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  1. HG 1/144 FAM-RV-S1 VIFAM with Sling Pannier December 2022 Release October 4, 2022 Preorder Starts Bandai Hobby Online Shop / P-Bandai https://p-bandai.jp/item/item-1000179682/
  2. Hobby Japan Vintage Vol. 8 features some old school Mospeada kits. https://www.amazon.co.jp/-/en/ホビージャパン編集部/dp/4798629421/
  3. Hey @jvmacross. Can I ask how many pages does each Dunbine, Galient, L-Gaim, Xabungle, Albegas feature has? Thanks in advance.
  4. HAPPY 40th ANNIVERSARY MACROSS! New TVMagazine "MACROSS SUPER ENCYCLOPEDIA" to be released on Friday, October 28. https://macross.jp/news-detail/22907/ https://www.amazon.co.jp/マクロス超図鑑-仮-講談社/dp/4065295009
  5. Happy 40th Anniversary MACROSS! Messages below from cast and staff. https://macross.jp/news-detail/22885/
  6. I have the third party Zeta (Cita) by Tomemei. It's a mixed feeling about having it. Even if it's not that perfect, I was actually looking forward that Tomemei might take a stab and do a White Unicorn variant. But they didn't. Hopefully, Bandai will do something in the future. Yes. Arcadia's VF-0S/A have rotating seat. As for Yamato VF's, I believe aside from the old VF-0's, VF-19's and Y/VF-22's does.
  7. Some members posted some stories about NNG due to extra shipping charges afterwards. But they still not in the same level as NY and LP at this point.
  8. I really like how this new one looks. And I'm also wondering why Bandai hasn't made this one in GFFMC form. Would be nice if they also do the White Unicorn unit down the line.
  9. Preorder will start on the 3rd of October, Japan time. Not sure yet if it's the traditional 4pm JPN time. If it is, and you're in the US, then that's 12mn Pacific, 1am Mountain, 2am Central, and 3am Eastern of the said same date. Hope that helps. And for the upcoming Preorder links, best to add this thread below for notification. We're trying to keep all the PO concerns, links, etc, on the link below. Good luck on your first PO exprience.
  10. No specifics yet for the Southern Cross Unit. It's more of a teaser for now.
  11. https://www.nin-nin-game.com/en/japanese-import-hobbies-toys-game-character-gundam/75127-gundam-fix-figuration-metal-composite-mobile-suit-gundam-wing-gundam-zero-custom-noble-color-ver-bandai-spirits-.html
  12. Bandai grants everyone wish by paying 'extra'.
  13. Metal Robot Damashii RX-94 Nu-GUNDAM Mass-Production Type March 2023 Release October 3, 2022 4pm JST Preorder Starts Y18700 Tamashii Web Exclusive / P-Bandai https://p-bandai.jp/item/item-1000179016/
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