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  1. I wouldn't get too excited. Funimation owns Manga Entertainment UK, which split off long ago as a separate company from Manga Entertainment US, which is owned by Lionsgate. What this means is anybody's guess, but someone might have to do some negotiating with Lionsgate to do Macross II and Macross Plus.
  2. The failure of this project is a certainty, unless it gets a lot of mysteriously huge donations in the next week. However, I don't think this failure, even as high profile as it is, will change anything for Harmony Gold. For the last 30 years, they've been sputtering through failed project after failed project, whether it's the Megazone movie mash up, The Sentinels, Crystal Dreams on the N64, 3000, comics, Shadow series, etc. They'll just keep spinning their wheels with Robotech re-releases and try every few years to gin up interest with some new failed project.
  3. Just because Egan works at ANN doesn't mean he has influence over that sort of thing. He's listed as a news editor, whereas Answerman would be classified as a feature. As a reporter I can tell you that there's always a separation between news and editorial/opinion. This means sometimes that facts asserted in an opinion piece can directly contradict facts reported in the news of that same publication. Anyway, just an aside that I hope takes care of that question.
  4. It shouldn't really be any surprise, given that Egan Loo is an editor at ANN.
  5. Sorry for the bump, but there's a new episode with a Macross-related topic. The topic I mentioned back in December discussing Robotech, Harmony Gold and North America is covered in our newest episode. Special thanks to the users from MW who provided feedback. We probably won't be talking about Macross on the show for awhile, but the next time we do, I hope to solicit more input from MW members. Gundamn! episode 46: http://is.gd/7CN0f
  6. With 2009 drawing to a close today, so too does Gundamn's Macross Roundup. In our last episode of the year, we did a double dose covering the 7 sequels and Zero. Top post has been updated with links. We'll be starting off 2010 with a full episode devoted to Legend of the Galactic Heroes. After that, we'll be covering the Macross/Robotech/HG topic mentioned earlier in this thread. Have a happy New Year!
  7. Well, with Christmas and all, I wouldn't it until at least a few days after that, but probably before the new year.
  8. In that case, I'll go this route: people should PM me responses to the question. I'll edit the previous post.
  9. I don't doubt that you've encountered crazies, and I know I run the risk of that with a controversial topic like this. But that's kind of the point - to discuss something people are uncomfortable with. I know it's a fine line to walk, but most of the people on MW are reasonable folk, so I don't expect the same kind of answers here versus if I were asking somewhere like 4chan, or Robotech.com.
  10. I asked it here because I didn't think it was proper to invade another thread to ask about things relating to my podcast when there was already this thread here.
  11. Here's an update on Macross-related goings on at Gundamn! This Sunday we will be recording the final episode of 2009. To end the year with a bang, we'll be doing a double roundup to cover both the 7 OVAs and Zero. The main reason I'm posting though is because I want feedback from MW users for a future topic that will be covered probably in late January. The Macross topic is part of a broader discussion on things American mecha fans will have to accept whether they like it or not. The Macross topic will be along the lines of this: "HG will always maintain an iron grip on Robotech, and no one else is going to ever release any other Macross." Overly pessimistic? Perhaps. What I would like to see is some detailed thoughts both for and against this proposition. The people who come up with the best arguments on both sides will have their names and comments mentioned in the show. I hoping to see some good comments, but please leave out any HG flamebaiting or hate. Let's keep things reasonable. EDIT: Please do not post your responses to this question in this thread. Send them to me in a PM. If you have any general comments on Gundamn, that's fine to post here.
  12. You can subscribe on iTunes if you use that, or subscribe to the RSS feed on Gundamn.net. You won't get email notices, but you can check the live bookmark in your browser. Unrelated - the first post has been updated to include the most recently released episode, covering Macross 7.
  13. I know some people here listen to Gundamn! @ MAHQ and have probably heard the extensive coverage we gave to Frontier last year. We also had a long-running series where we devoted a segment to each past Gundam production. With that mammoth project out of the way, we've turned our attention to doing the same with Macross. Each production is getting its own segment, minus Frontier (which we already covered). I'll toss out some handy links below. SDF Macross: http://is.gd/52MS5 DYRL & FB 2012: http://is.gd/52MVr Macross II: http://is.gd/52MWa Macross Plus: http://is.gd/52MWW Macross 7: http://tinyurl.com/Gundamn43 Macross 7 sequels & Macross Zero: http://is.gd/5HZLE Macross Frontier review index: http://is.gd/52MXN EDIT: Roundup is done! Links added for 7 sequels and Zero. Please share any comments you might have.
  14. I got in at the preorder either at $250 or $270. To this day, it's still my most valued DVD collection, and I break it out every few years like a fine wine to watch it.
  15. And therein lies the problem with science fiction articles on Wikipedia. You have all these deletionists running around always decrying the terror of "fancruft." So there's always someone who wants to delete articles about Gundam, Macross and anything else anime-related. Yet there can be a zillion articles of "fancruft" on Star Wars and Star Trek, but no one ever dares to try to delete them. I wouldn't bother trying to save them, honestly. Someone else will just come along to delete them again because this anti-anime bias at Wikipedia is persistent. And besides, who really needs to get Macross technical information on Wikipedia when we have the Compendium?
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