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  1. Yep - anything ABS will be a better stand-in for "toy plastic" than PVC. ABS seems to be notoriously difficult to get paint to stick to. If you can test it on ABS, there's a great chance it'll work as good or better on your Chunky.
  2. Oh, that sucks, man. I knew there would have been a reason to not include them when you had the 1D pictured. Yeah, that design is cool because it's compact but it means figuring out how to toughen up what's already a very fragile means of weathering. Lacquer based clearcoat on top, maybe?
  3. Bravo, sir. Bravo! Can I ask for one tweak to your VF-0S entry? Can you put the finished work up for reference? I know you've got them posted elsewhere but this will make this entry a nice, standalone piece for people to use, all in the one post. I've been meaning to do this to my VF-0S for a long while now. This is a great push to help me get my act together and at least make a start. I'm really good at starting...
  4. Wow @Lolicon! Amazing work! Had I not seen the custom pain mix for the RVF, I'd have had no idea that you were actually repainting these as well as just weathering. Very, very nice job.
  5. I'm still trying to figure out how Kylo even got to Exegol. I get that he'd been there before and all but isn't it impossibly difficult to get there without a wayfinder? Or did Rey send the navigation stuff she sent to the resistance fleet his way as well? I guess I could live with that answer, except that it's just totally absent from the movie. I didn't hate this movie, I'm just not sure I loved it, either. Easily the best of the three for me though.
  6. Been working my way through the Hasegawa SV-51y/a kit over the last few months. I don't get much time in the last few years to work on models so progress is snail-pace slow. Been enjoying getting back into it though. Here's a very low Q pic of latest progress: I struggled to find what Hasegawa calls "Aircraft Gray" in their callouts but ended up using some Gunze FS36321. It's a bit darker than the shade of gray the kit is molded in and looks nearly identical here in this harsh LED flash lit photo. I also spent a great deal of time "thinning" the leading edges of those i
  7. It looks very, very nice. Your attention to details is also spot-on. I see nothing but respect and a labour of love on this project.
  8. Just letting the community know to give any sites with "service1@vinayotap.com" a wide berth. Specifically www.ltvxyonline.com and www.wainershop.com (both appear to have Macross items). It looks like any site with this contact email at the bottom is engaging in some pretty shady tactics: Site looks legit with the proper SSL certificates Order an item at a great price (great, not unbelievable or insane) get a legit order confirmation email Wait a reasonable amount of time, which for me was only a few weeks Receive a small padded bag with a necklace Searc
  9. I never got any confirmation of shipping. As luck would have it, about an hour after I sent an email this morning asking when it would ship (directly to the confirmation email they sent about my order) I got a text message saying my order had arrived at my local post office. This will come as no surprise to anyone but the order was in fact, a cheap necklace. So it's indeed a scam. Stay away. I've started a credit card dispute so hopefully that puts an end to it for me. However, most card companies require you try to work it out with the merchant. I have not, and have no desire
  10. Hey @Gunnar I'm not sure, actually. I'm in the same boat. They've got a "guaranteed shipping within 5-7 days" that has completely lapsed on mine, so I'm going to see what I can do to cancel the order and get it refunded. We'll see what happens and I'll update the thread accordingly.
  11. Looking for a TAV33 Optimus Prime from the "Robots in Disguise" or "Transformers Adventure" series. Don't care about box condition as long as the toy is in good shape and has all the accessories. I'm in Australia so shipping will be pricey and hoping to pay as close to original retail as possible.
  12. I've temporarily blocked my card. Just in case. I've done some reading and I'm definitely covered if this turns out to be the bait and switch that a few others have reported from this email address. Really surprising there aren't far more reports from this vinayotap group. I really only found a handful. Stay tuned...
  13. I noticed that email. Didn't think to look it up for some silly reason. I already placed an order yesterday, though it's smallish. I'll look into what I can do to cancel but also what options I've got if I leave it and it goes badly. The CC I used has a very low limit and should be protected by Visa if it turns out nasty. Thanks for the feedback so far.
  14. I'm taking one for the team... Can't find any warning flags other than how briefly they've been in business and the fact they don't take Paypal. I recall days when some Japanese online shops didn't either. Those things can take time/experience to set up. And then again, this may all be a massive scam.... So I've ordered a few thing things totaling less than $100 and will update this thread if they come through. Will also warn everyone if they don't and put an entry in the black list thread, too.
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