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  1. ive recently downloaded a different version of the macross frontier episodes (just to get the episodes constant in terms of subtitles and video quality) and I've noticed a few added scenes in the final two episodes, whats the story with this? was there scenes added to the dvd/blueray versions that weren't in the original broadcast?
  2. i wouldn't classify this as a quiz, and typically i find these things boring.
  3. If i knew at what point this can be seen in episode 5 ill be able to grab the screenshot, i simply can't find it.
  4. can't wait for the 7 OVA and zero reviews. remember that the pipe is connected to the ship, the soda can is free floating.simple Newtonian physics, equal and opposite forces.
  5. the songs are pretty good, you could catch a few of them, or at least different takes on them, in macross 7. especially when they introduce the jamming birds.
  6. anyone know where i can find competent macross frontier dvds with english subtitles online?
  7. that program auto closes after it opens and begins playing the file, when it did end up playing(i don't know how i got it to do that) the video was upside down, it only seems to do it with .mkv files, my macross 7 files( .avi's) work fine, still upside down though, but i fixed that in the render options.
  8. for some reason my videos aren't playing correctly any more with zoom player or VLC even though it played fine a week ago and next to nothing has changed on my computer sense then. the video is either jumpy or lags behind the audio
  9. evirus

    New Macross games

    those box images: reminds me of that new camera phone data essentially acting like a bar code that grabs data from the image. so you might just need a Japanese camera phone.
  10. yes ill have a Zentran Angus burger on topic: i liked when Sheryl was in the school, but was disappointed by the end, i hoped she would end up a pilot.
  11. could have just been a way of identifying side characters and extras as being zendtradi, remember in macross unless the character is disfigured you really couldn't tell if micronized. in M7 they look a little odd to begin with(grayish skin and what not) so it really helps. but for a well known character like miria she looks totally normal though being a micronized full zentradi, probably because she was an "established character"
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