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Found 1 result

  1. If you believe I'm going to be unbiased thank you. Now stop living in dream world. The Review: Okay I don't think that much of Robotech. I'm sure some of you know that already but what you don't know is that back in 1986 my friends in the 5th grade and I road our bikes around pretending they were cyclones. How lame was that! Back in the 80's that was my favorite saga of Robotech. Even though I consider myself a pure Macross fan I still have a little soft spot in my cold blacken heart for cyclones blasting Invids. I first saw this game a couple of months ago but I had other games that I want to play first. When I saw this game I laughed. Flash forward to Xmas. I have the holiday off and I decided to rent a game. You didn't think I would buy this game now did you? Since I played all the other games I wanted I decided to finally rent this one. Battle Cry sucked but that was a first attempt. This one would have to be better. Note the games I played before renting this one were Samurai Warriors Extreme Legends, MSG Snake Eater and Ace Combat 5. Yes those games were better but that doesn't mean Invasion was bad. Using a cyclone to blast invid it's a great idea and fun at time yet the game seemed like a half effort. You know when a new system comes out the first games for it are sorta so so and as years go by the games get better and better that make the earlier games weak in comparsion? Invasion is like one of those earlier games. If I played it a few years ago I would have like it more. Now the problems. First you can't drive a cyclone in motorcyle indoors. Go take ahead the fun away. Second you can't kill allies, sometimes I just want to shoot friends. The music is something else. Artero(?) pilots a girl's cyclone does that mean he goes both ways? I can't drive a cyclone through a tent. Every one seem to have the same face to me. How come Locke has to fights the latin woman? I think an orgy with them would have been better. Who agree with me? Sad no one got any "action." The voices. Can we talk about the voices? Yep a lot of Robotech VO are in the game. Fine with me. It's a nice odd but that Sam character. That voice was just errrgghhhhhh. My biggest complaint has to be the way the story was presented. Where's the CGI mini animated intro movies and cut scenes that we've come to expect from current games? This one had some but animation quality was the same as the game play. Don't these tend to be of better quality? Then there's those flash blacks (with great dialog btw ) those would have been perfect spots to throw in a movie but I'd you get blury vision and hear some bad screaming. A lot of the story was told through others screaming dialog during battle. If it wasn't for my earlier knowledge of Robotech I wouldn't understand what the hell was going on. I swear half the time I time didn't and still don't. Overall: This game was better than Battle Cry but was just an okay experience. Had the story been presented better I would have thought much better about this game.
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