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  1. Quite amazed that the Lancia Stratos' design still looks fresh today, as when it debuted more than 40 years ago That Tyrell is another outrageous design which really stood out to this day. No doubt it directly influenced Kawamori when he did the mecha for the Future GPX Cyber Formula series. Though I've never watched the series, I've been humming and hawing on the toy when it was on PO last year. And look, its the same scale as the Tyrell!
  2. When I looked for my copy not too long ago, I went by what was shown in Mandarake: https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/listPage/list?keyword=Aoshima Gokin Airwolf&lang=en Looks like there’s at least 4 different versions: 1. Standard metallic dark blue. 2. Metallic black. 3. Matt black. 4. Matt black & weathered.
  3. Great pick ups! Cool Bond Esprit and an even better Blue Thunder..
  4. Well, next 2 DX releases are the VF-31J Speakerpods in Oct, and the VF-31AX in Dec. Going by previous years, the next DX release likely to be only in April 2022. Whether it will be another VF-1 at that time is up to speculation, but since the new Delta movie is coming out next month, I think it'll likely be another Delta valk release.
  5. ePacket from JPost is the same as Airmail Small Package from other vendors. Slower than EMS, but faster than the old SAL method.
  6. The weight of the new 2.0 base is reassuring.. their old 1.0 base was only 20g. Looking at the pics, the stand is now able to at least take the same banking angles as the regular Flightpose. But the good thing about this Router stand are the additional arms of varying lengths that come with it.
  7. Even though the Armored is one-mode only, we still need multiples. One to outwardly pose display, another to display from within its cool box windows, and a 3rd for just-in-case.
  8. Really, really amazing!! 1. The tampoes make the armor look much more detailed than any previous Armored implementations. 2. The missile exhaust vents, a topic that was brought up recently, has some sort of grille surfacing details. 3. The sculpt looks perfect. The base valk has the line art accuracy, yet with the armor it morphs into & captures the exaggerated anime proportions well. The oversized hands are hilarious yet look so right with the armor. I'm comparing with Arcadia's VF-0. The 1/60 VF-0 and Bandai's 1/48 VF-1 are about the same size, both base valks look really great, yet the Armored results between both are so different. Bandai's really captured the anime feel, whilst Arcadia's has some strange proportions that doesn't endear so well. 4. The VF-1 thigh side-joints really find purchase here in getting around the traditional leg articulation limitation of Armored valks; we finally get to have the Armored in stances that we couldn't have done before.
  9. After owning it for a while & some of the initial shine has passed, as a display piece I still love the ES Gokin for many of its individual things: the metal, the deep candy red & dark silver paint, the sculpt on each individual parts, the mechanical details and greebles on the surfaces that comes with a nice wash. The downside is when stepping back & looking at the sculpt as whole - the lanky torso in Slave, Bike-mode's huge front wheel fender gap & leg pods angle (viewed from top, the leg pods are not straight ahead like the anime Garlands, but more of arrow like). Thankfully, all these can be mitigated with choice poses. Looking at the pics of development prototypes, I think some of these sculpt issues were not so pronounced, but they probably couldn't get the perfect transformation right as it was, hence the long delay and releasing it with the changes we get. One thing that still irritates slightly is the continued use of development prototype pics in the sale posts, instead of the actual released product. In these pics, Bike mode's front wheel fender gap is almost non-existent, giving it a sleeker hunkered down look. But yeah, the huge discount now at HLJ is really a boon.
  10. This is the 2nd or 3rd time HLJ put the ES Gokin on heavy discount. Earlier this year, a bunch of it was on Mandarake at the 20k yen range as well. Each time I had to hold back pulling the trigger for the 3rd time.
  11. Superb pic!! I was really on the fence on this Figma Motoko, skipped it in the end but I might just regret it down the road..
  12. Thanks.. It was junk item with missing parts, but pretty happy with it. It looks crazy heavy, perhaps more than a real monitor lizard of its size..
  13. Kinda like how the kits are about the same size as the Atelier & Organic Garlands.. They will display well together. How much are these kits? They look just about good enough not having to paint them (I suck at this).. Edit: Since the kits are Wonderfest items only, I guess its gonna be pretty much hard to get, let alone the price..
  14. I am hoping the pictures in the Twitter link show a further development of Arcadia’s prototype, but these look like renders with simpler lines.. perhaps a smaller scale model kit?
