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  1. I am interested in the Masterpiece Starscream ver 2.0, and was interested to see that they have changed the main landing gear placement for the toy, I was glad that it wasnt the little stubby wheels that flip out of the kneecaps that we got on the MP-3/11 molds. Twich
  2. Just got a Bandai DX Chogokin VF-31E brand new from Mandarake! Twich
  3. I guess the big buzz at midnight pacific time on 5/27/21 is the leak by Bloomberg article stating that the Nintendo Switch "Pro" will be shipping Sept/Oct and will be revealed before E3. It also states that it will be more expensive than the regular Nintendo Switch, which it will replace.......but of course, until we hear from Nintendo, this is just speculation. Twich
  4. twich

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Went searching on YouTube and found your two videos , your VF-9 seems very durable. Is that a special material that you used to construct? Or is that regular shapeways material? Love the design! Thank you, you video was very informative! Twich
  5. Forgive my ignorance, and this is very sad, but what does this mean? Not trying to be insensitive….
  6. Maybe the new “enemy” is the New UN Spacy. The drone fighter that harassed the new VF-31A’s belonging to Chuck and Mirage seemed to give them a lot more trouble than a few Lil Drakens did, could be earth based tech that is more powerful than we could know(ala speculation that earth spec VF-24 has Uber stats)….who knows, guess we will all find out when the new delta movie releases/streams/beams into our heads via mind probe Twich
  7. Anyone else think it is funny that we have yet to see any hint of Hayate's new mecha? Wonder if he will get a new design that is completely different from the VF-31, ala the VF-25 to YF-29. I know we have the new "enemy" mecha design, but the more designs and moreover, the more DX toys we get, the better. Twich
  8. twich

    Bandai DX VF-31

    If I am understanding Google Translate correctly, looks to be up for pre-order on June 3rd, 2021 with October 2021 release https://tamashii.jp/item/13624/ 23,100 yen with tax included 22,000 yen without tax Says general store release ( I think, as per Google Translate) Twich
  9. twich

    Bandai DX VF-31

    I wonder if this will be the first of the official Bandai Macross DX toys that gets released to places like the US. I know that BBTS had a VFG Klan Klan VF-25G model that went up for pre-order, I wonder if we will get this at places like BBTS. We are supposed to get more information on this on 5/21/21, which, I think it is that day in Japan right now...... Twich
  10. twich

    Bandai DX VF-31

    As I cannot read Japanese, is that picture of the two mission packs there to say “look how similar they are” or “we are including these both in this release”? thanks Twich
  11. twich

    Hi-Metal R

    Graham, who is indeed a site admin, did have an "in" with the company Yamato. Once Yamato folded, it seems doubtful that he would have any say or an "in" with either Arcadia or Bandai. If I am not mistaken, he lives in Hong Kong, so if anything, he might have some familiarity with Kitzconcept, since aren't they based out of Hong Kong. I think that Bandai has plans with everything that they do, and we will not know about it until they announce it. Twich
  12. So, is there confirmation that this release will have updated the nosecone attachment? The set comes with the grey goggles head, but will it still have the same tampograph markings? twich
  13. Both of your drawings are very interesting. Is the second, colored drawing that you have of a sort of stylized SV-51? I think that the first drawing reminded me of what the UN Spacy version of the VAB-2D, though we dont really see it, just what the Varuta have made, the FBz-99G. I like your drawings, thank you for sharing them with us. Twich
  14. twich

    Bandai DX VF-31

    So how long before Macross Delta debut did we start to see images of the Bandai DX toys? If the second movie is out this year, then we can anticipate some DX toys from it. We should get: 1) Delta Squad VF-31 #06 2) New enemy valk 3) New VF-31A Mirage Custom 4) New VF-31A Chuck Custom 5) Other Delta members getting new “A” Variants? 6) possible drone/variable drone that Chuck and Mirage fight Any other ones to expect/hope for? of course, new fast packs New/remold of SV-262Ba? Twich
  15. so, that was a concept add for an up and coming UAV? Was that french or spanish? or south american? Looks cool, kinda like the drone for the back of the VF-0 Twich
  16. I would rather they release a premium finish VF-1J Hikaru Ichijo as the 40th anniversary scheme and call it good, but alas, a pipe dream......
  17. That is ok, I would love to see these materials, now that they seem to have the desire to spread this form of macross love to the rest of the world. Not to mention, I would not mind if Bandai and Arcadia release/rerelease Macross Plus, Zero, 7, Frontier and Delta goods to the US without having to go through the secondary market. I know that Arcadia is releasing a new SV-51Gamme Nora edition, but not info on pre-order, or if it will be available for those outside Japan can order. Twich
  18. I thought that in the section of the statement where Mr. Kawamori and Mr. Mikimoto chime in, Mr. Mikimoto specifically mentioned the tertiary goods, like the book collections and whatnot and hope he was also referring to Macross the First! I would love to see a whole new release of those types of supplemental material such as the Variable Fighter Master File with English translation, and Macross the First would be nice translated to English, I know I would buy that stuff up! Twich
  19. Got you, thank you for clarifying. Just excited for the potential of what this will mean going forward. twich
  20. Maybe making the orders bigger now that they can sell toys for Macross post 1987? Hopeful..... twich
  21. How do you mean Hybrid, Shawn? As in it is a music video with some new animation? Or that it doesn’t tie itself specifically to SDF Macross with the mecha and story, just the characters. Twich
  22. So does this mean possible rerelease of games after 1987? Macross Frontier PSP games? Macross 30? Could they also have English subs added to them and English menus too? Mastered/Remastered for PS4/Nintendo Switch! Almost too exciting. Variable Fighter Master Files in English too, sounds like Me Mikimoto would like these products spread across the planet too, I’m game, love looking at the master file books. Would even buy them again if they are translated to English! Twich
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