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  1. Anyway, this happened in the old Genesis: Legend of Zor comics: I don't have the actual comics so I don't know how much more actual fighting is depicted.
  2. And speaking of the Sentinels: Malcontent Uprisings, how amazing is this cover?
  3. Man, I could have sworn I've seen images of Zentraedi fighting the Invid. Can't remember if it was in the old Sentinels comics, or Malcontent Uprisings, or Genesis. Or maybe some Kevin Long art from the RPG books. Or maybe I'm conflating things. It's been so long. But anyway, if the little Invid Scouts can fight Alpha and Beta fighters, they can fight Zentraedi soldiers. The Alpha is only a meter shorter than a Zentraedi anyway. Or just fudge the scales, who cares? It's Robotech. 😁 And as lame as Robotech is, now I'm wanting to read those old Eternity comics again. The art was pretty good for a while. I remember the art took a steep dive eventually -- the Waltrips appeared to just stop caring and really started phoning it in. I must have been about 13 when it happened, but I noticed!
  4. Yeah, that is a really cool character design. She could be on GI Joe's Tiger Force team. Not totally sold on the NECA version though...
  5. No butt armor. Because this is an anime figure and you gotta have the exposed butt. 🙄🤢
  6. I wish Hasbro would stop frakking around with the Skystriker and just sell us Joe figures. Nobody wants a Cobra Skystriker in Joe colors. Also I guarantee the figures they release won't looks as good as the renders. Heck, they'll probably swap out parts for whatever molds they can find. Read the disclaimers.
  7. Apparently Classic Space is back but it's also City Space? https://www.instagram.com/p/CW9leevvE_k/
  8. New joints in the new Monkie Kid macaque mech. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-8IY2kE0Zo Or did we already know about these? Not sure if they will solve any of your problems, @M'Kyuun. But it looks like they might be useful for medium sized mechs.
  9. Well hot damn, that's perfect! I didn't even experiment with studs-on-top solutions but that 2x2 jumper plate is genius. I'll definitely be stea --, er borrowing that idea at some point! Same to you! And in all seriousness: the Betrayer would not exist had I not seen your amazing creations. Peace!
  10. Ha, chonky is the right word for those thrusters! I had ideas to make them one stud shorter front-to-back, and maybe one stud shorter top-to-bottom with some sneaky tricks...but I never proofed those ideas out and I kinda got tired and wanted to call it done. 😅 I couldn't get the yellow triangles to rest flush on the wings while maintaining the spacing between them I wanted. Probably in part because I went with SNOT wings which added even more complication..I kinda regret that in retrospect. Hmm I bet it could be done with some tinkering... As always thanks for the feedback and inspiration!
  11. Finally I can share the MOC I've been working on for so long. It's a redux of the Blacktron Renegade. I was always enamored the set but never had it as a kid. Obviously I fixed that as an adult. But I thought it could use an update. I present to you the Blacktron Betrayer: One thing I was definitely excited about was recreating the Blacktron symbol with the new triangle tiles. Like the original, there are two side pods that can detach as well as the main command ship. The command ship has hidden guns! The side ships are a little more substantial than the original pods: It's probably not a surprise that something else is up with the main body of the ship. I always thought the original was a little weird -- if you removed the command ship, the rest of the ship doesn't really look like anything. It's sort of the ass end of a space ship with nothing controlling it. I assume you had to pretend it was computer controlled at that point. Which of course gave me an idea. Why not make it fully AI? Like...a robot? So, that's it! The transformation is probably not that hard to figure out from the pics. Overall the MOC is kinda goofy. There are gray joint parts that don't exist in black or yellow, and I hid some as well as I could, but others I didn't feel worth hiding. The landing gear are phoned in -- maybe I'll tweak 'em later. And of course the transformation is, like, really dumb in how it puts all the heavy pieces on the end of some wing/arm/etc held up by a click joint. I have a few tricks to hold things in place but I'm still I'm going to try to avoid that kind of mistake next time! It took me a while, I'm just glad I can call it done.
  12. Well, I saw it. Didn't hate it. I expected to, since I didn't care for Bladerunner 2049, and since I think Timothee Chalemet looks like a mouse-human hybrid. But it was fine. Even if it felt like nothing really happened. The mom easily feels like the real main character. She was great. Oscar Isaac was annoying as usual and contributes nothing to the movie. There was no sense of a calm, effortless command that one would expect from Duke Leto. Just a lot of shouting. Too much yelling from Brolin as well. I still think Star Wars: A New Hope is the best Dune movie.
  13. It never came for me. I've always felt that Guld and Isamu are both unlikable characters. You need something to tell you to feel okay when Isamu wins, I guess. Having Guld be an attempted rapist - revealed through flash back no less - is the most ham-fisted possible way to do that. So my point is yeah I agree.
  14. So after all these years we get a frakking puzzle? 🤣😒
  15. I think the more recent Classified offerings look better than the usual because they don't have the silly mall-ninja armor plates all over, or other seemingly random textures/seams everywhere. I still think they're a bit gangly, but improved nonetheless.
  16. Looks good to me. Hopefully they cut out the "everything that matters is revealed through flashback" style of the anime. And the "nobody has any meaningful relationship progression" issue the anime suffers from as well.
  17. Nice Wheels, I hope they don't Jack up the prices! These better not be vaporware, aka just Mirages. To Optimize shipping costs I'll just buy them all at once. I'm Primed and ready!
  18. Just pre-ordered the Snake Eyes/Storm Shadow pack from Target. Last time I pre-ordered from them, they didn't have enough stock and just canceled my order. I fully expect that to happen again, but at least I tried. The real question is, why is Hasbro incapable of giving us a classic V2 Snake Eyes?
  19. Lol Tom Holland as Drake? Who cast this? Same.
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