    This is awesome. Great job Yeti! Going to figure out which parts I need now. Haha
  3. Congratulations on another great convention guys! Bee, George, Alex, Greg, Yen and the rest of the crew really outdid yourselves yet again. I'm looking forward to next year's Con already.
  4. Is the Sheryl statue from Arcadia?
  5. Thanks guys, that's really quite a nice response! The only other 1/72 Macross items I have are the old HCM's. I wanted to dig them out for the pictures, but I can't find them at the moment! The work really is basic, most of the paint that I used is spray and some paint pens and I didn't do much putty work on it. I did screw up a few times on it and had to repaint sections of it over and over again. Haha The main body is Mr. Color #11 Light Gull Grey, the highlight camo grey is #31 Dark Grey, and what looks like black highlights is actually #40 German Grey. No CG, just pics on a black background. Thanks for the kind words Mike, I didn't realize this was your first scratchbuild. I had a good time building it. I hope this helps gets you back on the V2!
  6. Hey guys, I thought I'd share my first attempt at building a resin kit with you. I'm a casual modeler with only basic kit building skills so tackling a resin kit was a new experience for me. I have to say I learned a lot by making plenty of mistakes but it was a good experience nonetheless. The kit is a Mike Salzo Destroid Monster in 1/72-scale that I got from Gabe Q a week or so after the last MWcon back in October. This kit is absolutely huge! I love the size of it. Complete, it weighs a whopping 15 pounds! A few days before Christmas, I finally worked up the courage to start working on it. It's been about 6 weeks since and I'm glad to say that I'm finally done. I was bored of the basic green Destroid Monster that we always see, so I decided to make this kit a bit more unique. I went with one of my favorite Valkyrie color schemes, (which I'm sure most of you have seen before) the Enigma Strike Valkyrie VF-1J that was featured in a 2001 issue of Model Grafix magazine, and applied an inspired version of the scheme to this Monster. I also took some cues from a WWII German BF109 paint scheme too. I added details such as aluminum metal inserts, extra decals, and steel antennas to the kit to help enhance it as well. Aluminum inserts added to the arm missile launchers. The main cannons are just PVC pipes, so I reamed them to give them a bit of a beveled tip. I added three antennas to the kit. The front two are shown in original sketches of the Destroid Monster, so they belong there. The one on the rear I added just because I wanted to. Each of the antennas are mounted on small blocks of wood that I painted to match. The rear hatch colors and pattern are inspired by emergency vehicles / construction equipment. The 1/72-scale is giant! Here it is with a 1/55 Valkyrie and a Toynami Super Posable figure. Thanks for looking!
  7. You're absolutely welcome and I already can't wait for next year!
  8. More con coverage with more pictures! Likes are appreciated! http://plastikdolls.com/2013/10/22/macross-world-convention-2013/
  9. Head's up, here's con coverage on GEEK Magazine's website: http://www.geekexchange.com/macross-world-convention-2013-88311.html Please hit "Like" to show some support for Macross in mainstream media!
  10. no problem cool8or. major focker, i decided to buy it because of the dioramas, but i wish they had more. there's about 4 pages only, but they're pretty cool.
  11. I bought this book last weekend at Kino in Little Tokyo, LA. (They're selling it for $39.30.) It's about 60% DYRL VF-1's, 25% Destroids, bad guys (Glaug, Regult, Nousjadeul), and 15% Macross Zero Valks, it shows a GBP-1J too. It has a few dioramas and details of the featured builds. All in all, I think its worth getting if you're an old-school Macross guy like myself. Here are a few pics, pardon the glare:
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