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  1. was the kit even painted in the video above? it looks like it was just snapped together without paint application.
  2. 16700 is EMS - 4 to 7 days 19350 is Airmail -1 to 3 wks (why this is more, i have no idea).... 13950 is SAL - 2 to 3 wks
  3. is shipping from Japan to Canada 16,700 a reasonable price for the Valkyrie? Cost is 42000.
  4. does anybody know where i can order the fighter online?
  5. What you called it is much better... "liquid pigment that just moves itself"
  6. the fighter is beautiful has the release of it been announced?
  7. this is by no means faithful to the series l've always looked at this from the beginning as a different interpretation.
  8. here's a video of the VF-1J that we threw together. Enjoy
  9. more pictures. no price yet on the status. i think it will probably be around $800 to $1K http://news.toyark.com/2019/01/07/gatchaman-ken-the-eagle-statue-by-prime-1-studio-328375?fbclid=IwAR0ahO-4s6oD8765825BbshGHsQw_xLq2sA6-SY9AGPUk3BDXlvr6cL6IPY
  10. The fewture God Phoenix just arrived. did a quick unboxing and review:
  11. has anyone started painting?
  12. yes. purchased from HLJ and got the unexpected kit kat. really cool stuff. The entire process from order to home delivery took about two weeks.
  13. did an unboxing video today did anybody else find the mystery item inside when we opened up the box???
  14. HLJ's explanation regarding the shipping no-show or the order: Unfortunately, this item is too large for our shipping calculator to automatically calculate its shipping cost. The available shipping methods and costs for one piece of this item to Canada are: EMS: 15,500 yen FedEx: 8,103 yen DHL: 9,293 yen I had to email their products/order dept to get an answer. They will input the shipping method for me
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