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  1. I was actually thinking of the Max & Miriya VF-1J with the new sculpt along with the VF-1S with new sculpt. But that one is pretty scarce too. Twich
  2. No announcements for the 1/72 VF-1J or VF-1S transformable toys? thanks Twich
  3. How in the flibbitygibbit does it transform? Looks kinda like VF-4 2.0 to me. Really like it though, but we don’t see GERWALK yet, might be 2 mode transformation. Twich
  4. It kind of makes you wonder if there is some facility somewhere that does just that sort of thing.....a factory satellite that makes fold quartz. Or, a factory satellite that makes the ship that the windamearans (sp?) found the Sigur......hashtehshitz. Twich
  5. Also, by the by, I just tried to renew my Concealed Carry Permit online through my counties website. I gave me an error message, so I moved from my phone to a desktop computer. The error that I got was that I needed to apply for a new permit, as my present permit is expired, which doesn't make sense, since it clearly says a date of Oct. 2021 as the expiration date of the permit. I am wondering if there are more shenanigan's that I need to do to renew my permit. God, I hope I don't have to attend some firearms safety course for the permit.....Lovely Shenanigan's! Twich
  6. So, I just picked up my Glock 48 with silver slide from my FFL. The last glock that I owned was a 2nd Gen Glock 21 and the first Glock 26 that they made, so I have not had a glock in a number of years. I have not had the chance the put any rounds through it yet, but plan on it as soon as I can. I like the feel and the slim grip of the Glock 48. I was tempted by the Glock 19X and the Glock 19 Gen 5, but as I live in Washington state and am expecting the edict to come down that magazines over 10 rounds will be taxed and/or banned, I went with the 10rd option, plus for $70 less, the Glock 48 came with 4 magazines and factory Ameriglo HD tritium Nightsights, I could not pass it up. This was an upgrade for me coming from a Ruger American Full Size .45 ACP and Taurus PT111 Millennium G2 in 9mm. Twich
  7. I had assumed that it was mis-transformed, I guess that I was drawing attention to the fact that a promo shot for a new DX toy has all of these inconsistencies that we, as avid Macross toy collectors immediately see, and the manufacturer is giving us these pics without greater proof reading. I am excited to see your review of these toys when they release Jenius, as I am an avid follower of your youtube videos. Cant wait to see more DX toys for this upcoming movie. Twich
  8. I like the design of this Valkyrie, but I am not digging the fact that in GERWALK, the engine intakes are disconnected and the gun tonfa's are not connected to the arm....I wonder what the other side of the mission pack does? I thought that it was a double beam cannon, but looking at it, I am not so sure now. Like the new take on the SV-262 gunpod for the VF-31AX Kairos Plus though! Twich
  9. So wish that these publications get translated to English and see distribution in the USA
  10. That is actually quite small, so all 4 of the fold quartz necessary for the YF-29 to be at full power is less than a kilogram in weight. 2.2lbs=1kg. So The necklace that Hayate wears is probably half of the requirement of the system, I guess it is just a matter of the purity. twich
  11. though I do not enjoy that grey codpiece, or whatever it is, I do have to say that I really enjoy how they implemented the rear landing gear on this design. The thing that really bothered me about the MP-3/MP-11 design was the implementation of those main gear. Twich
  12. So, we know that we are getting the upgraded VF-31AX, which may or may not be an upgrade from the Siegfried specification for the design. We are getting a new enemy valk/variable drone AND we are getting a YF-29. Curious as to what changes/specifications we can look for on a production VF-29A/B/F/J/E/S? I wonder if they will reduce the specs slightly to make it more economical. Does it really need the fold wave system? There are no Varja to fight. is the VF-29 the new earth main variable fighter? We saw the limited production New UN Spacy YF-29B Percival in Macross 30 video game, so they have the specs….. just speculating… Twich
  13. So, I might be having an early onset senior moment, but did the big announcement from a week or so ago include the release date of the new Macross Delta Movie? Did it include when the Macross Frontier thing was releasing? Thanks, Twich
  14. So, with the new designation of VF-31AX Kairos Plus, what else, besides longer arm guns, dual beam cannon mission pack and custom heads will improve on these Valkyries to make them "plus"? I wonder if they did away with the expensive fold wave system and uprated engines and dialed it back for more reliability. I hope we get some mechanical information soon.
