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  1. looks like an articulated air brake. I like the look of it, the telling factor will be the price. Twich
  2. looks awesome, I am always up for some good old fashion Dungeons & Dragons adventures! Twich
  3. So looking at the latest pictures, it looks as though Bandai might actually offer the Hi Metal R VF-0S with rubber, rolling wheels on the landing gear and they almost looked metal on that closeup. Twich
  4. twich

    Arcadia VF-5000G

    since I am a social media dinosaur and do not partake of it, does the twitter post mention when we might see more than the ankles of the VF-5000G? I feel like this is some sort of 1950's bikini model reveal photo. Twich
  5. A bigger VF-1? It was called the VF-3000, the joints slipped, so it wasn’t mass produced. So, we got the surviving concept of the VF-4, which was space oriented and the VF-5000, which was kinda a refined VF-3000 concept for atmosphere. Twich
  6. twich

    Hi-Metal R

    Also note that it says the item will arrive in March 2023 Twich
  7. You know, the more I think about, the more that I think it is kinda a bummer that the versions of both the Movie and the Series of Macross Delta led me to believe that Hayate's Father was this tragic, misunderstood man who was doing the right thing when he dropped the dimension eater off of his intended target. And the tone and subs that I read gave me the impression that the story tellers wanted us, the audience to feel sorry for Hayate and by extension, his father for what happened because his father was just "trying to do the right thing". The copy of the movie that I have is an official Malaysian release with English subtitles, so my thought was(maybe erroneously) that these would be the closest that I would get to official subtitles for the first Macross Delta movie. So I am kinda wondering where the disconnect is? So, on to mecha stuff! Speculation-I have not seen the second Macross Delta movie in any fashion, so I wonder how powerful this SV-303 is as far as weapons, engine output and the like the so thoroughly trash Delta Platoon's VF-31 Siegfried's. I believe I heard here from someone that the YF-29 piloted by Max was initially the only pilot/mecha that could hope to be on par with this new SV-303. I cannot wait until the Macross Mecha Manual and the Macross Compendium are updated with official stats of these Variable Fighters! Twich
  8. I guess this is an instance where official and correct subtitles on the show would have provided clarity as to what really happened. Thank you for clarifying. Twich
  9. Yes, I am unclear on this as well. From My understanding, Wright Immelmann sacrificed himself, went against his orders to drop a Dimension Eater bomb on a populated area and saved some of the people some undue evaporation from its effects. While this solidified the hatred that the ruling body had for the NUNS, it saved so many of the people he had gotten to know while on the planet. Twich
  10. So, as we know, the amazing thing about the YF-29 is that it has this fold wave system which allows for many things, as Seto has pointed out, but what I also find amazing, that hasn’t really been discussed is the Energy Conversion Armor, which is double thickness with twice the energy being pumped into it, which gives it even higher armor power than the armor pack of the VF-25 Armor pack. Is this present then on the YF-29, or is it one of those things that has been added to every subsequent Valkyrie (YF-30, VF-31)? Twich
  11. So is the VF-19’s gun pod at the 30mm mark, from my understanding. The VF-11’s gun pod wasn’t great, but still did a good enough job against Zentradi and Varuta mecha in Macross Plus/Macross 7. plus, even if it is a hybrid system, the cyclic rate of fire, plus higher velocity will produce greater kinetic force on impact for the rail gun mini gun pods of the VF-31. Twich
  12. It is curious that the fold wave system for the VF-31 Siegfried only activates with introduction of external fold wave sources. I understand that Delta flight needs Walkure to potentiate themselves, as a plot point, but the SV-262Hs Draken III has the overboost capability that is stronger than the SV-262Ba model by utilizing fold quartz. I know that the Wandermerans obtained theirs from the protoculture ruins on their home planet. Is it a lower grade fold quartz? The reason I ask, is that once activated, the SV-262 and the VF-31 Siegfried seemed to be on even keel, even though the SV-262 has greater engine output at its base with a greater overboost for the SV-262Hs model. I am also curious as to home much better the mini-gunpods are for the VF-31AX. On the physical toy, the barrel diameter is twice as big at least as compared to the VF-31 Siegfried toys, now I know that you cant base assessments on the physical toys. But even looking at the CG renders of the valkyries, there is a big difference in length and diameter for the mini gunpods. I am curious as to what the official specs will make them out to. The base VF-31 Kairos has 27mm railguns. I would not be surprised if we see the stats say that these railguns are in the 35-45mm range, which would put them on par as far as diameter with some main line gunpods like the VF-19, VF-17, VF-11's gunpods. Twich
  13. I am curious as to why “we” seem to have a lack of the stats from the new Macross delta movie? What and how has the VF-31AX Kairos Plus been upgraded over the original VF-31A/B? How over Powered is the SV-303? Twich
  14. Me too since I cannot read Japanese, I get it for the pretty pictures! Twich
  15. I have this on my Mirage too, even transforming the toy totally and resetting everything, it does not go back flush with anything, and as an added bonus, the knife in the arm shield mount will not stay connected and when I transform it back into fighter, it just detaches and rattles around in the wing. With that said, I love the toy and I am glad that I acquired it, and I hope that when Bandai announces a SV-303 or a new SV-262, they have improved the QC and ironed out the kinks, as these are some toys that I really want to get and love. Twich
  16. as I have said in a previous post, I think that this might be a combination of mold flaw and bad QC on bandai's part. The same issues that I had with the wing tabs with my copy of the VF-31E were present on my VF-31AX Mirage. Twich
  17. It looked to be pre-production. The gear door on starboard nacelle fell off and was under the Valkyrie in fighter mode. Is it me, or did I see holes in the toy for placement of possible armor and a hole for a possible canard to stick into for a future VF-0C/D toy? I am really liking the look of this VF-0S and I hope they plan on a whole run of the Macross Zero Variable Fighters! Twich
  18. It is interesting to note after having the VF-31AX-Mirage for 24 hours: -the behind the cockpit gap seems easier to fix -the stand arm is so much beefier, which makes it more sturdy/secure while transporting while on stand -I like the way they did the canards, it seems easier to deal with and more realistic. -applied paint is beautiful, especially the itashi(sp?) While I’m not thrilled with the QC fit issues, I am very happy with this purchase, being the single most expensive Macross Jet for me to date. Twich
  19. twich

