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  1. I had a good time with the first movie too, despite the several negative reviews I read of it. I had flashbacks of Alien Nation while watching it.
  2. Remember Netflix's buddy cop/fantasy movie from a few years ago? Apparently this new show takes place in the same universe: Animated woodblock print art style-I dig it.
  3. So who does one have to commission to produce a VRML file of a non-transforming Tread attachment for a Sentinel Legioss? 😉 I only ask since there is that chance that Sentinel just might not make Treads at all, in Riobot or Plaiobot forms.
  4. Just reminiscing. What a damn, DAMN shame. (Thanks, EXO)
  5. I'm eyeing this piece too, transforming helicopters is right up my alley. I'm thinking this could just be an unpainted sample. I'm hoping the PO price will go down a bit cuz the last price I saw was around $250
  6. Hmm, should I wait for the knockoff with the movie colors to be made or just indulge?
  7. Thanks for the heads up, I've been out of the TF loop for a while. I'll get one just to have a transforming Choro Q toy. However, if it's gonna be $120, I'm out.
  8. No sweat, I got one from them too. I was going to get two also, but I'd bet PLUM will release a blue fighter kit later on. PLUM has been a favorite kit maker of mine for a while now with their subject material being ships or mecha from games of yore.
  9. This almost went under my radar; PLUM just released a 1/100 scale kit of the fighter from RAIDEN: It's not based on the first game, it's based on its appearance from RAIDEN V, but shoot, it's still a RAIDEN fighter in kit form!
  10. Just reminiscing and revisiting some favorites:
  11. I was thinking it might be like one of those kits from RC Berg than can easily hit three figures. A 1/120 scale prepainted figure at $150 still seems kinda steep, I'm hoping Good Smile/Freeing makes a Ragnarok aside from the Albatross and Cerberus.
  12. I like the Ragnarok, but it's being listed at around $150 at 1/120 scale. Kinda steep, and I still don't know if it's a kit or a pre-assembled figure.
  13. That's good to hear, I'll do some browsing and give it a shot. The redesign is very cool, like anime52k8 said, it's so far removed from the original MS it was based on.
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