  15. it might be interesting to see what is new and different with a YF-29 design, basically 8 years later. Will it be the VF-29? I think it will look good with a nice itashi on the back and the weird "S" symbol of Xaos on it. Twich
  16. I wonder with all of this if the west, more specifically, english speaking individuals, will get the opportunity to read the novelizations of Macross Zero, Frontier, Delta, 30, Plus...etc. I enjoyed the translated novelization of Gundam Sentinel and would love to read all about the amount of material that is produced for these various Macross entries. If this has already happened, please point me in the right direction. Thank You, Twich
  17. Just in time for its next on screen exposure in the next Macross Delta movie, now in the color blue! Good job with your detailing, Love this design! Twich
  18. Well, suspending our disbelief on the affordability of the YF-29, from the mechanical design aspect, it is easier for Kawamori, he had to alter design of VF-31 Siegfried to the VF-31AX Kairos Plus version, design the new enemy valk/drone thing and rather than designing a whole new Uber powerful hero valk to save everyone’s collective butt, you pull out the YF-29 and give it a shiny new paint scheme. It is still more powerful than anything Xaos can field by order of magnitudes of power. Any, a whole new scheme to make a nice new DX toy with, get some of the design money back from the YF-29 Full Set release…..heck, I’d buy it along with the new VF-31AX and Enemy Valk! Trying not to be cynical on the 4th of July, happy birthday America! Twich
  19. My thought was that this cybernetic person was the female next singer….nothing saying that besides singing she can’t be a Valkyrie pilot or controller, if unmanned. Twich
  20. As I mentioned/speculated in the other thread, maybe the Siegfrieds were stripped of fold quartz to outfit that YF/VF-29 that they have in the trailer. Didn’t that require 4 large fold quartz stones to power its system? For the new VF-31=Reduce strain from not overclocking it’s engines, give it bigger railguns. Plus the new double beam cannon mission pack. Also Seto, didn’t you say these new VF-31AX Kairos Plus had a different carrier name? I am sure that it wasn’t cheap to replace the one lost in the last movie from the Macross cannon shot from the other Macross 0.5. Sounds like besides illegal cloning, Lady M may have developed the next designer drug crazy of the Macross universe to bankroll all this cash they are pumping out….. Twich
  21. Well that is interesting, I wonder how Xaos is saving up enough money to spring for a YF-29(or VF-29 since it is almost 10 years later), maybe this explains why no fold quartz for the Siegfrieds, perhaps they had to downgrade them to scrounge for enough fold quartz to outfit a YF-29 to full potential. So, this gets me thinking, if they need a YF-29 to take on the next enemy, is the new enemy valk a) require an Android, and b) is as powerful as a VF-27 Super. I am really digging the neon on black valk for the new enemy. I wonder how that will translate to a DX Chogokin transforming toy. Twich
  22. I do not think it is the enemy valk, the color of the YF-29 valk is blue, like Hayate’s scheme, where the enemy valk is black with neon colored strips. The reason I think it is a YF-29 is the distinctive vertical tail fins and the two little humps next to it for the integrated tornado cannons. At first I thought it was the trailer for the new Macross Frontier special, but then I saw a VF-31 in there too. Twich
  23. Is that a YF-29 we see in the clips that have been posted? twich
  24. twich

    Bandai DX VF-31

    The new pieces by the heads of the VF-31AX look almost protoculture-esque in their design. The Windamearans had the Protoculture ship, maybe Xaos analyzed the capabilities to 100% and used it in the AX redesign. Twich
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