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  1. Ask and ye shall recieve. Three different packages to choose from. Downloading my digital copy now, I just had to scrape off layers of dust from my Switch though.
  2. Ray Liotta (may his soul rest in peace) had several works still in production at the time of his death including this one: Not gonna lie, I think I'm gonna watch this one.
  3. Recently, pre-orders opened up for the 1st remake on the Nintendo eShop with an official release date of 11/30. As of now, there seems to be no word of a physical release.
  4. This, precisely. You can't beat COBI's prices compared to those custom kits though. I still have several of their kits stashed away for a rainy day to build with my boys.
  5. It was an awful tragedy, my condolences to all the families affected.
  6. The definitive voice of Batman now gone. 😔 RIP Mr. Conroy.
  7. That listing went real fast, it just came and went. Their Eurofighter looks nice:
  8. Nice! I was so close to buying one too but I had to hold off. The gull wing looks real good.
  9. Weird, at the same Brickveteran is taking orders for their Corsair, Brickmania has released two versions of their own Corsair rendition: If I had to choose one, I'd have a hard time. Until I take price into account, that is.
  10. Interesting choice to debut their line, but not interesting enough for me to hand over $400. Maybe if it was Nine Ball, I'd reconsider. I'm hoping Koto goes with other mecha franchises like Front Mission with their Decoction models.
  11. Phantasy Star served as my introduction to RPGs, with the fourth title being a glorious send off to the main series, so I reckon this was worth a mention: https://www.ign.com/articles/rieko-kodama-has-reportedly-died-sega Thank you, Phoenix Rie.
  12. Aww Milly may not have made the cut.
  13. 1/72 scale B-58 from Calibre Wings in the works:
  14. Nice Sega Master System blaster-thanks for the pics, no3Ljm, JJ looks good.
  15. Sweet, thanks! It looks quite sharp, and might be similar in size to the PLUM kit.
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