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  1. Season 2 was better than 1. I still question the choices they made for the ladies... Ciri is spot-on, but Triss and Yennefer still have me scratching my head. Some tweaks to the witchers at Caer Morhen were objectionable to me. Dijkstra was unusual to me, too. Despite some casting shenanigans it's excellent. I liked another character they revealed that I thought was spot-on, but don't want to spoil it.
  2. Hi Guys, just got mine today and learned I'm missing one of the long shield effect parts, pictured here... If someone has an extra or you never plan on using it, let me know. I'll buy the extra. If someone knows a viable way to get a replacement, let me know :).
  3. @Ridden001 thanks man, this Sinanju truly is splendiforous. Thanks for the great communication and due diligence in getting it here safely.
  4. Out of the blue, Showzstore sent me the replacement parts for my Gurren Lagann. They got here today. They came through for me and I'm looking to order more from them now. Have to figure out how to pull the old stuff out and replace it with the new. Carefully... it's one of the nicest pieces I've seen in ages.
  5. No dice on the repair parts. I received an email back promptly... saying they were getting it fixed/dealt with and nothing so far beyond that. Who knows. We'll see what happens.
  6. Yeah, it's pretty delicate - it's ABS plastic, too. I've honestly been pretty lucky in that I've not had to do repair work like this or the damage was such that it required the replacement of the whole unit. I think I can dremel out or even find a wire small enough to fit the holes on each piece. The base of the neck it connects to seems, well, flimsy, so I know I have to be careful there. Any recommendations on a bonding agent suitable for this? Factor in clumsy hands, too. Need to try to figure out if the torso can be disassembled to make it easier. I e-mailed the after sale care team yesterday, images and all. The outer box doesn't show much damage, but the inner tray is completely shattered where the feet of the toy were. Despite the decapitation, I've got several metal builds, naturally a plethora of Macross toys over the years, and some odds and ends. This Gurren Lagann is wonderful, among the best for me. Granted, I'm a big fan of the series, so maybe I'm biased, lol.
  7. Working on it, page just keeps spinning for the moment. In the meantime, working on fixing the joint. The hole is air/gap, but I might be able to get a pin in there. I didn't find a lose pin in the box. After searching, I realized the whole tray took damage - it's cracked all along the bottom, so despite the awesome shipping job it must've been dropped... from the top of the Freedom Tower. The rest of it is in great shape, so thankful for that.
  8. Finally got my Gurren Lagann in after months... and heartbreak. The ball joint on the neck is snapped clean off. I think it's fixable, but damn. Has anyone else received one that was decapitated? How difficult was it to fix. Seems straightforward. If it's simple, doesn't seem worthwhile to return it. Anyone have experience with returns to ShowZ that can chime in?
  9. Thinking of dropping some cash to grab some of these before they're all gone... Particularly the Red Comet K, the white dragon, the sazabi, and the G.Tetra... Is the ShowZ store the place to do that, or what? Would it be prudent, given the circumstances? I imagine y'all have a better idea than I on this.
  10. Thanks to Sumyumgoy for the beautiful 00 Quant. It was packed incredibly well and arrived blazing fast. I appreciate you, sir!
  11. Test_Pilot_2

    Hi-Metal R

    Got mine today... I must've gotten lucky as the sprue marks aren't as garish on mine as the other pics in the thread. Heavier than my other HM-Rs, with some really stiff joints that gave me anxiety while transforming it. I was afraid some of the more delicate plastic would stress or break. It is a lovely toy and a great take on the VF-2SS with some minor flaws. Hopefully, if it's successful, someone will pick it up and make a definitive version in a larger scale.
  12. Test_Pilot_2

    Hi-Metal R

    I think the VF-2SS is my favorite Hi-Metal R so far... Totally shits all over Evo's.
  13. Made in Abyss is the reason I watch Knights and Magic... They balance each other out in terms of the despair vs overpowered positivity. No one will ever be as OP as Saitama, but the kid from Knights and Magic is up there, lol.
  14. HLJ confirmation e-mail pending here, too... I got my 262 from HLJ, too, but I can't see it in my open orders. Meh. Confirmation done, yay... Now to figure out what happened to my 262.
  15. Got mine too. Glad I finally have a transformable VF-2SS with SAP. It's frightening, but beggars can't be choosers. My VF-1, 2, and 4 panel is complete .
  16. Like this? http://imgur.com/gallery/lOTNUVX
  17. That head makes me think: http://img06.deviantart.net/c40d/i/2012/349/a/6/anubis___zone_of_the_enders_the_2nd_runner_by_toysforgiants-d5o32oj.jpg
  18. Oh my dayum... I feel like... Like the dude that did the review for the 5 Guys Grill burger... Love this valk!
  19. Test_Pilot_2

    Hi-Metal R

    Oh, nice . Thanks ya'll!
  20. Test_Pilot_2

    Hi-Metal R

    Big, fat goose eggs for me right now. Searching around, looks like they're all sold out.
  21. Test_Pilot_2

    Hi-Metal R

    Extra 10 bucks here too... Sigh.
  22. Shout out to Kanedas Bike for a smooth transaction on a YF-29 & 30. He even stuck around and chatted for a few minutes. I appreciate you!
  23. Test_Pilot_2


    I'm actually looking for a 1/60 VF-11, but damned if I can't find one at a good price. Any thought on the chances of seeing another down the road?
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