  15. Quite envy your multiples. Now I’m looking for an APC too, but perhaps not at current crazy prices. There’s just something very satisfying handling a toy or model piece that’s mostly metal; the weight, cold surface & feeling of robustness.. The long nose gun (or is it some sort of antenna?), is missing. So are the retracted landing gear doors. It so happens if I want to display it in flight mode, the landing gear door cavities make great resting places for the Flightpose tips. But there’s the issue of whether or not Flightpose can taking the weight of the Dropship over the long term…
  16. Picked up a loose 1/72 Cheyenne Dropship, by Aoshima.. This thing weights a brick! I wish Aoshima would have continued their sci-fi diecast line.
  17. I thought R-Area sounds mightily familiar, and it jogged my memory: he has just started publishing some Macross doujin as well, & feature quite interesting Valkyrie kitbashes. One of the recent ones was of a Tomahawk VF-1 kitbash that interestingly works quite well visually. Seeing some of his (perhaps not all) published works listed on Mandarake..
  18. Wow thanks for the info, I totally missed that jacket poster! I guess it also explains why this book's prices in secondary market appear to be higher than the standalone print.. I didn't watch Zillion, but I got the Apple figure for heck of it, and really like the sculpt and its subtle details the pose brings. I'm guessing the market for figures of older anime are very different from the mecha toys that gets more chances of re-releases. At this point, I think only a true fan sitting high up enough in one of the figure-making companies would be able to push through these figures. Minmay is wayyy overdue, but since new Basara & Mylene figures are now being made, hopefully she'll be next.. @oshanmacross thanks for the link. The more I see the Garlands, the more I appreciate them and their derivatives. Bike mode has that outrageous futuristic coolness (mainly the leg side-pods), Slave mode has the chunky 80's real-mecha look, whilst the transformation process has a straightforward but elegant simplicity to it.
  19. Yeah it is the Maneuver Book, and for Part 1 only. Looking at past posts and other info, it seems the book was considered bad in its time due to heavy recycled content, and high price tag when it was sold as a standalone. I'm pretty happy with it since it is my only M23 book.. No pull out posters though. I wish there were more figures of Eve made from Parts 1 & 2.. instead of just obscure resin kits..
  20. I’m also interested in how Calibre Wings v2 stands hold up. Their v1 stand wasn’t very good for dynamic banking poses. Because the triangle base footprint is quite small, the whole stand tips over easily if the weight on the arms goes slightly off centre, especially if you use the longer arm. v2 supposedly fixes this with the base now being metal for better weight stability.
  21. Nora’s mangled valkyrie after blown up by bird human? 😁
  22. Took to re-watching Megazone 23 Part 1 recently, and just only realized the song early in the movie is the same as another song by a very well known Cantopop singer. Interesting since I read the discussion of songs being ripped-off in the Bubblegum Crisis tread.. Meanwhile, copy and pasting my post from another tread: Recent Megazone 23 purchase arrivals: After getting my first Garland toy from Arcadia back few years ago, I went on a hunt for the older Yamato releases, starting with the repaints. Kudos to @jenius for his reviews. The original Yamato regular red Garland always eluded me, in a sense it was tough to find one that hasn't had exploding metal bars or shoulders, or the very elusive red metallic gift set version with fixed joints & better paint. So when the regular red appeared on Mandarake for super low price and with no remarks of damaged or broken joints, I jumped on it. Duly checked when it arrived and very stoked that all the joints are indeed intact on this copy.. As luck would have it, when it rains it pours, but in a good way. Right after the red Garland purchase, the red metallic gift set version suddenly shows up for sale elsewhere. I have never, ever seen this pop up anywhere before, so was even more excited with this purchase and the anticipation of it when the package was on the way.. And so it finally arrives.. Although the DVD is quite obsolete now, the icing on this red metallic version is the VERY nice artbook that comes with it.. Can't wait to set all these up with the other Garlands.. Now, just waiting for Arcadia to release their 1/24 Army colour version that should be out next month. Hopefully it wont be delayed any longer..
  23. Cyclion does pop up occasionally on Mandarake, slightly below MSRP. I read somewhere before this figure is based on its designer’s resin kit, and he has done a few repaints or minor variations of the kit, much like Nicee & Mocha now. So there’s chance Good Smile might continue with Cyclion repaints down the road.
  24. @wm cheng if NY moved your order to the 2nd batch end Oct, it is likely it will go over the 6-month Paypal protection period from the date you first ordered..
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