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    Hi-Metal R

    If my supposition is correct and the Hi Metal R VF-0 toys are designed with integrated landing gears and an articulated air brake, this could be a new turning point for the line. If we got all the VF-0’s and perhaps the SV-51…..I imagine this would sell like hotcakes and directly compete with Arcadia’s offerings. realistically, I am not expecting Metal landing gears with rubber wheels, but who knows….. I hope I turn out to be correct. twich
  2. twich

    Hi-Metal R

    I did see that. It also looks like the landing gear bay doors open and the air brake opens as well. I am hopeful, but am just happy at the prospect of Bandai making this and other Macross Zero Variable Fighter and even destroids for those destroid lovers Twich
  3. twich

    Hi-Metal R

    Is it me, or does that thing look to be the size of a Arcadia 1/60 VF-1 toy? Is it possible that given the size, we might get integrated landing gear? It also appears that the air brake might be articulated. I have high hopes for the Hi Metal R VF-0S Focker Use! Wish they would correctly transform it on that stand! Twich
  4. From the tamashi show that revealed all this, that is what they had indicated. So I am not sure if this logo will appear on international(outside of Japan) releases only, or all future non SDF/DYRL releases. twich
  5. My wife preordered this for me for Christmas with the remark that it was super easy and that she could get behind ordering stuff from sites like BBTS!(where she got the preorder). twich
  6. Does anyone else think, that since Bandai made this new emblem to signify world wide releases that we will also see a world wide release of a YF/VF-19 and a VF-31 to go along with the VF-25F that we are getting? I would be excited if we did! Twich
  7. twich

    Hi-Metal R

    I am very interested in the Hi Metal R VF-0S and Vf-1S Super! I almost want these more than a new VF-31AX Twich
  8. twich

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Is that part of the slider mechanism? Is it possibly in the leg in the drone storage bay? Seems weird that it would just vanish….maybe it is part of the fold drive and vanished like on the SDF-1!! Twich
  9. This is showing at the Regal theatre at the north town mall in Spokane, Washington. I already have tickets for my two sons and I. I really can’t wait! If there is swag to buy, hope the wife understands! Looking forward to this so much! Twich
  10. I am very excited about this, as my wife has been following this for me and told me just a minute ago that this will be coming to a movie theatre in Spokane, WA. I plan on making an evening of it with my two sons who have grown up listening to me talk about Macross. Now they get to experience it in a movie theatre, with me! Twich
  11. I would like to see a Arcadia 1/60 VF-1J Hikaru Use Premium Finish from Arcadia. I would also like to see maybe some sort of grand release of Macross related titles with proper/official subtitles to be released to the west. I would like to see, as #Gerli mentions, some western releases of all the awesome Macross games for current gen (PS5/XBox Series X/S) and/or last gen (PS4/XBox One/Nintendo Switch). As far as publications, perhaps the release of the Variable Fighter Master File series of books in English(or any other language than Japanese) for a broader audience. Twich
  12. So now that the new Macross Delta movie has released, do we have any information/new source material for the variable fighters in the movie? how is the VF-31AX Kairos Plus different than VF-31 Siegfried? is Max’s YF-29 any different than Alto’s even though it has been almost 10 years since we first say the YF-29 introduced? how overpowering is this new SV-303? Twich
  13. Well, we might get something similar in the new SV-303 variable ghost drone, but a VF-27 with VF-31 level design…….gosh Twich
  14. I just received a first release, sealed in box, VF-27B with pink fold booster, and I have to say, I cannot believe that this toy came out just a little while after the first release VF-25F toys from Bandai....gosh, this thing is so crisp and just an amazing sculpt and toy. I am glad that I was able to get it, and for a price of 18330 shipped DHL through Mandarake, I am not sorry that I got it. Twich
  15. Wait, I thought in the series, Ranka was 14, then turned 15 and Hayate gave her snow to remind her of Windemere. There has been 10 years since the series? Im confused
  16. Now is the “X” designation a placeholder for like Hayate will fly a VF-31AJ Kairos Plus? And “S”, “E”, “C”, etc. isn’t this Hamval the antagonist from Macross 30 video game? Or am I confused? Twich
  17. Curious, has there been any mechanical information sheets released on the: VF-31AX kairos plus, Origins of SV-303, statistics? Is this the new Variable Fighter for New UN Spacy? Twich
  18. Is that like a new Macross Record for a prototype? Don’t know when the new movie is set but 10 years is a long time
  19. What a glorious way to self plug, eh Jenius? LOL! Are you coming out with any reviews soon? I’m assuming you are getting the GBP-1S for the Bandai DX VF-1J and VF-31J Fold Equipment set? I check YouTube and Anymoon for your reviews almost daily. very exciting time with Bandai asking us in the USA what we want….. twich
  20. I would imagine it would follow movie continuity, but who knows, chopping the wings off a bird human and glueing them onto a new Macross carrier could follow the tooth fairy continuity
  21. So which one is this? Resident Evil 62 and a half 0.5? J/k i am actually excited for this reboot, hopefully The inevitable Jill character won’t be the edgy-suddenly a chain smoking Sienna Guillory with a cast iron strapless top with bullet proof brassiere and black leather skirt with boots……who isn’t a redhead! Twich
  22. I got to order an original Bandai DX Chogokin VF-27B sealed in box from Mandarake.com, can’t wait until it arrives! Twich
  23. I put MacrossWorld. I am pretty excited that they might offer these toys directly to the USA and possible other western regions. Thinking back on it now, I totally forgot to mention a VF-11, VF-19S and/or VF-19Kai Fire Valk or VF-9. Twich
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