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  1. If I remember, when they first revealed Gloria’s vehicle, they intended the transformation to be spring powered. Edit: Here’s the FB link
  2. That is correct. However, the release date is Oct. If Arcadia’s current trend of delays continue for the rest of year, you might be out of PayPal’s protection period if you pay now..
  3. I went with Hobby-Genki for this. It's my first PO with them; they appear to have the best price for this, and they have the flexibility of payment & shipping. When making the PO, for most stuffs (including this Tomahawk) you can choose to pay upfront or pay later when item is released. If you specify the pay later option, you can dabble with a bit of currency speculation as you are allowed to pay anytime between your order date till item release. So this might be useful to you. For shipping, you can also specify pay up front, i.e. ship immediately upon release, or put in into private warehouse. Their private warehouse system works a bit differently from others, in that it is not time but space-based (1 m3). From what I see, paying for shipping upfront on PO's is a bad idea, because for this Tomahawk, they seem to estimate a very large/heavy box (my personal estimation is Yamato's Tomahawk box size) so the upfront shipping rates look somewhat gouge-ey (not unlike the old NY or currently LP). I have tested in-stock items for shipping rates, and thankfully they are at par with the normal postal rates. So for this Tomahawk, I'm expecting actual shipping rates upon release to be lower than what they are charging upfront now.
  4. Nice tight joints… Maybe Arcadia’s applying Kiki for every release copy
  5. Apologies @RavenHawk @Scyla, for stirring up false hopes by bumping the tread earlier.. I wonder what has caused the Figma / FREEing Priss+Motoslave to turn into vaporware. Licensing issues? But then I remembered FREEing was the one that released the less than spectacular E=X Garland. And I can’t help thinking the poor reception to that might have made them abandon transforming toys. I’m not sure if FREEing has done other transforming stuff before that though..
  6. I'd like to think these are Shinji Aramaki's best loved designs:
  7. I wish there's new news of Figma Priss+Motoslave, but hope has almost entirely faded. Meanwhile, I am content with the Yamato ones. Finally spending some time with them, starting with Priss..
  8. I love that Yamato released quite a few non-canon color schemes in its heyday. Bandai & Arcadia will never do that, and it means these old Yammies still make for a great pieces in the collection!
  9. With Hayate, the wings could not be tabbed properly to the legs near the ankles in Fighter. They keep slipping out as the toy is handled.
  10. Agreed that economy is likely the main cause, but I also wonder if the same situation is seen on other toy lines outside Macross DX Chogokins. I do not collect Metal Builds, but from what I heard, MBs were also hugely targeted by scalpers and if these scalpers are now also getting burned these days..
  11. Meanwhile, the standalone GBP armors have dropped below MSRP, totally opposite from the other P-Bandai add-on stuff for the VF's.. Bandai DX Chogokin Super Dimension Fortress Macross VF-1J Compatible Armored Parts Set | Mandarake Online Shop
  12. Like the landing gears, the gold thingy on the shoulders are a small detail, but somehow makes that whole area pop.
  13. Dreams come true..
  14. OMG the valks already yellowed before they are released. PO cancelled!
  15. Can’t personally vouch for them yet, as I have not had anything due to be delivered from them. But so far, there doesn’t appear to be any complains about them too from others during the past couple years or so Hobby-Genki have been active.. I have a couple of other PO’s with them though, so will update if they are ok.
  16. Hobby-Genki: https://hobby-genki.com/en/macross/4911-dx-chogokin-yf-29-durandal-valkyrie-max-jenius-genus-machine-full-set-pack--4573102634733.html
  17. HLJ also just charged me and it’s in the private warehouse.
  18. This red is perfect!
  19. Another dream pose, many years in the making! (although it could be done with the CM's as well 😛)
  20. Just about 1 for each mode in many cases.. 🥰
  21. Here's confirmation it will be a worldwide release. Less F5 spamming all around at the usual JP sites..
  22. Good catch on that @no3Ljm. So sad that these tolerance issues continues to plaque the 31AX.. On the plus side, this issue actually made me go through most of the Macross valks, stare at their undersides, and have renewed appreciation how Kawamori have designed them to have little or no kibble on the underside compared to other transforming toy IPs. It is just so much more difficult to do that for aircrafts, as their underbellies are an important aesthetic factor as compared to say, ground vehicles whose underside are usually not seen.
  23. I really like to think Bandai has taken a 100% bean counter approach to releasing toys in any particular line. After all it would be a very logical approach for a giant toy company that have survived & grown tremendously over the years.. Yet, I'm seeing some the opposite is true on some of their other toy lines. For eg, the non-Macross HMR lines are full of shelf-warmers, yet Bandai just continues announcing a new mold for these lines one after another.. Is it due to independent departments not aligned with corporate vision for a big company? Product managers having a lot of autonomy to release what they personally like instead of what fans want? Or they consolidate every potential product into a giant roulette wheel they push every so often to determine what gets released during their product planning meetings? We'll never know, and justify to ourselves whichever reasons that gives us comfort and not keep us up at night..
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