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  1. Not a fan of random busy design elements just for the sake of visual interest. The classic designs stand on their own and don't need it.
  2. I think it would be pretty dumb not to go for it now, with Marvel fatigue being strong, and Stranger Things boosting the popularity of D&D.
  3. There's probably billions of dollars waiting for the studio that figures out how to make a cinematic universe out of all the D&D books.
  4. Wow that's awful. Almost no movement whatsoever.
  5. Long tradition of that in GI Joe. I think the Baroness was the only woman in the original line to even have a firearm accessory.
  6. Well I finally got my Cobra Troopers, so maybe now I'll buy the next thing. I just don't really like having multiple orders in flight. Then I start forgetting what I've ordered!
  7. Not much to add about the recent news, but I've ordered and received my Optimus Prime and a few Forest Hideout sets, and I've pre-ordered multiple Galaxy Explorers. I've built the Forest Hideout and it's just so good. I can't get over how substantial it is while only being about 250 pieces and coming in such a small box. It's a great update to the original. I just wish it had a second forestmen hat in brown, but other than that it's pretty much perfect. The castle though...it's a bank breaker. Not sure if I want it that bad...
  8. Anyone else catch the chick with the third boob at 0:03? Anyway, this looks cool. Nice to see a monofilament whip in action. Also the shotgun at 0:29 reminds me of the Entertech Saturator I had as a kid.
  9. Man I'm so lost right now. I bought the Super 7 large Snake Eyes. A while ago. I thought it was supposed to be shipped by now. I don't even know the status of that order. I bought the o-ring Cobra solder two pack. A while ago. I don't know what happened to that order either. I want to buy Duke/CC but jeez. I feel like I'm just buying things and never getting them now.
  10. Bonus clip from the greatest Rescue Rangers episode of all time. You're welcome.
  11. I saw it, and admittedly fell asleep at parts, but it was basically a mockumentary that references your childhood, but doesn't really satisfy as either a Chip and Dale or Rescue Rangers film for fans of either. Definitely wouldn't call it a love letter. I would love to see an actual Rescue Rangers movie. With way more Monty and Gadget. Actually, since Disney is all in on the "Universe" strategy of movie making, can we do that for 80's cartoons? I wanna see Rescue Rangers, Gummi Bears, Ducktales, and Tailspin movies with crossover cameos in each. And all the other cartoons I'm forgetting.
  12. Nice trick regardless! AFOLs helping AFOLs. You love to see it. Maybe I should ask for more Lego advice on this thread!
  13. I believe that torso has been around for a bit and came with a past CMF figure.
  14. I was thinking Starscream would be a good pick vs Megatron (literally a gun) for the next G1 Lego TF, but you're right, an F-15 Eagle is a weapon, isn't it. And not only is it still in use, it's apparently still in production (!) according to wikipedia. So it's even a "modern" weapon. Then again Lego seems okay with bending the rules to make money, especially for licensed products. Maybe they'll decide an F-15 is fine for an +18 sci-fi set. I hope they come up with some rationale because I really want a Lego Starscream.
  15. I actually watched Tremors for the first time since childhood a couple weeks ago. I really enjoyed Fred's character. He was incredibly likeable. You don't often see a gruff, country, blue collar worker type played without any sort of toxicity. He was tough, but willing to show fear, and had no problem asking a woman/scientist for help when he needed it and taking her seriously. Maybe credit is due to the writer/director for that but Fred made it work.
  16. Hot damn. I hope it's easy to Bricklink those hinge parts for reasonable prices. Prime is basically a must-buy for me.
  17. I don't admit MP-56 is an improvement. Terraegis looks better to me in every aspect, especially in the legs.
  18. Wow, I hate MP-56. It's overly cartoony to the point of being comical. It looks like a soft toy that was squeezed around the waist and hasn't decompressed yet. The exaggerated proportions make it look like a toy from the Robots in Disguise line. The weird chubby smirk creeps me out. I'm kinda surprised more people haven't ridiculed it already... If other people love it, fine, but I reserve the right to make fun of it. Personally when I look at the legs all I see is this:
  19. I think this clinches it for me. I'm a toy first TF fan. I want TFs that look like the original toys, with better proportions and articulation. Really don't like the cartoon look. The tiny waist/underwear-shaped hips/skinny thigh/bell bottom pants thing, I just don't like it. I believe the cartoons were drawn that way to give the impression of height, since TFs were giant robots. There was some foreshortening when "looking up" at them. I don't think it works as part of the toy sculpt though. It just looks silly, IMO.
  20. Any time someone says "if you don't like it don't buy it", it means shut up and don't complain. Always has, always will. You can pretend that's not what it means, but we all know what it means. Or did you really think we are so dumb that we didn't realize that not buying something was an option? 🤣 And it's funny how literally one sentence later you say this: Thus admitting that your problem is with hearing critical opinions. Anyway, try sharing what you like about the toy instead of shutting down criticism. I guarantee you it's more fun and effective.
  21. It's an internet forum for mecha anime fans, of course we're going to critique mecha toys. I'd like to point out the absolute hypocrisy of your take, too. If you don't like critical comments, you don't have to read them. And if you don't like hearing the opinions of mecha toy fans, you don't have to hang out here.
  22. Someone is going to use those transparent tracks as part of a huge spaceship or space base. I got two copies of the Lightyear XL-15. Honestly I probably should have just bricklinked the canopies but I felt like buying an actual set. In other colored canopy news, there's a pink airplane windscreen in the Ninjago Crystal King mech set, and an orange Speed Champions windscreen in another Ninjago vehicle set, and some large Trans Neon Green (?) panel pieces in the Friends Roller Disco. The Mission sets look cool. Lots of good prints. I'll probably snag a few. Trying to decide whether to buy some mech sets or just the new joint parts...
  23. I once had to wait in a virtual line to enter the Lego website. Seriously. This was like a year ago. I've never seen that on any other website. It felt pretty ridiculous.
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