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    Bandai DX VF-31

    So, I wonder how many new releases we are looking at for the new movie.... 1. New enemy VF( this seems a given) 2. New VF-31J(green one hypothesized to be flown by one of the Aerial Knight) Delta 06 3. New sorta VF-31A looking fighter that Chuck, Mirage are flying with Delta Wings(2 releases possible) 4. SV-262Ba x several variants 5. new Super packs for the VF-31’s that give the wings the TIE Interceptor look 6. new container packs with new gun pods as teased with the Green VF-31J with new super parts, also teased the fold speaker container pod 7. the new drone thing(could be variable drone) (VD?) with the number 09 Anything I missed? Conjecture about Macross toy releases is so fun and expensive! Twich
  2. twich

    Bandai DX VF-31

    In one shot in the trailer, we have 3 SV-262’s and 3 VF-31’s flying in formation. So I hope this means a release of everything! The colors and new design potential are just wonderful for new toys! twich
  3. So did they make a new container that has the radar dish and a gun pod? Thought you couldn’t do both, unless of course, they make one that does. Who knows, there are so many possibilities when you think of it. Twich
  4. And gave Chuck’s VF a gun pod, as he is seen shooting with one in the trailer. But the head of Chucks VF also changed, while it is possible that they changed wings and head, the collar also looks like the extended VF-31A one that was replaced with sensor panel or fold quartz, or whatever it is that is present on the Siegfried valkyries in that area instead of the dark grate like material that is on the VF-31A Twich
  5. We still have the wandermearans(sp?) and a mysterious figure, perhaps Heinz due to the old, flaky dermatological problems with a hooded cloak and staff. If those are like lil’ drakens, then I would hate to see the size of the mother craft, the drones look almost as big as the VF-31, so they would need to have a mother craft the size of a VB-6. It is probably a VF or variable drone and the protoculture looking VF is the command or “S” variant, the teaser went by too fast. We see everyone’s VF: Chucks VF-31E w/ lil’ draken( gets hit by beam weapon), VF-31A Chuck custom, VF-31F, VF-31S, SV-262Ba Mirage Custom, VF-31A Mirage Custom, and VF-31J Teal color with number 06 for Delta Platoon. So, Does Hayate keep the VF-31F? Or will he get a new VF-31A custom? Cant wait to find out! twich
  6. Mulling it over more, that new design, whether it is a drone or the new VF, it has as many engines as a YF-29 and VF-27 with super packs on. With how skinny it looks, we might have a new thrust/weight ratio queen Twich
  7. Anyone notice that it looks like mirage is using the gun pod from her custom SV-262Ba from the last movie? And she is in a VF-31A variant. Twich
  8. twich

