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  1. Perhaps there are fly-through jet wash & wax tech by Frontier’s timeline onwards. But yeah Zero has such a lengthy production time. Budget non withstanding, they could add as many details as they wanted, and now thinking of it, it’s kinda crazy to wait half a year for each short episode to release, especially in today’s world of whole season dump in streaming.
  2. Now that I think of it, are the Mac Zero valks about the only weathered color valks shown on screen? Those in Frontier or Delta don’t seem to be..
  3. This would be a great scheme.. and I'm optimistic about it seeing Bandai love doing repaints.
  4. Yen 12,160 as of this posting. Take a further 10% off for JP domestic tax. https://www.amazon.co.jp/-/en/Arcadia-MBR-04-Mk-Ⅳ-Destroid-Tomahawk-Finished/dp/B09XFCS91P
  5. When your Persona has its own persona..
  6. I just find it somewhat amusing both 0Ds coincidentally have same blue, if Arcadia's was supposedly wrong.. But I'm not hung up about it myself, it's not different enough to my eyes to consider it bad. Yeah here's hoping Bandai releases those variants Arcadia would not.
  7. Never played the game, but always interested in mecha bikes..
  8. I only got this set not too long ago, and it was mostly for the Tomahawk & Vf-1J Armored too.
  9. This looks kind of familiar.. is it the Kaiyodo + Movic trading figure?
  10. I agree here, & like that you have chosen to merge the hangout space with storage area for practical reasons. Most collectors I see online (including myself) choose to have the work / play desk in the collection display room, with the ones in storage always being just slightly out of reach or a bit of hassle to access in a snap. My ideal set-up would be collection display, storage & workspace be in the same room, but that usually would require a very large space.
  11. The blue now looks exactly like Arcadia's non-PF.. but I can't remember, didn't I read somewhere that the blue on the Arcadia release toy being approved by Kawamori himself? Maybe Bandai is just following for the same reasoning.
  12. This trailer alone is more watchable than the ultra quick-cuts extravaganza of Michael Bay’s whole TF movies. Whatever action shorts here is easy to follow, and I’m on my small phone screen.
  13. Don’t buy now. Also will regret later..
  14. I haven’t found much pics I liked for Armored on both the 31S or the 31AX, but I think this one in Gerwalk looks nice. Perhaps it’s the angle here plus the colors are better coordinated this time around compared to the older 31S.
  15. I’m still resisting.. and it’s been slowly getting cheaper on Amazon JP for the existing releases 25F & 25G. Please, sell out soon.. please
  16. Sometimes, when we want a quick Star Wars fix, there are great fan films available.. (Apologies if these have been posted before)
  17. When I look at these Ghost pics again, attached to the 31AX fighter I'm suddenly reminded of this ancient arcade game, one of the first games I played as a kid:
  18. I think it's just Bandai resolutely sticking with metal / silver for landing gears, rather than unpainted per se. If we look at their HMR VFs, the gears are painted but they are still painted silver. What a wasted opportunity.. But unpainted intake fan details are still something of a head scratcher. Some DX's are, most aren't. The new HMR VF-0S's intakes are painted though, with the intake molding in sharper definition than the bigger 1/60 DX's.
  19. hahaha it just gets more and more bizarre..
  20. This looks like the world's coziest place, surrounded by treasures.
  21. Received Unique Toys' R-05 Desperado @DotM Megatron recently. This figure is huge, and the heft is pretty crazy due to the judicious amount of metal it has. To put in perspective, it is 25% taller than a 1/48 DX VF-1, but weights almost 300% as much. It is no wonder many reviewers of this figure mentioned how tired their hands get after transforming it lol.. There's so much weight that when I initially took it out of its box and stood it, the hips & legs wobbled a bit too much than I liked and I wondered if the joints could not cope. But it was just merely mis-transformed out of the box, and after spending couple hours just tabbing stuff correctly, assembling one of its claw hands, wrapping the metal chains, and generally familiarizing with its articulation, the figure stands solidly and can hold some basic poses well with its beefy, mostly ratcheted joints. Just when I thought 3P Bayverse TF toys have reached a pinnacle in terms of engineering & design, Unique Toys always outdo themselves with each release. This figure has what I consider to be UT's defining characteristics - good, almost accurate sculpt in both modes, and obviously prioritizing robot mode in this iteration, but not so slavish to the CG model until it sacrifices its usual straightforward transformation playability and durability by avoiding small, fragile moving parts. I've not transformed it to alt mode, and I would like to use the word 'fun' in its transformation just like its previous products, but looking at the transformation videos means this is going to be a much more very involving endeavor this time. Although not necessarily frustrating, but just that it has many, many steps. Leaving it is robot mode for now, it just has so much shelf presence. I'm also very impressed with its right claw hand. They are very articulated and should be able to offer nice expressive gestures with more fiddling.
  22. Not many TFs that show little back kibble..
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