    Arcadia VF-5000G

    So the last post from here is from Feb, any news or has Arcadia gone quiet on this? twich
  20. So I just got my copy of Mirage’s Kairos Plus…..so, the QC things that people are reporting, the mini gun pod droop and the gaps in the arms and where the arms go into the wings and with the wing pegs going into the legs. the pegs going into the legs and the arms not seating properly into the wings were all the same issues that I had with my copy of the VF-31E Chuck. I wonder if this is a result of the mold breaking down or if it really is crappy QC from Bandai. so, for the pegs that go from wings to legs, I did the same as I did for Chucks -31E….I took my knife and whittled down the peg width. I don’t like to cut on brand new toys, but I need the wing pegs to fit into the legs correctly. Twich
  21. twich

    Hi-Metal R

    Wow, why is this so much more expensive than the MSRP of 14000 yen? I guess this is the price for getting it from domestic retailers. Twich
  22. I had the VF-31F release from the first Macross Delta movie and had not issues whatsoever. I love the design of the VF-31 and am very happy that I managed to secure a release of the Vf-31AX Mirage custom from Mandarake. I don't know, I guess with anything, the QC can be hit or miss. the SV-262 that I got before any other Delta valk was awesome, but it gave me anxiety trying to transform it from fighter to Battroid, so it stay in Battroid mode only and will probably never be transformed again. Twich
  23. So I happened to be in Burlington, Vermont at the airport waiting to fly out and have known that the Green Mountain Boys (Vermont Air National Guard) have shared the runway with the Burlington airport. I look out of the gate window into the hanger space I see several F-35 ( I assume to be the F-35A model), which kind of surprised me, as I did not know that air national guard units were getting the F-35. I know that the Green Mountain Boys had f-16's for the longest time, but I am glad to see them with F-35's. I know that on 9/11 they sent their F-16's into the air without any air to air missiles loaded as they scrambled so fast. Twich
  24. So I just recently ordered one of these from Mandarake, I am very much looking forward to this valkyrie, as I enjoyed the VF-31C, but did not want to pay the prices that it commanded. With shipping, this ended up being $308, which is my most expensive valkyrie to date. I like the colors of the valkyrie, and the fact that it seems to be the only non-single head laser VF-31AX that has been released/announced so far. as far as all the QC issues that people are reporting, some of them seem to be similar to the VF-31E that I bought with the wing that wont tab in and the arms that don't fit right into the wing. *Knocks on Wood*, hope this valk that I will be receiving will be ok, as I display my valks in fighter mode most of the time. I will concur and second the statement that someone made that I hope that the upcoming(hopefully) SV-303 Vivastat will be designed by a different team, they really need to hit this one out of the part to strengthen bandai's enemy valkyrie showings. Twich
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