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  1. Arrgh, I got snookered too. Nice looking MOC though!
  2. That sounds like a great feature, and thanks for the info. I'm gonna strap into a R-9 fighter again once I finish the Metroidvania Lodoss game.
  3. Kickstarter went live not too long ago and the goal was quickly met. I've already pledged, and I'm hoping for more add-ons down the road.
  4. I'm gonna try trimming my chains when I get back. I don't think they'll break, and I have a hunch the motor stops reeling at the first sign of resistance. I'll be sure to let you know. I bought only one binder and I too thought they could hold more issues than 15. After that, I decided it was a waste of cash, so I stopped looking for them. For anyone else who has completed the Yamato, did you have a resulting gap between the AAA gun deck and the rest of hull panels beneath it? It's the biggest complaint I have about the kit.
  5. Nice, it makes me forget all about the CM's rendition.
  6. I've heard several examples, but the only one I remember off the top of my head is the opening to The Big O compared to Queen's Flash Gordon theme.
  7. The trend carried over to Bubblegum Crash as well. This song came out in 1982: And this is Crash's opening:
  8. It's pretty cool to see the Raider in action: I never thought I'd see pusher props on future military helicopters.
  9. If it's gonna look as good as the cameo in Ready Player One, I'm all in. (On a side note, when the grandaddy Gundam was summoned in that movie, over half of the audience hooted in jubilation-good times)
  10. Self transforming OP for $700 This would have made my head explode when I was 9 yrs old. Aw hell, my head still blew up when I saw the video.
  11. Yep, I'm stoked as well. The next new character will probably be Max ver 2.0. I can't make out the third silhouette.
  12. Well that was quick. Now who's gonna do a 747 shuttle carrier?
  13. I'm digging the new tail on your shuttle, Chronocidal. I'm in the same boat; I'm willing to give up working features for a better shape.
  14. Dang, that was quick-my shuttle just arrived too. I won't get to build it for a while, but I'm glad it's here.
  15. Preordered my Sentinel Iota at HLJ-I'm getting real spoiled by these easy preorders!
  16. Woo hoo, got my order in for the new shuttle. I might get that moc shuttle that Chronocidal linked to as well just to have one that is more in scale with the Saturn rocket.
  17. Deedlit + Symphony of the Night = instabuy for me: Gonna buy it on Steam shortly.
  18. Will do, good luck on the Star Destroyer, it's quite a beast.
  19. Nice-if Arcadia or Bandai won't make a TV SDF-1, make your own!
  20. Personally, knowing what I know now about the different valks, I'd choose a minty 1/48 Yamato Hikaru 1J if I had to choose just one VF-1. I'm a sucker for fighter mode which Yamato did better IMO, and Hikaru's IJ is what first pops in my head when Macross valkyries are mentioned.
  21. I got nothing against COBI. I have several of their kits waiting for rainy days, but so far I have built one of their King Tiger panzers. Like renegadeleader1 mentioned, the treads are bothersome to assemble, but they seem to hold up just fine. The latest kit COBI kit I built was their Huey. It uses curved pieces in dimensions that LEGO hasn't even made yet, so that was cool. I built it with my boys cuz they wanted a Huey for their own after seeing me build mine. Overall, it could use some sprucing up since it's kinda chintzy in a few areas, like the main rotor and landing skids. Y'know,
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