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  1. Oh definitely, It looks amazing! And off topic, I plan on getting that Macross 30 game at some point to...even if I don't understand a word they're saying xD
  2. Thank you guys. Definitely loving this Valkyrie lol xD. I got it off Ebay, and it has been opened and used before. I will definitely do these tips. one thing I noticed (although it might just be in my head lol) is that the stiffness may have also been caused by it being in the box for a really long time. Since I left it out in the open over night, and this morning it was much easier to transform, which is strange @.@. I'm hoping that they do another reissue of these in the future, just so I can get one perfectly brand new, definitely my favorite Macross toy. I got into Macross and Robotech after a friend of the family gave me one of the Yamato collectibles, and DvDs from the different shows...Uhggg they were all so awesome
  3. Hello ! New to the forums, and very excited, since I just got my first 1/55 scale Bandai Valkyrie. It's the 2001 reissue, I believe. Loveing it so far, think it's just amazing and the best toy ever made xD. One thing that really caught my attention with it, was the durability I read about. Which, so far, it's really brick solid xD However, I was wondering if anyone else ever experienced issues with the wings on the tail of the Fighter mode? Basically what happens, is when I fold in the wings to transform it from Fighter Mode...They stick really badly, to the point where they actually bend lol. I've been a little afraid of transforming him because I just get this awful image of them snapping into pieces as I try to fold them over each other. Now I realize there's that little nob that they clip over to keep them in place in Fighter Mode, but this happens after I unclip them past that point. They are just really stiff. Basically just wanted to know if anyone else experienced this, if it was normal (if not, is there a way to fix it?) and put my mind at ease so I won't have a heart attack when I try to transform him. Thanks again for any answers!
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