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Hey, if it gets us new toys with more colors and possibly a new VF-31A variant with missiles instead of a drone charger, I am all for it......better start working on the wife now, at least 2 more Macross jet toys in the future. Twich
  9. It looks near enough to the tease of the new VF that has the very “Protoculture” vibes. It has wingtip engines, boosters and 32 mini missile launchers( 4 per pod).....if it is a drone, seems even more powerful than Macross Galaxy’s V-9. I dont remember Chucks fighter being destroyed, why is he in a VF-31A variant? Very cool stuff and looks like a lot more toys to come! Twich
  10. So, what is said after the 2021? Is this implying that Freya and Hayate actually hook up? Also, don’t we have room for another pilot in Delta platoon? If Hayate picks a Valkyrie to fly, that leaves another expensive, extensively customized VF just sitting around.......maybe Hayate gets another one blown up under him. Looking forward to seeing this show and the associated toys and movie release. twich
  11. so, it may not be the focus or the point, but what was this great cataclysm that befell the planet earth that made the air poison and killed most of the populace? Also, did those researchers/scientists make it to whatever destination they were heading towards that was safer than freaking the artic? I know we saw the one plane crash, but were there more? This movie left more unanswered questions then answers. Just some points, those clear hexagonal parts that were part of the spaceship, they sure were tough to survive impacts from asteroids/space debris. Other than that, did they really serve any purpose?......Like I said, more questions than answers. Twich
  12. Got one of these for Christmas, man, am I impressed! Love the paint quality, the improvements, the fit and finish even seems more refined. Transformed it to get rid of the factory “looseness” and was just impressed, especially as I just got done transforming my YF-29 30th Anniversary edition. As Jenius noted in his review, the hatches on the fast packs for the missiles are very tight and don’t really open all the way. I wonder if this is a test bed for a new slew of DX YF-29’s and Renewal VF-25’s with the new fixes, due to how similar the parts are between the molds? New VF-25 anyone? Twich
  13. The thing that puzzles me about this is why they used the physical prop of a T-65B X-Wing if they were setting it after/during the sequel trilogy? Are there no more T-70’s? Aren’t they on the T-85 or something by the time of the sequel trilogy? It is the same thing with the Mandalorian, why are they using the old X-Wings? Is it lack of props to keep prices down? Don’t they have props left from Episode 9? I’m kinda confused about the mixed messages being sent. Twich
  14. My wife traversed the twisted world of Amazon Japan to get me a Bandai DX Chogokin YF-29 Durandal Full Set Pack for Christmas! Thanks Honey! Twich
  15. So, I guess I am a bit confused...Is this an announcement that they are releasing a GBP armor set? Is it bundled with a VF-1J? I guess I missed a link or something....Also, are they announcing if they are doing a reissue of the VF-1S Fokker with the improvements of the VF-1J Rick Hunter custom? Twich
  16. Actually, as I remember, Graham, who knew the people at Yamato had some sort of thing to get replacement hip parts, but that must have been close to 13-14 years ago. I doubt he would have any now. the best option is to loosen the screws a bit to relieve some tension, as I recall that being advice for me when I got one as it first came out. another possibility is to see if someone has done the hips at Shapeways? I know that the hips are metal, but it might be an option. Ask around, I know there are still a few from that time one the board who can offer more advice. hope this helps twich
  17. I believe it still has head/monitor turret lasers (beam Cannon?)and wing root lasers (beam cannon?), plus the internal micro missiles previously mentioned. I know Basara doesn’t want them there, but it is still equipped. twich
  18. I Love the Metal Gear Solid franchise, I hope that they do the material justice. If Oscar Isaac plays a good Iroquois Pliskin, then more power to him. I can imagine the mecha porn CGI that we would get from this movie franchise. I heard that the people trying to make this are truly fans...we can only hope. Twich
  19. at least the Beskar spear that he had for a total of 35 minutes on screen was just fine, with absolutely no damage. Good to see the metal ball that was on the handle that Grogu liked also survived. Have to ask, why was Moff Gideon letting those Stormtroopers get the tar beat out of them by Grogu with the force. If only to test the stamina of Grogu? I am anticipating the next couple of episodes. Twich
  20. I think that the real tragedy was the loss of the ship. Why did they build so much up with that ship and then blow it up from orbit. Also, I was not aware that an Arquitens(sp?) class light cruiser was capable of orbital bombardment, and that weapons seemed so much more powerful than I remember them being in Star Wars Rebels, unless it was plot super charged turbolaser. Twich
  21. is that the same principle that makes the SV-262 Draken III a good hit and run variable fighter? I know that it has been discussed that the major weakness of the SV-262 is its lack of internal fuel storage, which is why the Lil'Drakens are necessary to extend the range in space. (side question, do the 4 missile pod fast packs of the SV-262 hold fuel as well as Micro Missiles?) In an atmosphere, this isn't really an issue due to the nature of Variable Fighters Thermonuclear reaction burst turbines being able to use air as a propellant in atmosphere to effectively extend the range of a VF in atmosphere. Twich
  22. Other than “it says it in such and such source” does anyone know the reason that the VF-4 is less maneuverable in atmosphere than the VF-1. Is it thrust to weight! It has canards that the VF-1 doesn’t, seems as though with the higher thrust it should be more maneuverable..... twich
  23. So, basically, it is versatility. As mentioned, base VF, super packs, full armor, etc. kinda like the VF-25. twich
  24. So, I have been thinking about Macross 7 lately and the absolutely enormous amount of mecha that we got out of the series. As is told, the Nova competition was between the VF-11 and the VF-14, with the VF-11 winning out. In Macross 7, we get the Varuta/Protodevlin mecha that were taken and reworked from the Macross 5 fleet that the protodevlin drained of spiritia and commandeered their equipment. My question is, given the stats of the Protodevlin mecha that we see, the FZ-109A. FZ-109F, AZ-130A and the FBz-99, we have thermonuclear reaction engines that produce in the realm of 55,000 kgf x2 or greater (in FBz-99 that would be x4) while the Macross 7 fleet is stuck with the VF-11C that boasts a measly 28,500 kgf x2 of thrust as the main variable fighter for the fleet. I know that the VF-17, VF-19 and VF-22S all have more thrust than the VF-11, but I am trying to discuss the Main Variable Fighter for the 2 fleets. Why did the UN Spacy go with the clearly inferior Variable Fighter as the Main Variable fighter for the UN Spacy and emigrant fleets? It is stated that the VF-14 was chosen for some emigrant fleets due to long cruising range and ease of maintenance and low cost of operation. The fact that it might be heavier, but has way more powerful engines, many more weapons than a Gun Pod and single head laser as standard equipment. The VF-14 has chest laser cannons, gun pod and built in missile launchers. Then you take the modified Protodevlin/Varuta variants that have heavier weapons loadouts. Am I missing something big here that makes the VF-14 that much less desirable than the VF-11? Twich
  25. You make several very valid points. I guess that I had never thought of the YF-30 as a “contender” to the YF-29. The facts that you present lean me away from my original position. Also, looking at the SV-262, I think that it truly is an under appreciated variable fighter. Now, it was my understanding that the SV-262Ba did not have the fold quartz “boost” of 15% more thrust that the fold quartz equipped SV-262Hs did. Does that mean that the SV-262Ba had no fold quartz? Sadly, I never played Macross 30, just have admired the mecha created for it and admired the toys that Bandai produced from it. You mention the possibility of production models of the YF-30? I knew there was the second prototype of YF-29, the YF-29B Percival, but it remains unclear if anything was changed for these craft. The VF-27 is just a cool Variable Fighter and I wish we could see more of it, but understand the cyborg pilot necessity as being rather unsavory. Just a cool, all around Variable Fighter with a very large gun pod. As always, I have enjoyed the information presented here in this thread, let’s keep up the discussion. Twich
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