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  1. Based on your entire post, I've come to the conclusion that you don't actually like Macross. You should spend your time on things you enjoy, because it ain't this.
  2. What would be preferred is not to crop our logo out of the photo.
  3. It's a fictional toy airplane robot armed with fictional missiles, chief. Pretty sure I can put any missiles I want on there.
  4. You always were my favorite mod. Can't wait for mine to arrive. People complaining about the colors seem to be forgetting that the real joy of a Macross toy is in the transformation and function. The 0D is a bit of a new trick compared to what we're used to, very excited to see how it works!
  5. Based on my mostly lurking for the past few years, that does seem to be about all he does
  6. Why do you even come here? You didn't get a toy you wanted, so everyone that likes it is an idiot? I've got news for you, you aren't Bandai's customer. The toy released while you were asleep because it wasn't for you, and if you really wanted it, you would have been awake for it.
  7. The only thing I got out of that wall of text is that I'm glad you're not writing Macross D.
  8. Seven years rounds to ten You're right, I was a bit off, but my point still stands. People's signatures used to be FILLED with cries for a 19FP release. It was a huge sore spot. Then we finally got our wish, but it wasn't perfect. Now Arcadia's taken another stab and someone complains. In the last five years have we been so inundated with YF-19 FAST packs, so many as to choke out the sun, that we can't bear the thought of a new release including these once-hallowed accessories on the first release? The real problem with the YF-19 FAST packs is that they aren't substantial enough to release on their own. That's why Yamato packed them with the Fold Booster, which people complained was overpriced because all they wanted was the armor. Instead, Arcadia packed them in from the get go so there would be no confusion or uncertainty, but still people complain. Where does it end?
  9. Name five. The missiles are shown in an official book, so they are fair game. You also have no way to gauge what impact the inclusion of the missiles had on the price. As usual, you are just spouting off because you don't like something for a fickle reason, therefore it's invalid and shouldn't exist.
  10. People spent a decade begging Yamato for YF-19 FAST Packs. Arcadia decides to give everyone the complete package upfront and you're complaining? Give me a break.
  11. My review is based on my experience with the toy I received. I can't predict the future, maybe the YF-19's ankles will hold up. Have the ankles on my VF-19s loosened up a bit? Sure. They still don't fall over, and are plenty stable on the shelf in both battroid and Gerwalk modes. I'm sorry if you have had a worse experience, but I'm not reviewing the toy you received. You make it sound like I was bought and paid for because my experience didn't match yours. Furthermore, I took a photo of the YF-19 alongside the YF-29 because they look cool together, not to spark a doctoral thesis on the differences between them. I've got Bandai DX valks with way looser hips than any of my -19 ankles, but that's not what I was reviewing. My review is based on the toy I got in the box I paid for, and that toy was good. 1/1 LowViz Lurker, on 17 Apr 2014 - 21:01, said: Arcadia are not the only company doing macross stuff. Always keep in mind the competition when doing a review. Arcadia is the only company making a new 1/60 scale YF-19 toy today. I don't really write my reviews specifically as buying guides, but if our theoretical buyer is looking for a toy of the YF-19 in 1/60 scale, his options are this or the Yamato one, so that's what I wrote about.
  12. Ha, I figured someone would notice that. I really did try, but couldn't seem to get all the parts in the right spot at the same time. That's not totally fair. I mentioned the ankles, and even said that mine are a little loose, just like on all my Yamato VF-19s, which tightened up fine with a little nail polish, and I mentioned that the FAST Packs for the legs don't stay on well.. Is there some other glaring flaw I was supposed to notice? Everything else works perfectly on mine.
  13. Looks awesome! All those panel lines are impressive. For your wings, I've managed to print similar parts vertically before, and if you can get it to work, that'll yield your best print quality. Printing the wings laying flat will require you to have two wing halves that sandwich together, and that'll be tough to get them assembled without any gaps. The key factors to getting long skinny parts like that to print vertically are the bed heat and the platform calibration. How long are you letting your bed preheat? If you really let it cook for close to the full hour, and have the platform tightly calibrated, your prints should stay stuck down.
  14. Wow! The engineering on this thing is fantastic. Did you ever offer it for sale at all?
  15. There were official leg filler bits with the extra cannon accessories, I thought. You are right about the scope/arm gun, though. It sits so high far off the arm and tips the toy over.
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