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  1. That's it? A different ear, is that what gets you? I too almost bought it. But, i already have 31A. So, I'm just waiting for vf-31 with super parts.
  2. At last, with the vf-25 they are giving us a handheld gun. Finally!!!
  3. Basically any DX macross will go up in price eventually. I wish that dx macross is as abundant as MG model kit. Walk to your local anime/comic store and just grab one of the shelf.
  4. Have you watched the transformation video? That thing is super complicated.
  5. t040484

    Macross 30

    This maybe not the place to ask the question. But does anyone heard if there's any new macross game? It's been 3 years since delta scramble.
  6. I think you can tell your taobao middleman to keep all packaging. At least that's how it works with tbfocus. If you say nothing, most of the time, they will discard the packaging.
  7. t040484

    Bandai DX VF-31

    I think that's because today is April Fools day? We'll see if price is back to normal or stay same tomorrow.
  8. t040484

    Bandai DX VF-31

    LOL R-eturn B-uyer ? Dude, did the seller just slap you in the face with tracking number?
  9. I really want a vf-1 that scales with the other dx chogokin
  10. Wow that was super fast!! Thanks for the answer. Will go and buy it now.
  11. Guys, sorry i didn't get a chance to read the entire previous posts. But, is there anyone that make a 3d printed antenna for yf-29 Alto? I just bought one, and it only have the rubber antenna. I dont know if it's missing, or if it's originally didnt come with the hard antenna. Anyone can help me? Thanks
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