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  1. Once they built the other wing, my boys needed help getting all the big pieces together: Once both wings were reinforced, the whole assembly felt solid:
  2. Yup, that should lead you to BRICKVETERAN. Do check out their Instagram, I get more news about their projects there than their actual website. Their WWII planes look great, I'm tempted to get their Tuskegee Mustang. We got a good chunk of one of the wings done today: It's impressive how a hinge plate is used to attain the shape at the rear of the wing.
  3. Sure, here's what the boys have done so far: They're having a hard time with some of the isometric views in the instructions but they're doing good with minimal help from me.
  4. Good review M'Kyuun, I was going to build mine with my kids while we are away on vacation, but another kit arrived at the same time: Surprisingly, they chose this to build over Prime. I am only too happy to oblige 😊
  5. It also requires the pilot's mother's soul to function.
  6. Easy, they passed the controller around while playing Ace Combat's canyon run missions. 😄 I was excited to see the Hind too, that was menacing model of one. I'm glad I caught this film on the big screen, nice rumbling sound, spectacular visuals, and seeing a mature Jennifer Connely all added up to a great time at the movies for me.
  7. Big Planes never ceases to amaze:
  8. Sweet, Jazz is finally arriving in Masterpiece packaging. 😑 Unless it's a hint as a future MP release...nah!
  9. An official one? My gut says no, but I'm positive there will be a few MOC designs in the near future.
  10. Glad it worked out, I know I never would've found that piece had it not been for another AFOL who gave me the tip. Just placed a order for Optimus, it's gonna be fun figuring out how to put knee joints on it.
  11. How about something like this instead? Lego ID #30106 I used it as the sensor ball found at the very front of AH-1Z gunships not too long ago.
  12. Somewhere in Good Smile Co.'s closet, this sculpt has been languishing for over 3 years:
  13. No knee joints on Optimus?
  14. JJs looking spiffy. Crossing my fingers for at least Apple to make an appearance too. Minifig Tricharger rox, btw.
  15. Yep, I can only speculate on how good the new games will be. But if all these upcoming FM games result in more attention to the FM franchise or at least an official english release of FM5, I will gladly support Squeenix's efforts.
  16. All new FM game: Aaaaand it's for smartphones, ugh. But new FM is better than no FM I guess.
  17. Hmmm. Ok, maybe I'll keep the helmet on for Houquet..
  18. It's gonna be rad to finally get a large scale Houquet! Mine awaits at ye olde private warehouse.
  19. The last time he made me laugh was when I heard him read the lyrics to Cardi B.'s WAP. RIP Mr. Gottfried.
  20. That'll be farther down the pipe, but I have run into some neat designs for the Eurofighter. She's a good looking bird too. Yes, I do wish more wedge pieces with concave curve lines were out there, and the ones that are out there are not in the colors I'd like. I was thinking the same thing when I was searching Bricklink for canopy pieces, but it just isn't there. Many thanks for your kind words gents!
  21. It's so good to see this still being displayed, I'd hate for it to disappear like the AYGO MADOX-01.
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