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  1. I do not wear any Gundam clothing. However, if I ever decide that my love for mobile suits and bedroom activity with my woman should coalesce, a company out there has me covered:
  2. Good Smile is looking out for old school mecha fans. I reckon I'll grab two of the Madox kits and the Zeorymer.
  3. This guy does some spectacular work. I bet he's also driving up the prices of black lego pieces!
  4. I highly recommend Snow Crash for anyone looking for a good cyberpunk book. It'll also give one some insight on what inspired Google Earth.
  5. From this past year, there is this one from Ghost: I like their sound, and this one sounds like it came from the late 70's or 80's with those riffs. It also reminds me of Bloodborne. And there was also Bad Dream from Cannons: Love this one.
  6. Wow, seeing the Strike Pack on this bird almost makes me regret spending my partswork budget on their tank instead. I had a hunch Hachette would do it, but I didn't expect them to stretch it out to another 50 issues.
  7. Holy crap, A7 made this thread 18 yrs ago. Anyways, remember when people found notes from laborers inside the goods they made under dire working conditions? While not a cry for help, this is kinda like that: Animator leaves note hidden in plain sight
  8. The Stoner Sunshine accessory hooked me on this one.
  9. Modern day sequel to Moon Cresta and Terra Cresta: From Platinum Games, with Yuzo Koshiro for music!
  10. Will do, I'm hoping nothing got damaged during transport with the box looking roughed up.
  11. Recently just found one of these valks, but thanks for offers!
  12. This arrived today while I wasn't home, and my boys got super excited thinking it was their xmas gift when they saw the Autobot sigil: It's more like Daddy's gift to himself. I was really hoping they wouldn't see it until I set it up, so I lied and it was just a box. This thing can't be THAT limited if it's #21308. Regardless, my inner child is squeeling with glee-I can't wait to get it rolling!
  13. Nice! Did you hurt your thumb building that beast?
  14. I would love to have this one buzzing around my xmas tree 😆:
  15. It'd be neat if you could swap parts for a fully armored look with a helmet or remove them for just the bodysuit, but as it is, it looks half assed. (No pun intended) Cute head sculpt though.
  16. Wow, Sentinel will actually complete the foursome! The color they settled on isn't too bad.
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